Dad Rudd, of Australian history in radio and film series “DAD & DAVE, is very proud of what his Rudd family did for Australia, and what he did in government to help our fellow Australians.

Today we have a RUDD who is a national disgraced, and insult to the office of Prime Minister who is a lying egotistical self-centered people manipulator, a total bloody disgrace not only to the family name of Rudd, but to the people of Australia.

The writing of a previous Labor Leader Mark Latham suggests he was not as mad as the embarrassed Labor party now claim.

Consider just some of what the former Opposition Leader wrote of his then foreign affairs spokesman in his Latham Diaries, and ask why so many commentators were so slow to see through Rudd, too:

Rudd is mentioned on no fewer than 40 occasions in his diaries and never finds one good thing to say about him. Here are just a few quotes from his book.

Rudd’s Foreign Policy

Monday 24th March 2003, Page 217

“War in Iraq and Simon has got himself into a terrible tangle. The basic lesson: never listen to Rudd on foreign policy. If that guy is an expert then I’m Henry Kissinger.”

Page 218

Today Rudd was even worse. At 9.15 am he played a role in drafting the troops resolution at Shadow Cabinet but at 5.00pm at the National Right Meeting after Robert Ray attacked the wording Rudd stood up and disowned it calling it hopeless. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief that it was the same person at both meetings. He’s an incredible piece of work.

Rudd on Trust
Saturday, 22nd November 2003, Page 243

All the snakes are sliding around in the grass feeding their poison to Seccombe (SMH Journalist): Rudd, Swan, Albanese, Tanner and Comb-over.

Page 249

It is amazing that the journalist couldn’t see through him. Two factors: they are lazy and dumb and Rudd is a fanatical media networker. He is addicted to it worse than Heroin.

Wednesday, 14 April 2004, Page 280

I’ve had a suspicion for some time now that Rudd has been feeding mat­erial to Oakes. Decided to set him up, telling Kevvie about our focus groups on
Iraq. No such research exists-Gartrell says he’s doing some quantita­tive polling but not focus groups. Today, right on cue, Jabba has written in the Bulletin: ‘The Labor Party’s polling firm has been busily running focus groups to test the public mood following Latham’s ‘troops -out’ announce­ment. The most significant finding, I understand, is overwhelming support for the alliance with the United States’.
Trapped him. Two weeks ago in
New Zealand, I announced our inten­tion to have a Minister for the Pacific Islands. That’s the job I’ll give Rudd if we win. Joel thinks I’m joking, but I’m deadly serious. Rudd is a terrible piece of work: addicted to the media and leaking. A junior minister in Government, at best.

Rudd’s Vanity

Saturday, 30th December 2003, Page 256

Kevvie wanted his title expanded to the more grandiose Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Security. No worries, but then he rang me last Sunday to say he objected to McClelland also having the word `Security’ in his title. At first I thought it was some kind of joke, but the crazy bastard was serious: he had a long and absurd argument about the alleged overlap between the two jobs. I suggested he talk to McClelland, hoping to never hear from him again.

By the end of the day, Rudd was threatening to go to the backbench, over a question of semantics. I told him I was willing to accept his resigna­tion and he went away to think about it. The ideal contingency plan was McMullan to Foreign Affairs and then I could save face with Coxie in Finance. Rudd called at about 11 p.m. And backed down, allowing the announcement to go ahead the next day.

Friday 22nd October 2004, Page 364

Another slice of Caucus chaos: Kevin Rudd. On Wednesday, ‘ The Australian ‘ carried a front-page story saying that if Rudd didn’t become Shadow Treasurer he would go to the backbench. My thoughts went back to December last year and his tantrum over his title. He’s such a prima donna

Rudd came around to see me yesterday morning, lobbying to be Shadow Treasurer. He went into a long explanation of why he’s so wonderful. When he finished I put my cards on the table: that I regard him as disloyal and unreli­able, and he only holds his frontbench position because of his media profile and public standing among people who have never actually met him. I also told him that if the newspaper report was true, he should get ready for the backbench, as there was no way I could give him the Shadow Treasury.

He appeared surprised, protested his innocence and then broke down badly, sobbing over the recent death of his mother, just before polling day. I told him to leave work and go back to Brisbane to rest with his family. But he wouldn’t give up. Even though he was crying, he kept on lobbying to be Shadow Treasurer. It was becoming quite sad. Then he said words that I will never forget: ‘I swear on my mother’s grave that The Australian story is wrong, totally wrong, and that I’ve been loyal to you and will continue to be loyal to your leadership’.

I don’t mind people bullshitting to me in politics, but not like this. Last week he rang around Caucus to gauge the mood after our loss, and told Trish Crossin that my leadership was on notice: I had until the Budget Reply speech next May to prove myself. He’s always bagging me to journal­ists and that’s not going to change any time soon. I don’t trust him, no matter what he says

Now you have read extracts from Mark Latham’s diaries, check out the 7.30 report in September 2006 where Kerry O’Brien interviews Kevin Rudd, then Shadow Foreign Minister. Compare what answers Rudd delivers to Kerry O’Brien as you review his actions as an out of control unaccountable Prime Minister that has a doomsday agenda for his career and the people of Australia.

As the dead vote on polling day with monotonous regularity, will we see Dad Rudd replace “DUD RUDD” and remove the political millstone from Australia? … this would never happen. The ghost of Dad Rudd would never capitulate to corruption lies and personal nest feathering offer to all candidates both Labor and Liberal, for he was a true Australia.


Much of the cruelty inflicted on animals in this country results from government policy decisions, ignorance, and inertia. The interests of animals have not been represented in the Australian electoral system and as a result governments have not given due regard to their plight.

Over recent months, a small but widely representative group of compassionate animal advocates has been working to establish a political party to represent the interests of animals in the Australian Parliamentary system.

During this time, a Charter, Constitution and Party logo have been established and a wide range of policy papers is currently being prepared, covering such areas as: vivisection, intensive farming, live animal exports, animals used for sport and entertainment, wildlife, kangaroos, domestic animals, animals and the law, marine animals, population and settlement, and others.

These policy papers will be on the Animal Justice Party web site in a few weeks from now.

To be registered as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission the AJP will need 500 members. Simply through word of mouth and our website we have almost reached this target, but we will need many more members if we are to be the significant force that all animals need.

We therefore invite you to visit the infant (but soon to be upgraded) AJP website, read the key documents and download and complete a
Party membership form.

Animal Justice Party Steering Committee
12 May 2010

PO Box 3126 Blakehurst, NSW 2221


DERM QPWS & JONES Proved Wrong

Minister Kate Jones Embarrassed
Environmental Management Practises

On the 15th of this month, some very dedicated and selfless people spent their Saturday walking the streets of downtown Brisbane, in a desperate effort to highlight the plight of the Fraser Island Dingo. The last of a line, as genetically pure as there is for this threatened Australian Native Dog species. They are not wild dogs; they are the Fraser Island threatened Australian Dingo.

This animal, which has ancient genealogical links to the great wolf, is slowly succumbing to the suppurating actions of Queensland Minister Kate Jones and her Department’s “DERM/QPWS” intransigence towards protecting this very species, “Canis Lupus Dingo”. A native species to this continent Australia, where, under the storm clouds of genetic extinction, it became one of the predominate reasons for Fraser Island and its environs being World Heritage listed.

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