Rudd Wong & Garrett Eat Cake

Referendum Today or Revolution Tomorrow

The former stems from Democracy and the latter stems from Autocracy, or worse. Our Constitution answered which this Nation Australia was to be governed by in 1901. Why are we allowing, without a fight, for this democracy to be taken away?

No sane person denies in any way, that this globe called EARTH is not going through a climatic change. It is and it always will be. Some of those changes are slow and tortuous, others are rapid and catastrophic, that is in geological time frames. Regardless, the one thing that is neither causing, nor controlling these climatic effects, is man’s effect on the levels of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Quite frankly, those that are rabid proponents of this CO2 Climate Change Myth; sychophants that use bullshit ( no other word is descriptive enough to quantify the methodology , so sorry if it offends you. ) computer modelling and precautionary rules to drive modern man back into the dark ages, except for the elite few in world terms that can afford by controlling and profiting from human slavery to take quassi environmental holidays on the World Wildlife Funds junket jets of decadence; all need to be lobotomised.

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Spying for Whom

70,000,000 Citizens Catalogued Every Day

Each day the halls of the Yes Ministerial power brokers moves onwards and upwards in their ever imposing moves to subjugate the Australian public and have them enter into a servitude that our ancestors are squirming in their graves over, as they watch from above, but are powerless to intercede.

Each day, you all as individual citizens, are having your constitutional rights earned in a bullet and blood riven history, stolen from right in front of your open, but unseeing eyes.

Each day, the millions of rules and regulations, laws and legislation are amended and bastardised to ensure that when you are confronted with justice, justice is only ever seen to be done, rarely if ever, is it actually done.

While morally corrupt policing under unnecessary terrorism laws recently enacted deny true transparent justice, as in the Dr Haneef case, we as a public continue to ignore the implications in our normal apathetic manner; to our own peril.

If it doesn’t affect me, it is not my concern; how naive. For everything the law does affects us all as a collective and threatens each one of us as an individual.

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Queensland Government Imprisons Its Political Opponents

David Ettridge Speaks Out

The sun and sand of Queensland masks a devious and sinister history of Government; a Government that uses its power and control to destroy people and opponents. A government that presides over a corrupted Judicial process and one that appoints its judges in an overt and blatant contradiction of the ‘Separation of Powers’ requirement of a true democracy.

In 1997 a new ‘Peoples Party’ emerged out of public discontent and commenced to grow rapidly. At its first electoral test in the Australian State of Queensland this new party won 22% of the available votes. This caused such a sensation that their political opponents, the Labor Party and the Coalition decided they did agree on one thing – the need to utilise all of their resources to destroy this legitimate and lawfully created new party.

Steps were taken to bring the principals of the new party before the courts. David Ettridge and Pauline Hanson were falsely accused of fraudulently registering a new political party in the State of Queensland. The claim was that the registered Party did not have the requisite 500 members. That claim was patently false and any reading of the Queensland Electoral Act showed that the basis for that allegation was unfounded and even after 2 separate Police Fraud Squad reports found no evidence of any fraud, charges were laid against Ettridge and Hanson.

In what would have been condemned by the same perpetrators as a wicked, undemocratic and despicable act of abuse of power, and denial of human rights – had it been perpetrated by Robert Mugabe, the ruling political parties of Australia systematically assisted each other in utilising their combined financial, legal and judicial resources to destroy a legally and democratically constituted competitor.

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Bin Laden’s plan for ‘global fireball’

Greens lock it up public land mentality works for Terrorist fireball strike

Documents recovered from a remote area along the Pakistan border have revealed that Osama bin Laden wants al-Qaida to launch a “global fireball” by lighting forest fires in Europe, the United States, Australia and South America.

The documents, uncovered during an operation led by the British intelligence service MI6, have been described by experts in that agency as “the most worrying [plot] that the world is facing.”
The catastrophic wildfires would not only produce an environmental disaster but would stretch emergency services often beyond their limit and leave insurance companies facing multi-billion-dollar claims for damages that could effectively destroy the already shattered economies of a number of countries.

Australia , with government and the Green environmentalist movement restricting hazard reduction over decades, have allowed that nations public lands to carry massive ground fuel loads as summer now approaches.

If ignited under an al-Qaida organised attack on these condoned tinderbox conditions, wildfires would engulf the nation, and authorities consider this threat as “terrifying.”

The country’s attorney general, Robert McClelland, warned there is “a most urgent need for renewed vigilance against a very real and present danger.”

The FBI has issued a high priority warning that “such a terrorist plan could devastate states like California.”

Spain, France and Germany — all with vast forests — are “vulnerable,” MI6 warned the intelligence services of those countries. “The Amazon Basin, and other forests which supply the world with wood, is another prime target,” the warning added.

The instructions for a “global fireball” were among documents recovered in the Pakistan border raid on an al-Qaida safe house.

Radical environmentalists world wide have introduced the locking up of forests and massive park lands once were controlled burnt for hundreds of years by land holders which contain wildfires with those cool burns allowing wildlife, flora, and fauna to flourish along with regrowth.
The introduced environmetalist policy, underpinned by governments riding that environmental wave of suspect science, have played right into the terrorist fireball plan having provided the catalyst for their firebomb, handed on a plate.

The author was Abu Musab al-Suri, who wrote the terrorist textbook, “The Global Islamic Resistance Call.”

The 50-year-old Syrian-born terrorist was seized by U.S. Special Forces in Quetta, Pakistan, in 2005.

There are reports that he was flown to Egypt for interrogation by CIA officers and remains in one of Egypt’s secret prisons.

But other reports suggest that, in a deal with Syria, al-Suri has been released and is now in Baghdad.

RLPB Amalgamation impacts on Milparinka

Out of the 47 NSW Rural Lands Protection Boards being bastardised by agenda driven, incompetent bureaucrats of the NSW State fiasco called “State Government”; below is one story of one Board, reflecting that which affects all others.

From Milparinka Rural Lands Protection Board Chairman,Geoff Davis (pictured)

The following notes are an assessment of the impacts of the proposed amalgamation of the Milparinka Rural Lands Protection Board into the Western Board with Wilcannia, Broken Hill, Hillston, and Balranald-Wentworth.

Rates Increase:

As the RLPB’s are a non-profit organization, each Board budgets, or should, for a near break-even cash-flow. After the enforced amalgamations take effect, the combined Boards will have to fund an Area Manager on a salary of around $70,000/year. Add to this his/her superannuation and workers compensation and we’re looking at about $85,000/year.

To this we can add his/her office space, including, but not limited to the cost of leasing and running a computer, telephone, stamps and stationery; about $12,000/year. We can also add the cost of leasing, running, and maintaining a vehicle; around $13,000/year for the lease, about $25,000/year for running costs, and at least $3,000/year for repairs and maintenance.

We’re up to a total of $138,000 per annum for 1 additional employee that we’re forced to have.

These above costings are conservative, having been based on Milparinka RLPB expenditure.

State Council will be obliged to employ more staff to run the administration/bureaucratic side. They will only pay all our Board bills after approval by the Area Manager. The cost of employing someone to do this job for 1 of the new “super boards,” will be in the vicinity of $40,000/year.

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WWF Double Standards

Five-Star Green Hypocrisy

Move over Al Gore. Swankier carbon charlatanism has come to town in the form of the World Wildlife Fund’s luxury getaway called “Around the World: A Private Jet Expedition.”

Join us on a remarkable 25-day journey by luxury private jet,” invites the WWF in a brochure for its voyage to “some of the most astonishing places on the planet to see top wildlife, including gorillas, orangutans, rhinos, lemurs and toucans.”

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SOS-NEWS Radio Broadcast – October 23rd 2008

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ACT Election and NSW By-Election results – – – Penny Wong Way’s $24 Million dollar taxpayer money purchase of property for water that is a joke

Visit the ABC 4 Corners video on “Buying Back The River” a must view-


This continent of just 21 million people, the same population of New York City, we have more public servants and government per capita than any other country in the world.

With Minister for Home Affairs, Bob (devious) Debus setting up another security organisation in Canberra, since Labor took office, we most likely now host more spies per capita as a world first accolade.

Bob Devious has a track record that must have caused the US security people to shudder, as we have previously published, and now that Bob has created his own security empire over the tiny population of Australia, he seems to see himself as some J Edgar Hoover, a legend in his own mind it would seem.

The other side of the penny from the Liberal camp, we see former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer (pictured left) join Kevin Rudd’s infrastructure chief, Sir Rod Eddington, in advising secretive British firm Hakluyt & Co The company, founded in April 1995, by Christopher James and Christopher Watkins, both ex-British MI6 intelligence [services] staff, that sell intelligence on government policy intentions – including those in Australia – to big business.

Sir Rod Eddington (with knight hoods are a dime a dozen now days as is the credibility we find with our inquiries) is quoted as saying quoting from the Melbourne AGE newspaper:
Sir Rod, who is also advising the Victorian Government on transport policy, last night denied any real or perceived conflict of interest, saying he had not advised anyone at Hakluyt on Australian Government policy. “There is no conflict of interest,” Sir Rod said.

“Like many people in corporate life, you manage your life in a way that they (conflicts) do not occur. I sit around the (Hakluyt) table with guys who are extremely experienced businessmen with great integrity. Hakluyt is a way for me to keep my international network up.”
He said he had not seen any evidence to suggest Hakluyt had ever acted unethically. “Do you think Alexander Downer would be on the advisory board of a company that acted unethically?” Sir Rod asked.

Imagine doubting an Australian politician, further to even suspect a laps of integrity, let alone Sir “Blow my own trumpet” Rod.of such.

In 2004, Hakluyt advisory board member Lord Inge resigned over a perceived conflict of interest due to his membership of the Butler review commissioned by then British prime minister Tony Blair to examine intelligence failures in Iraq.

Speaking of devious, back to good old Bob, who has been under scrutiny by the National Crime Commission, we found this story by the Melbourne AGE that covers it.

ONE of the most senior federal ministers has had his political allegiances, views on police corruption, drinking habits, friendships and other personal details secretly documented by the nation’s top criminal intelligence body.

The Australian Crime Commission’s secret file on the Minister for Home Affairs, Bob Debus, details his conduct and conversations with senior officials who he met at a dinner in the Northern Territory in April.

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SOS-NEWS Radio Broadcast – October 16th 2008

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Ruth Downey (pictured) is back in Narrabri court over RSPCA allegation for yet another week making this case longer than a murder trial -WHY? …… Have you heard of the NSW Environment Trust and how much they grant of taxpayer money? .. ACT Election and the NSW By-elections this weekend … Wild dogs allowed on public lands kill our wildlife to near total extinction also farmers live stock

ACT Does Not Need “Gang Greens” or Jon Stanhope

This weekend will see the Australian Capitol Territory have their only day of democracy, being polling day, before returning to Australian government dictatorship that we have allowed to happen.

Track records reveal that Labor and Jon Stanhope have no hope of returning after his handling of the 2003 holocaust bushfire that his government inefficiencies assistedc to destroy national parks and suburbs of Canberra with some 400 home gone and loss of life.

The green, who support de-criminalising drugs ( CLICK HERE to views the ACT Greens Drug Policies) like ICE that young girls are using to diet , is another reason over their false science and hidden agenda that have allowed such fires as Stanhope could not handle to become inferno’s because of Gang Green lock it up policy of public lands that are again at the tinder box level surrounding Canberra with our fire season just around the corner

Get rid of the problems – look to people like Val Jeffery (click Val’s picture to read his impressive profile) who is standing for Brindabella and has the points on the board with knowledge and experience that is needed to recover our stolen land and place sanity back on the board for the people not for the party

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