It has been reported bushwalkers appear to have frightened a Brumby to run through a rabbit warren. Several witness statements allege the bushwalkers were acting hostilely towards the heritage horses in the Tantangara Blue Water Hole area about the time the horse appeared with a broken leg.

Park staff involved with Brumby trapping, were approached about the horse’s plight quoting;

“they were off duty and on holiday and nothing would be done”.

CaRob Gibbs National Parks NSWn this be confirmed or denied convincingly by Parks Management ?

To assist with further inquiries contact Rob Gibbs, Senior Project Officer Wild Horse Management Plan; (02) 64505507 – 0427-703-494 –



NSW Government Remove Aerial Culling Brumbies From New Horse Management Plan

Keith Muir

Keith Muir Colong Foundation CEO –

Contact him for further information: 0412-791-404 – (02) 92612400

Brumby supporters across the world again condemn the Colong Foundation for Wilderness CEO Keith Muir for his latest incitement of violence towards our heritage horses in response to the recent undertakings of the NSW Environment Minister, Rob Stokes “there will be no aerial culling.” .

Prior Muir condoned and was a major player engineering the 2000 disgusting inhumane slaughter of our Brumbies in Guy Fawkes National Park quoted, “Shooting the horses is the only way”. ( see the video HERE )

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1080 Poison the Saviour

profession 2014 (1 of 1) (2)I have written much on this in the past as the years have passed in an effort to respond to the anti-wild-dog control voices in this country Australia.

Lately that same anti-voice has tried to use the exploits of their New Zealand counterparts and the use there of, Sodium Fluoroacetate as an environmental protection tool, as being the bad guy at the table. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Much of the knowledge of this poison has come from extremely lengthy research done time and time again so as to appease the environmentalist’s concerns. Most of those concerns were wild and emotional conjecture given breath via a loud and vociferous minority who in fact were, and are, killing the wilds through misguided kindness.

This link goes to the heart of some of the latest research and the most current report available from Aotearoa – The Land of The Long White Cloud – NZ.

If you have a concern over the efficacy; the safety; the cruelty; the environmental effects along with the effectiveness of this chemical in controlling pests for the betterment of all; then this is not just a must read, but it is a must download report to disseminate.

Keep in mind; what NZ does with 1080 is far removed from what Australia does, but the goodness such a deadly naturally occurring chemical does for the very environment we all need, and wish to survive; may not be a panacea, but it has no equal by all accounts.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)


Scientist Plan For Dingoes To Exterminate Our Brumbies

Green Academic Fiction WriterTaxpayer government grants to these cloned accademics have produced these findings from scientist expecting credability from a thinking Australian public now well aware of radical and ratbag green engineering to suit agenda on political dollars.

As our Brumby is classified ferral by greens and National Parks, while government and independant inquiries have established the Brumby as HERITAGE,  there is something very wrong in the parliaments of fools – Click [HERE] to read the reports –

From the Weekly Times:

SCIENTISTS believe dingoes can provide “a natural control” of feral brumbies in Victoria’s high country.

The research scientists advocate dingoes “as the only native predator capable of taking large exotic grazers”.

They admitted it was a radical solution which would cause controversy.

A spokeswoman for one brumby group called the dingo proposal “barbaric”.

The proposal by the Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology, formed from La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne, was among 84 public submissions made to a State Government inquiry into brumby control.

More than a third of the submissions favour aerial shooting to control the estimated 8200-10,100 wild horses in the alps. The Government has already ruled out shooting.

Parks Victoria is developing a contentious program to tackle the thousands of wild brumbies that many conservationists claim are damaging wilderness areas.

The Victorian Alps Wild Horse Management Plan is designed to guide the management of wild horses and their impact on public land.

Options being considered include the live removal of captured horses for donation to carers on private land, live removal of horses for sale at saleyards, and the euthanasia of captured horses.

Public submissions, together with advice from a roundtable group, a public perception survey, interviews with key interest groups and advice from a technical reference group are being considered as the draft plan is developed.

A draft management plan will be released for public debate later this year with the final strategy to be completed early next year.

Submissions from many organisations, including the RSPCA, Bushwalking Victoria, Gippsland Environment Group, Invasive Species Council and the Victorian National Parks Association, said aerial culling was preferable to chasing, roping and transporting the horses long distances which would cause unnecessary stress.

The research centre said dingoes would not solve all the brumby problems.

“The dingo should be seen as a legitimate key species of the alpine environment providing a long-term, natural control of feral horses,” the centre’s submission said.

Source: [HERE]

Colong Foundation Again Condone Shooting Our Brumbies the gunship slaughter of some 270 brumbies during 2000 in the Guy Fawkes National Park NSW, leaving many mortally wounded causing a public outcry, again the Colong Foundation green group CEO and driven activist Keith Muir whose apparent ideas condone such massacres, is again spreading his fictional science and inciting for the shooting of the brumbies across the Snowy High Country.

Brumbyy with 2Ys has his say in response to Muir’s and his Colong followers unconscionable method of environmentalism.


Dingoes Kill PetsThe question is did they? Once again on the mainland, on the Queensland mainland, a city resident on the suburban interface lost pet canines to wild ones.

The story as reported so easily brands the killer canines as dingoes, but were they?

They were reported as large animals and anyone with an ounce of knowledge knows wild dogs are the large of the wild canine species, not the pure dingo . What I am getting at is, most wild canids wandering today are in fact wild hybrid dogs. A mongrel species long leaving their dingo ancestral culture behind, along with their pure genetics.

As the Liberal National Party so rightly goes to bat for the real true Dingo in a habitat where it can stay undiluted, Fraser Island, this same political party (LNP) must also declare their wider wild dog policy.

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Dingoes and Their Whisperer on ABC1

ABC – Tells Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer’s StoryDingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst will have her battles aired on ABC1’s “Australia Story” Monday 28th Feb at 8pm.

Photo by Brumbyy
Many SOS-NEWS readers followed, and could not help but sympathise with the Dingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst after learning of the third world style treatment in the Queensland Courts of her efforts to save the unique and iconic threatened species of pure Dingo on Fraser Island; this will be compelling viewing.

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Nothing cruel about Australian farmers who look after wildlife just as well as their cattle and sheep.

These wild kangaroos were rescued from rising floodwaters in the raging Condamine River, 300 klm west of Brisbane.

This farmer pulled them into his boat and took them to high ground.

This wonderful act of kindness typifies the genre of Australian farmers who have long been the target of ratbag Green groups such as the World Wildlife Fund, Australian Conservation Foundation and the animal-fascist mob PETA, Queensland Department of Environment Resource Management (DERM)enforcers and the RSPCA animal police.

Where were these idiots during Queensland’s worst ever flood crisis in 220 years of European settlement?

Nowhere near the rescue and clean-up effort that’s for sure.

Floods-Foxes-Dingoes-Feral Cats & Disease

Whilst Floods Rage, Positives Do Exist

There is a huge opportunity here and we should be investigating and taking whatever that opportunity offers. That is, that whilst the floods devastate rural and metro areas of humanity alike, it also has forced vermin and pests such as rabbits, foxes and wild dogs and pigs etc into much smaller areas of habitat.

This windfall of possibility to move in and eradicate as much as possible of these pest species’ scourge whilst they are essentially blindsided would perhaps alleviate some of these pressures off the farming community as they struggle with rebuilding their shattered lives over the coming years.

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Dingo Book Release Demeans Bligh Govt Vilification

Fraser Island Dingoes Iconised by Jennifer Parkhurst”s Truly Amazing Photographic depiction of her Years Of Research

[Dingo Whisper – Jennifer Parkhurst]

The Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst has been unequivocally vindicated and in the process smeared egg all over the Anna Bligh gumboot sloshing Government’s face with the release of her amazing book “Vanishing Icon”.

This book, although not reported as such, was the very reason Minister Kate Jones and her minions hunted Ms Parkhurst under spurious claims of wrong doing under the Department of Environment & Resources Management Act whilst they themselves breached the very code of animal welfare, suffering and management and the Queensland RSPCA officially condoned this barbarity.

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Dingo Day-Candle Night Sparkles this Saturday

Dingoes Shine in Candle Light

Yep, this Saturday night the 11th of December, 3000 Candles will burn inside a paper bag in the shape of a Fraser Island dingo and your child’s name for a mere $2.00 per candle could be on one of those bags. This event was postponed last Sunday due to wild inclement weather predicted, but this Saturday at Dayman Park, Hervey on the Fraser Coast of Queensland, Dingo Day/ Candle Night will sparkle.

This added time enhances your opportunity to not just be involved from a distance in this fantastic piece of International grand scale Candle Art by renown artist Jorge Pujol, but enables you to give a memory to your child for life. Instilling them with the pride of doing something personal for the Fraser Island Dingo; by supporting the Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst and helping her to meet her un-Australian legal penalisation for being our very own Australian Jane Goodall.

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