NSW Water Catchment Backdoor Takeover Rural Councils


June 30th 2010 – NSW rural local government under takeover of land issues by Catchment Management Authority (CMA ) who will raise rates to fund their interloping on council already funded functions. Narrabri Councilor Bevan O’Regan exposes the $60,000 bribed by the CMA to councils and their control agenda that is well underway to control and restrict farming ion Australia.



June 28th 2010 – Here is radio 2GB afternoon presenter Chris’ Smith’s interview with the newly appointed Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. At least we think it’s her. This was played to air on Thursday 24th June 2010 just hours after Ms Gillard was announced as the new Prime Minister. It is a classic, a gem production that all Australians will enjoy, unless you are related to some of the callers Chris had after he aired this masterpiece of mirth who took it all far too seriously.

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Peter Spencer Interviewed After High Court Hearing

Around 50 people attended the Canberra High Court sitting of the full bench to hear the case presented by Peter Spencer’s counsel Peter King

After changing the court hearing time slot three times to confuse it would seem, the decision from the bench was for Peter King to submit papers concerning the Federal Courts hearing previously that seem to have a major effect on the proceeding at the High Court.

Mal Davies interviewed Peter Spencer on Thursday 17th June 2010 where Peter reflects the outcome so far and the paper chase required.

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<Casio RSM Club – Saturday 19th June 7pm – Tower Of Hope Rally with Peter Spencer >

<Bangalow Green Meet – Sunday 20 June 1pm – Information Afternoon with Peter Spencer >

<South Port CWA Rooms- Monday 21st June 7pm – Tower Of Hope Rally with Peter Spencer >

<Toowoomba (Venue TBA)- Wednesday 23rd June 7pm – Tower Of Hope Rally with Peter Spencer (pictured left)>

Bob Spanswick (Sydney Customs Officer for 38 yrs will be Guest Speaker at all four Coo-eeEE Rallies.

“Coo-eeEE Property Rights Association” hosting Rallies in Newcastle, Gosford and Sydney early June, listen for dates and times on 2SM Radio and their relay stations especially 2HD Newcastle.

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Closing in of weather and cyclones hitting Queensland placed Peter Spencer’s tour on hold.

With his property rights fight now turning to the High Court in Canberra at 2pm on Wednesday 16th June then Thursday 17th June at 10.15am Peter has prepared what is a land mark for the people of Australia to halt and return their rights by removing government acquisition without compensation of property and carbon assets that has prevailed.

Only twice in four years has Peter seen his family who reside in Denmark prompted his decision to visit them and to recruit from the world expertise of legal minds to strengthen his team for the coming hearings.

Internationally renowned Australian Geoffrey Robertson QC, awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws by the University Of Sydney, residing in London, and Richard Epstein of Chicago USA, world authority on Property Law and lecturer of law are working with Peters legal team.

The more who can attend the Canberra High Court to support not only Peter but the people of Australia the better. As with the February rallies in Canberra, people are asked to again meet at Magna Carta Park on Wednesday 16th June at 1pm and on Thursday at 9.30am to march on the High Court. Please note that any clothing with slogans and protest messages will not be allowed into the court.

This interview reveals what Peter is about, how his devotion to people rights that became involved in this quicksand of government daily denial to removing property and Australian constitutional rights.


Jones Nemesis Dingo Management

Queensland Minister Kate Jones’,
“Are Dingoes being Fattened
Protect Fat Cats”?

The first thing to remember about Conspiracy, is it means “Plot”, “Intrigue”, “Secret Plan”, nothing more and nothing less and it certainly does not mean crazy, even though the indoctrination of us plebes of the world, has and is being, conducted in an attempt to ensure it does.

Slowly, ever so gradually, there is an apparent increase in the health state, of some the Fraser Island Dingoes, yet nothing has changed;

There has been no flurry of new fauna released upon the Island as a canine food resource;

There is still the indoctrination and policing of all tourists to ensure they cease and desist from scrap feeding wandering animals;

There has been no “mass” fish kill wash up on the beaches spread over a couple of months that were not able to be buried as is the procedure;

There has been no, overt feeding program instigated by the DERM/QPWS Parkies;

Yet slowly there has been, an almost imperceptive, but not quite, therefore noticeable, improvement to the overall status of the Fraser Island Dingo. Why is that??

If none of the above actions that could explain this are being conducted in any expansive way, then there is a need to look, think and dig, deeply and laterally in an attempt to try and isolate this occurrence.

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BETRAYAL – The Underbelly Of Australian Labor

Polling booths streaming party faithful voters irrespective of irrefutable evidence the two party preferred system is corrupt, unaccountable, a total failure for democracy.

Elected servants by their public masters, politicians have manipulated their roll to master, setting rules and regulations maintain this status by suppressing any uprising with dictatorship containment.

Radio 2GB Sydney breakfast personality Alan Jones, on Monday 31st May 2010 conducted an interview with both Morris Iemma deposed NSW Premier and disappointed now retired NSW Treasurer Michael Costa concerning their content in a recently released book “Betrayal – The Underbelly Of Australian Labor” written by Daily Telegraph journalist Simon Benson. This was followed by morning show personality Ray Hadley’s interview with the author.

Both interviews are compelled listening for all persuasion of politics keeping in mind the underbelly of all parties is to have power and total control by corruption, greed and politicians remain the same from both major parties. Change will only come from voters who have that power.

Alan Jones interviews Morris Iemma and Michael Costa about their contribution to the book. How Kevin Rudd,with non-elected Labor Party offcials used standover tactics, lies and corruption to control the NSW Government.


Ray Hadley interviews author of “Betrayal – The Underbelly of Australian Labor”. Simon Benson xposed the corruption, conspiracies, lies and Kevin Rudd undermining his Labor Party at Federal and NSW State levels.