Pollies Perks Further Explained

Both sides of the Pig Trough are doing just fine!!! Thank you!.

Renny Carter at 53 years, is now considered ‘an old journo ‘and one of the Liberal Party’s faceless men, who has opinions on anything in Contemporary life. Now Renny speaks his mind on Politicians and their obscenely excessive perquisites PERKS!!!

Allen Petersen

Kevin Rudd

John Howard

John Howard

 ‘It matters not, to them, for whom you vote,for their trough be well deep enough to enable them to bloat’!!


This poor bastard has inherited a mess of unprecedented proportions.

One that is going to take a long Liberal tenure to sort out and return to some normality – if at all.

The sad reality is that Australia is made up of only three types of people. Workers, Bludgers and Pensioners.

And Joe is desperately trying to claw back every dollar he can from this hurting system, but the magnifying glass has, unfortunately, momentarily paused above the latter category, the poor bloody Pensioner and this is sad.

We expect the Pensioners to be looked after in this country.

We don’t want to see elderly people homeless and destitute in Australia.

And, unlike Italy and Japan, we don’t have a culture of always looking after our senior citizens.

I have an immediate idea that would claw back quite a few millions for them.

Means test the politicians for a start!

Let’s take just a few luminaries, who really don’t deserve the largesse we give them.

The wastage in this area alone is horrendous and this is a massive burden on the taxpayer.

Moreover, is it really justified?

The revelation, that both Rudd and Gillard get a $200,000 salary for the rest of their natural lives plus enormous travel allowances, office accommodation and staffing costs, is an insult, given that neither was poor to start with and both now have ‘jobs’.

They are still young enough to work.

Younger than me!

If I have to keep working until I am 70 plus, why don’t they?

A study back in 2010, by the Daily Telegraph, revealed that Rudd, at 52, a young ex-prime minister, will receive well in excess of $20 million worth of allowances if he lives to 85.

This is despite the fact he had served just two and a half years as P.M.

This of course has altered even more dramatically with his additional tenure.

Then there are a host of other benefits – the airline gold pass, which entitles ex-PMs up to 40 business class flights a year.

That’s almost one a week!

If Rudd takes 30 flights annually it will cost the taxpayer more than $60,000 a year.

And trust me, nobody loves flying more than Kevin Rudd!

Not even bloody Sea Gulls!

Once retired, he is entitled for the rest of his life to his own Brisbane office, worth about $120,000 a year, plus four staff, which political insiders say will cost about $240,000 a year.

What? The Rudd’s new multi-million home doesn’t have room for a home office?

Rudd would also be entitled to the lease of a car worth up to $55,000 for the rest of his life.

Leasing experts say this would be worth $1000 to $1500 a month.

And Rudd will receive all of these benefits on top of his wife’s estimated $210 million fortune!

Surely this good luck is the result of considerable ‘Government’ work being put her way and rules them out of any more wanton generosity from the Australian people.

Now add to this, the lot of Ms Gillard.

Julia Gillard

This former communist, who has now embraced the capitalist ideal with both arms and not a whimper of complaint I notice, has already ditched the brick veneer in Altona, Victoria, for a swanky pool-side ponderosa in leafy Adelaide, no doubt made possible by a $500,000 salary and ongoing perks.

My point is this I have had to make cuts to my life because things change.

The expensive office I used to lease in Melbourne is gone because, with the internet I can now work from home.

I now use consultants, rather than employ up to 10 people, which today would send me broke.

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