NOT GUILTY Verdict slammed Perth DPP Tainted Evidence

Child sexual abuse is not tolerated by Australians. The use of such allegations as a tool to further the vindictive personal hatred of a partner is deplorable and to tutor your two young daughters to support fabricated evidence is despicable. Involving authorities in a vendetta to satisfy a personal agenda utilising this fabricated evidence is shameful. Leanne Patricia Daley is such a person.

On Wednesday March 18 2015 she and the entourage of Police and Child Protection personnel were discredited before a jury in the Perth Court when a verdict of “not guilty on all charges” was returned after just two hours to finally vindicate Robert Paul McJannett who walked free totally exonerated of these malicious charges laid in 2009.

The Western Australian judicial is world renowned for never letting justice or constitutional rights get in the way of the “good ole boys” personal agenda.

Confined to the dock Rob McJannett represented himself [usually a suicide mission] from the hundreds of hours it took him in preparation.  He had documents and videos stacked on a tiny table with more packed in a suitcase beside him then without input of a WA marionette lawyer he systematically dismantled the dubious evidence presented by the prosecution over the course of a marathon 15 day trial.

The prosecution team working with engineered evidence underestimated this crane driver’s ability in court to present his case. He exposed a chain of collusion and conspiracy between the DPP, Police and Child Services whose agenda was to mislead the court and incarcerate an innocent man.

SOS-NEWS “smelt a rat” in 2009 when Rob McJannett confided that Leanne Daley had made these allegations against him. Investigations conducted by SOS-NEWS confirmed the evidence was tainted and doubtful at best. Despite these issues the authorities had an agenda and did not concern themselves with the little matter of the truth. They continued to their taxpayer funded trial.

With truth and remarkable resilience on his side Robert Paul McJannett was able to stand before a jury in a biased court system exposing the perpetrators of this malicious prosecution.

The full story will be published when the dust settles and congratulations to you Rob you have given us all hope.

Harry Palmer

NSW Snowy National Parks Boo-Boo Brumby Problem

On the 10th August 2009, SOS-NEWS received a letter from a person wishing to be known as “Boo Boo” who had read one of our stories on the shooting of Brumbies at Thredbo with high powered rifles.  Deciding to become a whistle blower quoted, “I am in a vulnerable position to retaliatory action from NSW National Parks” and request to be anonymous in any publications”.

Our investigators have confirmed important information contained in “Boo Boo’s” first letter and all subsequent letters along with several other whistle blowers information compiled in our extensive database.

Current Model (BAR's)

Current Model (BAR’s)

From “Boo Boos” letters we followed up one interesting item with a freedom of information disclosure that a  now retired manager of the lower snowy National Parks, held a “Commissioners Permit”(NSW Police Commissioner) for multiple 7.65mm NATO caliber Browning Automatic military assault rifles (BAR), and in the balance of probabilities the licensed transferred to another NP public servant.

The question here;

“why the hell National Parks would need fully automatic military assault rifles when farmers effectively use bolt action .223 rifles for shooting feral wild dogs, goats & pigs plus euthanaising large livestock like horses & cattle”?

 A few Hypotheticals for 2009 and prior to ponder.

If we were to suggest hypothetically;

Two old brumbies that lived on the lower slopes of Mt Janungal for many years in the 90’s and were accustom to hikers and fishermen seeking out campers who had the pleasure of their company were executed.

Two Kosciusko National Park staffers acting under management instructions to shoot these two tame brumbies near Mt Janungal that also involved an RSPCA person.

That this was not for humane purposes but for NSW National Parks opening of the rebuilt O’Keefe’s Hut to tourist.

That the presence of tame friendly wild horses and no sign of horse damaging the environment did not suit that area National Parks management personal agenda along with the Greenies agenda to have all our wild brumbies shot.

That careful timing of the shooting was just before winter limiting the chance of the shattered bodies being found before wild dogs, snow and time destroyed the evidence……... or did it?

Would you be upset?

If we were to suggest hypothetically;

That just outside the Kosciusko Marangle State Forest (with much having been handed over to National Parks) brumby wild horses were shot down in groups under a hail of heavy caliber automatic rifle fire.

Such weapons requiring police commissioner approval.

Would you be upset?

If we were to suggest hypothetically;

That horse riders appeared on a ridge in Kosciusko National Park while parks were aerial shooting training on goats and were driven off by the helicopter along with ground rangers who just happened to be there.

That reports received suggested loud automatic heavy gunfire was heard before the chase which took 4 hours costing many thousands of dollars, then the subsequent kangaroo court case and more dollars.

That wild horse numbers in that area were quietly reduced from weeks of this “Goat Shooting”.

Would you be upset?

 A once silenced and controlled public now seek clarity outside the media and government box of tricks.  Some we will furnish soon through Snowy Brumby Support Group ( ) as election time looms for politicians, as public servants cringe in fear of exposure.

SOS-NEWS Investigation Team

Bill Bibbulmun on track relating Whistle Blower Robert Paul’s court win

Bill Bibbulmun reviews activist Robert Paul CPO’s recent court case in Perth WA where he exposed false charges by police on video and forged documents by police He represented himself in court and won the case using prosecutions evidence and their police officer witness he ripped to shreds. Further child abuse exposed by government enforcers the Royal Commission are ignoring ….

OzResistance Video Exposes Govt Corruption

Bill Bibbulmun activist from in this weekly report exposes child agency fabrication to remove political activist exposing WA government – Wayne Glew CPO speaks on engineered government violation of our constitution – Bill plays video footage of a WA cop deceiving and fraudulent attempt to serve documents on prominent activist Robert Paul CPO …..

Snowden Reveals His Actions



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Grasping Edward Snowden’s exposure of American Spy networks underhanded and direct violation of personal information on people around the world is not an easy ask.

This video from Canada is an online interview with Snowden online in Russia that covers the whole saga in plane language receiving a standing ovation from the audience.

Very cleaver technology in the form of a robot monitor equipped with a video camera offers Snowden two way communication.

Click on the video to view then form your own opinion as to Snowden’s actions.

NSA- A Law Unto One’s Self

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The Mafia wash money: The NSA & Co wash information.


With SOS-NEWS continuing coverage of the Edward Snowden NSA releases; in early December 2013  I made the following analysis that;

Further; while the NSA tell Americans it does not disseminate that found on its own subjects, who stops the Australians spying on the English; the English on the Americans and the New Zealanders on the Canadians etc?  Then such collected information is passed covertly on to the home countries and all safe-guards potentially become negated.

william binneyNow the truth in support of that analysis is starting to permeate down and out to the lowliest of us and it is coming from places and people who although themselves were once emboldened by unfettered power; see the error – hence fear – of the ways the great western eagle of democracy is and has slid to. William E Binney (pictured) is such a man being so out-spoken.

Note; the five eyes program refers directly to Australia as it does, New Zealand, Canada, England and the United States. Echelon was just the beginning.  Were the Kiwi farmers so misguided after all?


Brumbyy (with2Ys)

Snowden – The NSA & Your Privacy

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Edward Snowden is deemed a traitor; but by whom?

snowden-chartIt is quite evident who that whom is. It is not  you or I of the billions spread across the globe; rather it is those who seek unfettered global power.  Where information is power, the Western world’s spook force has become a power within itself.  So much so, those who head these organisations feel no threat from lying to their oversight committees whilst holding no conscience in respect to the laws they break; they just use rhetoric which to any mere dispensable mortal would attract a contempt charge and all that which goes with such transgressions.

This new world order hierarchy is frantic to defuse the openness Mr Snowden has so courageously – with huge self-sacrifice – revealed to the world.

More importantly; as each new revelation from the Snowden files is made public; it becomes so much the clearer as to why the NSA, GHCQ and all the intelligence minions – like Australia Canada and New Zealand – hanging onto these two’s coat-tails, were apoplectic when he first broke cover.  They all knew that what Snowden was now capable of; was blowing the lid off population-control and management on a global scale not even deemed possible by the majority of the world’s citizens; let alone actually well and truly already in action.  More importantly; never with the permission of each participating nation’s respective populous; knowing full well such permission sought would never be given; ever.

Is it time to return to sending messages hand written by the old postal system, or hand delivered courier; unsigned and posted from a point of origin far away? Maybe!

Just a snippet of the latest release by those Snowden – with great fore-sight – entrusted to vet his document hoard and bring to us all.

·         An implant plug-in named CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE, for example, is used to take over a targeted computer’s microphone and record conversations taking place near the device.

·         Another, GUMFISH, can covertly take over a computer’s webcam and snap photographs.

·         FOGGYBOTTOM records logs of Internet browsing histories and collects login details and passwords used to access websites and email accounts.

·         GROK is used to log keystrokes.

·         SALVAGERABBIT exfiltrates data from removable flash drives that connect to an infected computer.

The link to the latest release is here below.  Read slowly and carefully.  Understand what is being made aware to you.  Discuss this with your friends and family. Send the story on.  Look beyond the necessary intelligence needs of a nation’s safety and consider for yourself if privacy is a necessary pre-requisite for your home?  If it is; believe this; you don’t have it, and your little computer is just as important to be compromised by the NSA & Co; as is the multi-national firms’, you work for.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)

9/11- CIA WhistleBlower Susan Lindauer EXPOSES Everything

Published in 2011 and has  1,484,324 people view this video, Susan Lindauer a senior CIA operative was jailed under the USA Patriot Act in a hope to shut her up. She was privy to information months out from 9/11 that aircraft were going to hit the twin towers as were her superiors.  This guts lady took on the might of the US Government and relates it on this video you must view.

Electoral Commission Secrets Exposed To The Public

Spy ForceAn interesting turn of events evolved since our Newsfront Blog site and Aussiewatch newsletters tickled the word corruption with accountability last week concerning the Australian Electoral Commission [AEC].

An email from a concerned retired senior public service bureaucrat presented us a key to the AEC Pandora’s box that is riveting material.

We are sure most Australian are unaware of a public inquiry into the conduct of the AEC over the 2013 election and are taking submission from the public until the 7th March 2014. As this story unfolds you will find links to submit your ideas they most certainly did not want you to know about.

Let us take a trip though the mire of AEC bureaucratic bullshit set in place to confuse, misdirect, and deceive the public.


SOS-NEWS published in our newsletter and blog site the AEC is a government department operated by Public Servants… “WRONG”.

We were mislead by this profile of the now defunct AEC Commissioner’s now deleted profile at the AEC website that stated, Mr Killesteyn is a career public servant, having worked in the Australian Taxation Office, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs and the Repatriation Commission before joining the Australian Electoral Commission in January 2009.

Our forensic computer investigators located the deleted page now set in perpetual archive for all to read – – this must be disturbing for the AEC academic accredited IT expert$ on the big bucks told to get rid of it from their website.

So who is the AEC if not a government department?

Once the elections were conducted by public servants in a department or branch of the Commonwealth public service. One of the first things the Hawke Government did in about 1983 to hive off the supervision and conducting of elections into an independent organisation the Australian Electoral Commission to keep prying eyes from the manipulation of voting being carried out and keep difficult question presented to politicians concerning elections being fired around in the house.

The AEC is what is called a “Statutory Agency” under section 29(2) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. It is NOT part of the public service, and is not bound by public service regulations, code of conduct etc and the Electoral Commissioner is the Head of that Statutory Agency. The AEC may directly employ staff or engage consultants etc in its own absolute discretion and prerogative under sections 30,31,32,33,34 and 35 of this act. Such persons are NOT bound by the normal provisions (e.g. code of ethics, code of conduct etc) that apply to public servants employed under the Public Service Act.  It is independent of Governmental control. What this means in practicality is that the AEC is NOT answerable to the Minister for State in the parliament.

Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Further Inquires

We have established AEC staff reflects massive political bias is overloaded toward the Labor party within this unaccountable roller coaster running on flawed checks and balances now appearing through large cracks in this AEC bunker built to maintain the tow party status quo.

Politicians are not going to remove their power base or the decades of engineered control set in place to manipulate the Australian people.

Viewing a submission from AEC to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters [JSCEM] inquiring into the conduct of the 2013 federal election, revealed that the document was signed on the 4th February 2014 by Tom Rogers Acting Commissioner. Interesting that we the public were not informed that Commissioner Ed Killesteyn had been removed until 20th February 2014.

The question here, is Tom a more skilled political puppet at covering tracks than Ed was ?

Interesting read was this section of the AEC submission;

On 5 November 2013, Mr Killesteyn commissioned Mr Mick Keelty AO to inquire into the circumstances of the missing ballots.  Mr Keelty provided the Electoral Commissioner with the report of his inquiry on 2 December 2013.  A copy of the report was sent to the Committee on 13 December 2013 and a copy is also attached to this submission.  While Mr Keelty made a number of findings and recommendations in his report, he concluded that:

“it is impossible to determine whether the missing ballots were: 

a)  physically removed during the many transport and storage processes

b)  lost during transport or transfer

c)  misplaced through repacking into incorrect boxes, or

d) accidentally mixed with recycling material and disposed of as refuse.”

The report was examined by the full Electoral Commission in the days following its receipt with a view to determining next steps.  The Electoral Commission accepted all 32 of the report’s recommendations and then established a taskforce, headed by myself, to lead the implementation of the recommendations.  The report was also referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) which noted that the report did not identify evidence supporting the existence of any criminal acts, and that the AFP would not further pursue this matter.

With or without Keelty as lead blood hound for the AFP, it seems they still have great difficulty tracking a bleeding elephant through the snow.

To read this colorful (main shade being “Whitewash”) submission –

Our Source Continues

I wrote to the then Minister for State Senator Eric Abetz in the Howard Govt in 2004 with very serious allegations of vote frauds and misconducts by the AEC attaching a Statutory Declarations. He was astonished at the letter in reply from the Minister stating that he had referred the complaints to the AEC who would reply to our source directly.

I was amazed the minister had abrogated his responsibility of “quality control” over the information in what the AEC would send to me. Of course the AEC never did reply – they did not want to investigate serious allegations against themselves!!

Discovering the horrible truth that the AEC is NOT part of the public service and NOT responsible to the Minister for State was a shock. A further jolt was discovering the AEC is responsible to it’s self and is answerable only to the “Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters” [JSCEM].

All the Public Service are directly answerable to the Minister who portfolio’s each government department. If you write directly to the Minister, the letter gets logged in his office, and sent to the respective department, which investigates and provides papers to the Minister’s office (as a public servant I did this many times, preparing papers for the Minister); the ministerial staff then assess the papers and prepare a letter in response to be signed BY THE MINISTER.

If the Minister provides an erroneous response, then he can be hauled up in Parliament and questioned in an embarrassing manner.

The open floor of Parliament provides a powerful mechanism of accountability.

AEC is NEVER subject to questioning on the open floor of Parliament!!
only answers to the “Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters” JSCEM


Who Is This Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters ?

Did you know there is an inquiry into the 2013 federal election? – well you should do.

This pathetic media release, issued on 12th December 2013 to inform the people of Australia was a good job of concealing the inquiry. How many saw this in mainstream media ?

Electoral Matters Committee gets to work

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters has today announced its inquiry into the conduct of the 2013 federal election.

The Special Minister of State has asked the Committee to conduct an inquiry with the following terms of reference:

Inquire into and report on all aspects of the conduct of the 2013 federal election and matters relating thereto.

Submissions are now invited and a detailed schedule of public hearings will be announced in the near future.

It is the Committee’s intention to hold hearings in all capital cities as well as a number of rural and regional areas.


 No mention of public submissions close 7th March 2014 WHY?

The last thing they need is to be swamped from a public wanting a fair voting system. Well that’s what they are going to get now you know.


Inside The JSCEM

partyroomThe JSCEM is a biased committee – it includes 28 MPs from ALP and 15 MPs from the Coalition, plus a non-major party MP this time Independent Nick Xenophon. Click [HERE] to view the list. There is no mention of Tony Smith MP Liberal on that list, or on the website yet our inquires established he is the Chairman of the committee. His contact details for those wishing to ask question are detail at the end of these findings.

Contributors from the public could have put in good written submissions which then get selected OUT OF being discussed either by the committee in closed session or by the public in open session.

If we assume that the ALP runs vote frauds and has corrupted the AEC, and if we assume that the ALP selects the MPs to sit on the JSCEM, then you have a situation that HALF of the committee will rubbish any accusations of AEC misconducts and belittle people who try to raise concerns, this is of course what has happened.

The other half of the JSECEM, even if they are competent and honest (a tall ask), are so very BUSY with the vast range of Parliamentary business that they cannot hope to read all the written submissions – they read only those submissions recommended to them by the Canberra bureaucrats.

Furthermore few MPs have the competence to evaluate the issues even if they do get around to reading the written submissions.

Now the cat out of the AEC bag with SOS-NEWS public awareness to the inquiry, a very large influx of submissions would be just the ticket that would ride on top of the WA election fiasco and lets hear that loud voice of the people wishing to be heard and change being implimented.

Read the 30 odd submissions  so far –

Submit your ideas on how our elections should be conducted, demand to be heard – read how to prepare your submission link and go for it –

Email your submission to –


Public Hearing

So far only two have been conducted, both in Canberra, one with the auditors concerning the missing votes in WA, and the second addresses matters in relation to the Senate voting system. Interesting we visited the suggested JSCEM link to read the transcript, it did not work!

Our computer team found the key to opening the transcripts that offer further interesting reading from behind closed doors:

6th February 2014  Here they address matters in relation to the missing Senate votes in Western Australia before release of the High Court decision to call another WA senate election costing around $15 MILLION.;adv=yes;db=COMMITTEES;id=committees%2Fcommjnt%2Fff6f5476-fc4e-492e-a11a-6544f871333a%2F0001;orderBy=customrank;page=0;query=2013%20election%20Date%3A06%2F02%2F2014%20Dataset%3Aestimate,comSen,comJoint,comRep;rec=0;resCount=Default

7th February 2014 Here they address matters in relation to the Senate voting system;adv=yes;db=COMMITTEES;id=committees%2Fcommjnt%2F9b969264-89ff-4738-ba90-a2ef1ac33e92%2F0001;orderBy=customrank;page=0;query=2013%20election%20Date%3A07%2F02%2F2014%20Dataset%3Aestimate,comSen,comJoint,comRep;rec=0;resCount=Default


Our Source Further Relates

In about 2005 I attempted to get an ex-ALP man, Sam *********, to testify before the JSCEM, but I was thwarted by the bureaucrats in Canberra.

I appealed to the Deputy Chairman of the JSCEM in several letters to him, but got fob-offs signed by his staff. IF this man (Scott Morrison MP) is an honourable man who would be indignant if he knew what Sam ********** was going to testify, then he has ‘leftie’ staff who would not permit him to even read my letters. I could not reach him to raise my concerns; I wanted to arrange him to meet Sam in person.

Sen John Faulkner and other ALP MPs and all senior AEC officials always rubbish claims of vote frauds and ‘irregularities’ by the AEC. They have claimed for years that there is no evidence.

Well, Sam ******** told me the following (I abbreviate it, by memory):- that for many state and federal elections he and a group of about a dozen other ALP members used to be given instructions (by persons he named in Sussex Street ALP HQ and by a few MPs that he named) to go and multiple vote in a list of false enrollment names; he and his dozen mates would go from polling booth to polling booth voting in different names until they got tired of it and he said that sometimes they did not finish the long list, and would adjourn to the pub for the rest of the day.

Here was practical evidence – not raised by a citizen like me of irregularities that I observed — but evidence of vote frauds by a PERSON WHO DID IT OFTEN.



(1) First and foremost -we urge all readers to forward this information far and wide allowing all Australia to be alerted to this clandestine AEC and government manipulation of the electoral system we have exposed. SOS-NEWS have more to come on this issue very soon including erosion of the democratic process.

(2) Send in a submission before March 7th to

(3) Attend a suitable to you Public Meetings when the Committee announces and demand your voice be heard.

(4) Australian politicians and minders – As several hundred of are subscribers to SOS-NEWS mailing list, be aware our news reaches 65,000+ computers national and international plus countless readers receiving forwarded NEWS from those subscribing computers. It now seems that with this information out there, salvation of your political credibility to voters is now placed firmly into your individual hands.

You may care to consider today could be the first day of your political demise if you continue sitting on those hands.

(5) Contact the person at the top – demand the closing date for submissions be extended by one month now that voters are aware of the inquiry.

Ask WHY submissions are reviewed only by members of parliament who have a conflict of interest and no members of the voting public hold a seat on this committee – that’s of concern to  ALL AUSTRALIANS ?

tony-smith-mpThe Hon Mr Tony Smith MP

Chair, Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters


Electorate Office
Suite One, 1 East Ridge Drive
(P.O Box 40)
Chirnside Park
VIC 3116
Phone: 03 9727 0799  – Fax: 03 9727 0833

Vic Government Computer Experts Rolled By 16 Year old

December 2013 saw 16 year old Victorian school boy report a backdoor opening in the Government authority Public Transport Victoria (PTV) website offering access to the database hosting some 600,000 entries containing full names, addresses, home and mobile phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, seniors card ID numbers, and nine-digit extracts of credit card numbers.

Joshua, a self-described ”white hat” security researcher, said he was motivated by a desire to improve online security. He first contacted PTV by email on Boxing Day, but received no response, nor one week later, however this week, one month later the PTV to save face of their IT and computer management experts found by this 16 year old to be populated by incompetence report the kid to the police quoting he could be charged under the cybercrime act.

There was a time 10 years ago when SOS-NEWS computer forensic team were out to help, that ceased after warning people of our discovered scam selling a non existent executives directory to medium and small businesses around the world. Australia was targeted and harvested  so the scammer’s reeled in personal information these Aussies tendering like lambs to the slaughter.

Tailgating website hosts we intercepted the scammer’s database then decided to alert people of the trap they had sprung. The response from 95% contacted was “how did we get their phone number and email address“? – The answerer:  they filled out the scammers form looking for a free ride. Abuse and threats of intention reporting our findings to the enforcers (who were lacking skills and infrastructure at that time) we walked away.

Disillusioned, we sat back watching those 2500 Aussies lambs being fleeced for an average of $500 each from a phantom database in cyberspace and they suggested “we were the criminals”. Our cyber space watch is ever present and amazing scams are perpetrated with the only thing that still remains constant,  Australia is the most lucrative target for internet fraud running multi-millions of dollars each year. We still only watch.

Now the have fixed up the 16 year old doing the right thing and embarrassing the shit out of the public service, it’s time to muster the 600,000 who may have had their information stolen by sniffer-hackers finding this same open backdoor and mount a class action against PTV for failing to secure and protect their entrusted sensitive data.

Three weeks ago the Victorian Auditor General John Doyle warned government departments they are woefully ill-equipped to combat cyber attacks after an audit report in November identified well over 100 information security breaches and lapses during penetration testing – or authorised hacking of government websites.

Much needed are several more unqualified 16 year old to commission all government computer systems before launching to public use. Clearly these red faced $150,000+pa salaried government accredited computer experts are reflecting astonishing limitations to basic software encryption protocols.

Entrusted with our national security, terrorism watch, military and spy networks, this caliber of computer experts under government covers must be of concern to us all.

Public tolerance to decades of political party dictatorship funded of taxpayer dollars maintaining this 4th Reich political system of government is astounding.

When will “Enough be Enough people”?

To bureaucratic enforcers and the experts involved. You offer no challenge to the massive world wide army of computer youth, not accredited, working together hosting very real ability to render any computer systems useless should they choose.