Australia Offends So Many while Our Welfare Funded Terrorist

benefit-caption “In this nation today struggling to support a working family, we can manage support for our misunderstood ethnic cousin’s in the lifestyle our government has provided for them”

Did you know – “Every person of Australia’s productive workforce is carrying one public servant”.   That’s 50% of this nation employed by government, WOW world leaders at last.


Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.  No stronger retrograde force exists in the world” ~ Winston Churchill.



Adbul BenbrikaIn 2009 this Moslem Jihad Cleric, Abdul Benbrika had never worked a day for 19 years since adopting Australia’s government support costing us $MILLION’S and funded his planned cell to blow up the Melbourne Cricket Ground killing thousands that was funded by you and me on his welfare payments.

Interest is the anger and killer instincts of the radical Moslem crowded outside the Melbourne court, a law unto themselves and still today Australian government and authority do nothing to protect the true Aussies from these out of control ratbag terrorist.

Benbrika, a professed religious sheik, and six of his Melbourne cell members were jailed in 2008 after being found guilty of being members of a terrorist organisation and handed a 12 year jail term.

Read [The Australian HERE] – plus – [The Melbourne Herald HERE] how Melbourne Justice Forrest, quoting from their articles, came to conclusion of not proceeding with a second trial when;

Justice Forrest said if it had proceeded it would be “lengthy, complex and expensive” —

Evidence of Benbrika was recorded telling one of his followers: “If we want to die for jihad, we have to have maximum damage. Maximum damage. Damage their buildings, everything. Damage their lives. To show them, we’ll have to be careful” —-

“Police bugged two members of the Sydney cell discussing how they needed to get fit in order to shoot some motherf . . kers” this evidence was just part of  Police gathering 16,400 hours of electronic surveillance and bugging 98,000 telephone calls .

“How many more Terrorist Cells today are being funded by Centrelink?”

If caught will they face the wrath of  Justice’s like Forrest?Who knows maybe some  politician may receive  a backbone, then maybe implemented controls that bypass the “FORREST” clearing the way to serious punishment for targeting our Nation with their fanaticism to kill, maim and destroy those who disagree with their ill conceived mythology teachings.

Sending this message to terrorist cells still operating in Australia must frighten the living shit out of them. Knowledge they have of our legal system on their side no matter how many $millions of taxpayer dollars are spent on counter-terrorism now places the pending Moslem state of Australia well within their grasp.

Public Servants Wages revisited and Current Are Obscene


Adam Creighton, writing in the Australian back in 2012, reports on the obscene amounts of hard earned taxpayer funds paying for public service bureaucrats: “The head of the Department of Climate Change — one of many departments of dubious value — is set to earn at least $700,000 a year by 2014, a 39 per cent pay rise in two years…The secretary of the Prime Minister’s department will get $825,000 a year, more than any other and a 50 per cent pay rise.

These increases are preposterous. For instance, the head of the US Treasury earns less than $200,000 a year and the

Bank of England governor is paid about pound stg. 310,000 ($487,000). These are roles where the need to attract talent is surely at least as pressing…

The profusion of senior executive service personnel, the 2790 bureaucrats in Canberra who typically earn between $200,000 and $360,000 a year, is even starker. Their number remained broadly flat between 1984 and 2001, but since then their ranks have almost doubled. Entire suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne are paying tax to support these jobs.”

We decided to do a quick google search to compare the most recent salaries from some other politicians and bureaucrats in the US and UK to what is being proposed for our bureaucrats in 2014.

Here are the results:


Name Job Country Salary ($AUD)
Bill Daley White House Chief of Staff USA $167,000
Tim Geithner Secretary of the Treasury USA $186,000
Ben Bernanke Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank USA $194,000
Gen. Martin Dempsey Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff USA $215,000
David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom UK $224,000
Jeremy Heywood Permenant Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office UK $244,000
Sir John Sawers Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service UK $268,000
Sir Gus O’Donnell Cabinet Secretary UK $376,000
Barack Obama President of the United States USA $390,000
Mervyn King Governor of the Bank of England UK $487,000
Blair Comley Secretary, Department of Climate Change Australia $700,000
Dr Paul Grimes Secretary Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population Australia $700,000
Dr Martin Parkinson Secretary of the Treasury Australia $805,000
Dr Ian Watt Secretary, Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet Australia $825,000


SOS-NEWS takes look at some of the latest 2014 figures for salaries to Australian bureaucrats you can compare to the 2012 list above.

To open account we chose this curtain raiser to cheer you up as a taxpayer :

Temporary Classifier:  Where a person is appointed to the Classification Board as a
Temporary Classifier, a daily fee of $530 is payable, yes …. PER DAY.

Now to the main players on the taxpayer gravy train ride:

  • APRA, Chair: Dr John Laker will receive $819,200
  • Chairperson, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) $717
  • Clean Energy Regulator, Chair/CEO: Ms Chloe Munro will receive $559,900
  • Productivity Commission, Commissioner: Ms Patricia Scott will receive $532,440

How about this pay rise random view:

Commissioner, Australian Federal Police (2012) $604,160 – (2013) $634,880 – (2014) $665,600

Director-General ASIO (2012) $552,960 – (2013) $593,920 – (2014) $614,400

Vice Chief of the Defence Force (2012) $512,000 – (2013) $537,600 – (2014) $563,200

Chief of Navy – Chief of Army – Chief of Air Force
(2012) $491,520 – (2013) $512,000 – (2014) $537,600

Australian Electoral Commissioner (2012) $445,440 – (2013) $486,400 – (2014) $512,000

Australian Public Service Commissioner (2012) $632,840 – (2013) $649,220 – (2014) $665,600

If you wish to read more of the lerks and perks in the public service you may view and/or download the Remuneration and Allowances for Public Servants Tribunal Report as of 1st March 2014 – [HERE]

Ukraine Already the Corporate battlefield

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War! War! War!  Does the western world really believe that Russia – as it is pushed back into the caves of Siberia like a ‘Robert The Bruce’ – is not going to charge those advancing upon it like a snapping nuclear armed turtle.

President Obama lauds to the world his pacifist actions of pending and increasing sanctions.  Desperate to show case the great USA as a non-military bent mustang; yet farther could be from the truth. He prods Europe to expand NATO into and around Russia like a pack of dogs assailing a bailed boar.

“NATO is a force for peace but also unmatched militarily. We do not seek confrontation but we will not waver if challenged and our Alliance is more than just a military Alliance… Mr. Fogh Rasmussen states.

It is true President Putin took Crimea in a literally bloodless move which could be a first in modern times – also of which America could perhaps learn a thing or two.  Russia moved because a very right winged element pushed forth by western agencies, overthrew a duly and democratically elected government of a sovereign nation.  The newly installed regime was anti-Russian and as such indicated it was going to oust President Putin’s navy from a naval base it could ill afford to lose.  NATO was coming and coming too damn close for the Russian nation’s security to tolerate.

But why?

Well the answer gets clearer as the days progress. The insidious IMF which is now offering the illegitimate and unconstitutional government of Ukraine financial assistance against the billion dollar rouble plan Putin’s government tabled; is starting to have its proffered palm opened.

Big loans bring draconian austerity programs; the like of programs which has Greece on its knees and the Spanish in the streets.

Yet there is more than just insufferable IMF financial imposts.  It’s money and lots of it.  Once again we see the banking and finance industry of the globe raping a nation via the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Keep in mind the IMF essentially uses the tax dollars of the free world to lend to the financially strapped nations of the captured world; to bail out the bad debts made to these struggling nations by the financiers of this free world.

While this pea under the cup-game rape of dollars from everyone is moving about the table, the big oil companies are massing equipment and expertise with the real intention of exploiting the Ukraine and much of Europe with the most insidious oil recovery processes man has every developed: fracking:

Forget the environmental slaughter of the continent. Under the guise of dire necessity and possibly behind the smoke of explosive war itself; Europe and its surrounds will be plundered from beneath its very own soil’s surface. Of course the oil companies; the fracking drillers; the shale miners and the shareholders will all be doing their best to assist the people of whom they are raping.

Yet Ukraine would not need the IMF jack boots on its society head if the debts owed were just relieved by their creditors. Let the investors take the loss. Oh dear, ‘too big to fail again.’

Ukraine had billions ready on offer to meet their debts, but the neo right wingers of which were and are a minority, dislike roubles. In so being, also dislike subsidised gas prices unparalleled.

So first the west brings in the IMF. One hundred and eighty eight Nation’s taxes bail out the Ukrainian’s creditors.  Still, almost undoubtedly the troubles will swallow the Ukrainian economy and so IMF debt relief will eventually be the only course of action left in the tool kit.

Putin’s intelligence knew the west was conspiring to overthrow the Ukrainian government and moved first in a brilliant chess move which took the west by surprise and the USA can only lamely try and blame Edward Snowden for their failure to foresee.  Yeah right! One up for President Putin.  The NSA is not the only nation listening in as head US people foul mouth their European friends.  The very friends they are inciting towards a bullet firing war on behalf of their own industrial needs and desires.

Oh how conspicuous is China by the very lack of either involvement here, or more noticeably, how little they are even spoken about in this fiasco of nation battering.

It is clear: If the West does not step back; give Putin breathing space and a chance for level dialogue; two sides will meet and Ukraine will wither under the ensuing onslaught. NATO has Russia against a wall.  To push as they are is not just provocative; it is unequivocally militarily aggressive and main stream media feeds the hounds of this rage for war as rabid as any player.

Beware what you wish for you just might get it and we will all pay the price.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys) 



cattledrive-8After 175 years of returning big animal activity to the Australian high country ecology with success, stockmen are seeing some justice and equality in participating in genuine “peer reviewed science” objectivity and impartiality in returning big animals to the Wonnangatta Station and valley after 26 years of vegetation abandonment and neglect. The experiment is to observe retrieval of the vegetative chaos generated in those 26 years and therefore to run the trial elsewhere, misses the entire purpose of the scientific approach. The Academy of Science and Royal Society boffins with their rabble of environmental lobby groups in the orchid, bird watching, sale of camping gear shops do not “get the objective” of the approach. When the massive man made fires of 2002-9 were incinerating the alps in mulch lovingly deliberately accumulate for decades in the chaos of deprivation of natural processes. Megafauna activity and cool frequent fire taken away because of some foreign ideology and water profitability short term and unsustainable from an ecological view point.

A massive risk of grass and bushfire across the region has been lovingly accumulated under the blessing of bushwalking boffins bureaucrats hiding behind their law books to bring about mass extinction and destruction of the nations water supply. Wonnangatta in 1988 joined the long list of Australian grazing and forestry land taken by bushwalking boffins and bureaucrats for the management values achieved by local communities. The restoration of wildlife abundance, wildflowers, grasses ancient trees kept fire safe and well fed, the water run off clean, abundant, reliable taken for some obscure political trade off deals in public assets for swinging votes with boffins and bureaucrats getting Labour Green coalitions over the line. Kick backs of public paid bushwalking jobs over seeing doing nothing in the wilderness but watch the bonfire build from policy failure, denial and deprivation.

Government in Australia costs the people annually in the order of $20B for Federal government, $100B for state and territory governments and $10B for local councils considering themselves governments. There are 39 universities costing over $9B annually in public funding with 1+M students undergoing indoctrination at their own cost, including 6700+ PhD students with 4800 of those Australian’s. 80% of PhD’s are screened cheap labour and end their research careers after the PhD. Largely a waste of money and resources at such a massive failure rate when the activists are shutting down our industry because of work place demands for unrealistic wages and conditions, animal welfare and environmental beat ups. Australia is living on what can be dug out of the ground in raw unvalued added coal, iron ore, other minerals and energy sources. Building big houses for government bods which apparently feel no obligation to represent anyone else’s interests but their own greed and arrogance as they splash around public assets with gay abandon and no accountability as they hide among the blur of bureaucracy and boffin qualifications passing opinions outside their sphere of qualification.

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Pro NSA Obama Superficially Appeases his Citizens

As the Snowden Files expose the global intelligence agencies of the western world as those who have little regard for personal privacy of either, the masses, the corporate world or the diplomatic world whatsoever; the NSA of the United States stands tall as being the bogey man of all bogey men.  Perhaps President Obama should ask the western world’s population’s opinion more so than just those of the US of A. Certainly Mr Zuckerberg’s opinion seems to have the Presidents’ fake conscience’s attention.

obamaBelow is that same President playing politics whilst serving crumbs of action out to his own people.  A methodology he hopes will cover the mass crimes his many agencies – with their tools of spy-trade – have committed against all in his world; along with the rest of the globes as well.

Just 90 days to get the message out to the US public and then expect them to respond.  It begs the questions:

  • Just how many of President Obama’s citizens would actually be aware of the opportunity to respond to his offer of input?
  • How many actually would really have the opportunity to studiously reply?
  • How many would feel SAFE in doing so, given the revelations in respect to their own government’s lack of transparency?

Regardless, President Obama’s mind was made up a long time ago:


The President’s review of big data and privacy

In January, President Obama spoke about changes in the technology we use for national security purposes, and what they mean for our privacy broadly.

He launched a 90-day review of big data and privacy: how they affect the way we live, and the way we work — and how data is being used by universities, the private sector, and the government.

As part of that review, we’ve already heard from leading privacy advocates and industry leaders, among others.

But this is a conversation that affects all Americans, and we want to make sure you have a chance to be a part of it. We want your input.

Take a moment to tell us what you think about big data, privacy, and what it means to you.

Stay Connected

We’re updating the White House privacy policy on April 18. Learn more. The White House • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW • Washington, DC 20500 • 202-456-1111

Snowden Reveals His Actions



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Grasping Edward Snowden’s exposure of American Spy networks underhanded and direct violation of personal information on people around the world is not an easy ask.

This video from Canada is an online interview with Snowden online in Russia that covers the whole saga in plane language receiving a standing ovation from the audience.

Very cleaver technology in the form of a robot monitor equipped with a video camera offers Snowden two way communication.

Click on the video to view then form your own opinion as to Snowden’s actions.

Exposing the ‘great custodians of country’ myth

Wildfires on North Stradbroke Island due to lack of hazard reduction burning

North Stradbroke Island lies just off the coastline from Brisbane and is a popular tourist destination for adventurers from the mainland. With its long sandy beaches and easy surf fishing it attracts thousands of anglers each year who make the short journey from the mainland by barge.

‘Straddie’, covering 54,500 hectares is the second largest sand island in the world. Its only industries are sandmining and tourism, which support its 2000 permanent inhabitants.

On any weekend and during holiday season the beach becomes an extension to the Pacific Highway where hundreds of four wheel drives converge, turning the beaches into major thoroughfares.

Last week, due to lightning strikes, fires broke out across the tinder dry island, eventually causing some settlements to be evacuated. A lack of hazard control burning in the cooler months of the previous 10 years created the most dangerous fuel load ever seen on the island.

The Rural Fire Service had a major incident on its hands with volunteers battling kilometres long fire fronts fanned by gusty winds. Fortunately there was no loss of human life but the island’s flora and fauna copped a savage beating.

Fires with such a large fuel load burn extremely hot for a more prolonged period, in many cases far too hot for standing eucalypts and other flora to survive. Most of the island’s scorched eucalypts will sucker from the trunk and limbs rendering their function in the natural habitat as useless.

In the aftermath of the searing flames, the environmental damage is strikingly evident. Hot fires also reduce the amount of already low levels of organic nutrients thus making it more difficult for regeneration.

Brisbane ecologist Dr Greg Baxter said the island’s ecology would take at least 20 years to recover, unless of course there is another wildfire in the meantime.

A lack of seasonal rainfall is also inhibiting plant regrowth

The island is home to a large koala bear population, 59 species of birds including a large colony of glossy black cockatoos, native rats and numerous reptiles.

North Stradbroke Island ablaze with wildfires causing extreme damage to flora and fauna which according to an ecologist, will take more than 20 years to recover.

The island has been claimed by the Quandamooka and Noonuccal aboriginal groups who assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service with management of its natural resources.

Perhaps the best known of the Noonuccal clan was the late activist Kath Walker, who fought for many years to gain native title to the island for her family.

Kath was one of the last of the island’s traditional people, passing away in 1993, and it seems some of the handed-down tribal lore Kath possessed was not passed on to the present generation of island inhabitants claiming aboriginality.

This writer stood on the hustings with Kath in the early 80’s.

If Kath did pass on what she knew the message did not get through to the great ‘custodians of country’ residing on the island and mainland.

These people who claimed native title, in a similar fashion to most other ‘aboriginal’ groups, either do not know how to manage ‘country’ properly, do not care or have been prevented by the idiotic Labor Party policies of the 90’s from burning excess fuel loads each year or whenever it was deemed necessary.

Former Queensland Forestry Department practices of conducting annual or two-yearly cool fires, guarantee the damage from uncontrolled fires will be minimal and does not have a great impact on flora and fauna.

But what happened to the traditional hazard reduction burning of the open forest and grassland in the traditional August burning off period?

Did the NPWS prevent the local indigenous people from burning off in previous years? Perhaps it seems from similar lessons learnt in other indigenous controlled land or national parks, most of the old knowledge has not been passed on because the gap between the ways of the last of the traditional people of the 1920’s and the present generation is too wide.

This knowledge is lost forever. It is accepted in some anthropological circles that the lost messages from true traditional people have been supplanted by university trained anthropologists with an agenda not necessarily in the best interests of indigenous people.

Some commentators liken the beaten up stories of modern anthropologists to ‘reinventing the wheel.’

Unfortunately politicians of all hues believe it as gospel that modern day aborigines are the only capable ‘custodians of country,’ the latest fashionable coinage of the annual $25 billion aboriginal industry.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


This lone koala survived the wildfire which left its food source of various tree leaves and other plants a scorched, parched and devastated landscape.

How The Ukraine Is Governed

ukraine-1The western Ukrainian power base which is drawn from the Svoboda party – in this video clip – epitomise just who the United States along with Europe’s NATO, have aligned with.

Svoboda are a neo nazi political movement in Ukraine who are reputed to have been responsible for perpetrating the violence which forced democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych to flee for his life from Kiev for Russia.

Worse: Svoboda are the future of the Ukrainian government.  Watch the video of the Ukrainian State TV executive being assaulted and coerced by violence to resign his position.  Why?  Because he and his television station had the courage and temerity to televise Putin and his parliament’s annexure of Crimea to the Ukrainian populace.

This is the quasi democracy President Obama and now this day, the Australian government who sanction Obama’s moves, support.

Brumbyy (With 2 Ys)

NSA- A Law Unto One’s Self

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The Mafia wash money: The NSA & Co wash information.


With SOS-NEWS continuing coverage of the Edward Snowden NSA releases; in early December 2013  I made the following analysis that;

Further; while the NSA tell Americans it does not disseminate that found on its own subjects, who stops the Australians spying on the English; the English on the Americans and the New Zealanders on the Canadians etc?  Then such collected information is passed covertly on to the home countries and all safe-guards potentially become negated.

william binneyNow the truth in support of that analysis is starting to permeate down and out to the lowliest of us and it is coming from places and people who although themselves were once emboldened by unfettered power; see the error – hence fear – of the ways the great western eagle of democracy is and has slid to. William E Binney (pictured) is such a man being so out-spoken.

Note; the five eyes program refers directly to Australia as it does, New Zealand, Canada, England and the United States. Echelon was just the beginning.  Were the Kiwi farmers so misguided after all?


Brumbyy (with2Ys)

Crimean Democratic Rights Sunday: By The People for the People


The Obama Putin Showdown at Ukraine’s Expense

Slowly Angela Merkel becomes more hard lined towards her great neighbour Russia, or is that foe as ex German Chancellor Schroeder speaks up for Putin.  Germany is being sucked into a US provoked NATO vortex; “You’re either with us, or against us.”

The west is portrayed as one and uniform in its response to the calamity which has torn asunder politically and terroristically, “my word”   the nation called Ukraine; that very same West, portrays the President of Russia as the problem; the cause of all Ukraine’s current woes.

Perhaps the truth is not so simple yet far more logical than the propaganda flowing from those who see the westernisation of Ukraine through right wing terrorism effecting a violent coup d’etat which routed a duly and democratically elected leader, as the only truth; their truth.

We now all know Russia has a historical naval base by legal treaty established in Sevastopol, Crimea; which is paramount to that nation’s ability to project itself about the Black Sea area of influence and into and out of, the Mediterranean.  This Russia sees as crucial for its own well-being; something they may well be prepared to go to war for and possibly against all odds.

We also know that through centuries of turbulent history, many people of Ukraine are indeed ethnic Russian, or see themselves as such; speaking Russian willingly as their first language.

Many Eastern Ukrainians are such Russian speaking people with the majority of current Ukrainian citizens living in the autonomous region of the Crimean Peninsula, vehemently standing publicly as more ‘Russian’, than Ukrainian.

With the breakdown of civil order through the violent attacks on the nation’s capital Kiev; it is not unreasonable to see how Russia believed they were being squeezed by a political move orchestrated by the United States and NATO’s expansionism desires. An expansionism where not only was Russia to lose one of its last secure and significant remaining naval bases outside of the Baltic sea; but NATO would be in a position to militarily enhance the threat to another 2,200 kilometres of direct border with Russia; where it has never had the capacity to do so in previous history.

Putin – no matter what you think of him as a man – appears to have done what any sane and patriotic Russian leader would for his people. He declared by actions to Ukraine and the world; enough is enough.

He allowed his troops to control predominately Russian, Crimea’s defences – keeping in mind Russia is allowed legally to have 25,000 boots on soil in the Peninsula; by treaty. He has also given the citizens of this autonomous region of Ukraine, the democratic right to be heard and listened to via a referendum; the right to decide for themselves where their allegiance lies and who they should allow to take hold of theirs and their land’s destiny.

This happens this Sunday the 16th of March 2014.

  • President Putin has sworn to the world he will honour the outcome of the ensuing referendum.
  • President Obama has vowed reprisals for allowing such democratic processes to occur.

The west; The United States and NATO; The European UNION and the Ukrainian rebel Coup de’tat perpetrators, all know the winds blow in Russia’s favour.

Russia senses that war is a flint strike away.  The unpredictable attitude of the Ukrainian right wingers of whom some have depicted as neo Nazi like forces, would indeed feel empowered to strike at Putin’s defences in Crimea when the vote on Sunday may well end in the call for a Crimean Peninsula secession to Russia.  It is this very fact and reasoning President Putin has placed a large military force inside his Russian borders aligning with Ukraine’s.

This military might negates the ability of falsely and foolishly empowered, unconstitutionally placed, government leaders under the command of Yatsenyuk to move the Ukrainian forces towards Crimea.  If he does; he risks leaving northern Ukraine exposed, vulnerable and depleted of defences.

In a game where only the Ukraine and Russian Crimea were the players; it is check mate for Yatsenyuk.  The very tactics the US and the UN should have deployed against Iraq.  Not even Saddam would have gone to battle against such an assured demise; not if there was an alternative.

obarma-1 Sadly, the scary piece in play; is the fear Unconstitutional Ukrainian leader Yatsenyuk will be emboldened whilst being tricked, into leading his nation to war with Russia on the understanding US backed NATO will come to his aid.

Why so scary:

A)     The Ukrainian defences will be pulverised unnecessarily before any real and threatening response will have effect.

B)      Europe via NATO will have to consider military response in Ukrainian defence as subtly eluded to by Kerry and Obama and most likely promised behind closed doors to Yatsenyuk.

C)      United States has a past history of promising protection to those tricked into following US policy; but reneging when it comes time for the US to live up to that promise

D)     Economies will collapse: European nations’; Russia’s; China’s and many indirectly will be financially affected from this fiscal fallout.

E)       Then god forbid; the real possibility of nuclear war.  Keep in mind, modern artillery now have the capability of firing mini nuclear-bomb shells.

In simple terms; go in search of one war, one insurgency where the US didn’t shoot bullets to get its way.  At least as this Ukrainian fiasco unfolds, President Putin has yes; mobilised military might; but no, no shots in anger have as yet been fired; more a credit to both facing off armies perhaps than politicians.

When the Maidan riots were in full swing and the square’s building’s now seen as a burnt out structures were held by the terrorist led rioters of the street; Yanukovych’s authorities breached the 8th floor of an occupied building through the wall of an adjoining structure and were able to clear the upper floors down to the 6th level, where there, these authorities were stopped by the flames of the lower floors having been turned into a fiery conflagration by those in the streets. To give credence to the depths of violence each side was or was not committing; when the forces purged the upper floors of this building, they only used CS gas and stun grenades.  No deadly force.

This is not the act of a desperate and callous leader or his army who care little for its people, but more so of an effort to restore order – as would be expected – by and in, any democratic arena. Yet as Yanukovych and his government were apparently falsely being deemed the Ukrainian murderous anti-Christs, it appears to have slipped from main stream reporting there is sound anecdotal evidence those killed – both police and protestors – in the streets by sniper fire were in fact the acts of the terrorist’s themselves.

It is the Yatsenyuk side who keep saying Ukraine gave up its – purloined via the USSR split – nuclear weapons on the promise NATO would be its protector.  Here is a shuddering insight into the thought processes and string pulling of the currently installed undemocratic regime.  Would they threaten the use of such weapons if they still controlled them.  The words say, and inferences say, yes!

obarma-puttin-2The US bolsters jet fighter strength in surrounding countries whilst maintaining an increased naval presence in the Black Sea.  If the world; if NATO; call Putin a rat and corner him, do not be surprised that that rat bites back.  It is just a rat protecting its own territory.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)