Russia Ukraine & the Rest

USA war machineIf ever there was proof just how western neo-cons and war mongers of the USA push for change in the governments of sovereign countries; this story tells it and tells who is at the top of the pile.

History may well hold President Obama high in esteem for his ability to stand against those in the political and military power of the USA; those who see the need to wage war where perhaps they should never be.

  • Regime change in Syria would see Russia’s small Mediterranean naval base gone.
  • Regime change in Ukraine would see the huge Russian Sebastopol naval base in Crimea gone.
  • Denigration and blustering against Iran sees another Russian friend put under pressure and assuredly regime change there is a USA goal for the same reasons.

As Europe – hence the European Union – has expanded and the USSR – now just Russia – has been decimated geopolitically & Geographically, NATO has never let up on the pressures being applied to remaining Soviet borders.  This may be a good thing in some minds, but at some time there comes a need to call enough as being enough.

eu_countries_europeThere can be little doubt of a need for Russia to remain a strong independent nation.  It is a nation rich in minerals, precious metals along with energy such as gas and oil. Europe relies on these natural commodities and in winter, not only would Europe suffer, but many, many citizens of the myriad of countries who rely on such energy for heating etc.; would die.

While the world demonises President Putin and his nation over Ukraine and perhaps culpably & falsely so over the downing of MH17; the USA is shown to have a grubby hand; yet people in general – busy with their daily lives – don’t seem to have the time to see it that way.

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Ukraine’s & Nato’s Possible Nemesis – MH17

Someone shot down MH17; the question is who and why?

MH17 & Passenger List by NationThis is now the global dilemma being voiced around the world and sadly for the truth, media organisations such as the New York Times and the Washington Post as leaders of the media propaganda war; have been unwavering in the absence of solid evidence, in declaring it was the Ukrainian Separatists.

The Ukrainian Separatists being a side to a nasty contrived civil war these organisations and much of the political world led by the USA have branded Russian Rebels or pro-Russian Separatists; a branding so as to always include the word ‘Russia’ amidst each rhetorical blame espousal; for without this naming, the art of linking President Putin and his nation with the conflict is lost.

bearatthroatForget the FACT the United States by their own admission have funded a $5 Billion attack on the culture and political direction of the Ukrainian sovereign nation for over two decades.  The eleventh hour change saw the Victor Yanukovych led Ukrainian democratically elected government, veer away from a pending IMF draconian control, towards a more enticing Russian bailout of its flagging economy including reduced energy costs.  This sovereign determined act by Ukraine which infuriated the globe’s money mongers and neo-con power brokers of the globe, also saw the aspirations of those pushing the buttons of NATO’s desire to have a 2000 kilometre expansion to its border – enabling the peering over the fence of Russian sovereign territory– dissipate.

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Ukrainian Separatists & Russia Tried & Convicted by a Kangaroo Court

Controlling Public Opinion

Controlling Public Opinion

With the Ukrainian Separatist Rebels claiming they did not have a BUK system and their leader claiming he did not  give any orders to shoot down MH17, let alone have the ability to do so; the media does not give up on apportioning blame towards Russia and the Ukrainian Separatists.

Who knows at present; maybe they did, maybe they did not, so let’s put aside the past and just consider the present outside the fog of misinformation.

As the International team make numerous attempts to gain safe access to the crash site and assess the wreckage as best as able and thereby also attempt to recover whatever missing bodies they can find; there comes a need to consider the obstacle and what the obstacle indicates.

The Ukrainian western concocted government – with Yatsenuk now resigning – seems somewhat in disarray; a situation one would have considered most unlikely given the amount of western overt support they seemed to have garnered since the crash.

Yet it is the Ukrainian forces pushing the civil war to a point where the International teams are no longer safe to get entry to the downed aircraft’s site.  If Ukraine were serious about seeing all the bellicose rhetoric they have spewed in the direction of the Ukrainian Separatist’s – rhetoric they espouse as facts re the downing of MH17 – then their current actions perhaps speak volumes about their real intentions whilst hidden behind the fog.

All it would require to satisfy International desires is for the Ukrainian Government forces to have halted their military where they were for the duration – ceased their continuing bullet firing military push – and let the inquiry teams in to do their work matter solved.  The Ukrainian Separatists are not against letting the teams in and onsite; they are against allowing spies and enemy advances to gain a military advantage through the processes; an advantage which may well give their enemy an additional foot hold against them; almost just as has happened.

It is quite clear to any lateral thinking person; the Ukrainian forces are equally if not more so the ones ensuring the evidence as is left, deteriorates to such a point little forensic evidence of real good is able to be located.  Why?

thinking pic re revolutionBecause it is just as reasonable to suspect a unit of the Ukrainian Government forces were the ones who fired off the missile/s. Even USA’s own Intelligence appears to lend some credence to this consideration; albeit, the subsequent spin to defuse this evidence was as swift as it was laughable.  A spin which grows by the day with all sorts of intelligence claims, yet with little if any evidence of substance and credibility being made available.

As the evidence may well point at the Ukrainian forces as much as the Ukrainian Separatists being the shooters of MH17; there comes perhaps a need to ensure little, if any real evidence remains and time here is the ally to this goal.

The public opinion against the Ukrainian Separatists is such that if the Ukrainian Military can forestall the investigation and hence degrade the evidence beyond useless, that media contrived public opinion may well be the driving force giving what skimpy and perhaps contrived evidence being left, any credibility in people’s minds; and that opinion at this point has been carefully massaged to be all against the rebels, Putin and Russia.

Mainstream media cannot help themselves making statements which apportion dedicated blame; yet the evidence – real indisputable evidence – to support those statements does not exist; not yet.

It is noticeable the envoys and government spokespeople of all nations except the USA are very careful in their choice of words when publicly speaking of the downing.  Yet the media are not so circumspect and go so far as to constantly barrage the wider western world’s public with language which should really frighten us all.  The media have become a Kangaroo Court; bestowing upon themselves the office of judge, jury and executioner of the Ukrainian Separatists, President Putin and Russia combined.

Why ever would the world beyond the western powers ever believe in the democracy the west so vehemently tries to foist upon those not so governed; when all they see is deceit and bullying through power and might, whilst allowing the most powerful tool of all; the misuse of a biased western mainstream media to indoctrinate the wider globe’s western public.

Worldwar3In the modern world of the Internet; western law tries to recognise: should information published affect the outcome of a trial, or defame an individual or an entity – regardless of borders – then that publishing may be held legally responsible and accountable.  Who is going to take to task and hold a wild and out of control media responsible and accountable for such transgressions; transgressions which could indirectly lead to wider local, or global conflict?

Has the sad downing of MH17 just become a tool for western politics and a US led NATO push against an old foe – Russia with a wider view of encircling China?


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NATO push vs MH17 Passenger’s Justice

missileIt just doesn’t stop.  The main stream western media are so in bed with the propaganda being hurled out, that there is little chance of President Putin ever being allowed any credibility.

There are a number of facts which we all need to consider when each of us individually decides for ourselves  what is and what is not the truth about the downing of MH17 and the death of 298 souls believed as a result of a Russian made BUK ground to air missile system; known to the West as an SA-11. There are numerous versions of the BUK as it has evolved over the years.

  1. Russian military hardware is essentially the only weaponry hardware that fills the arsenal of both the Separatists and the Ukraine military.

Russia has been the main supplier of military hardware to Ukraine for many years and the training of this Russian made weaponry has of course been by Russian experts. In today’s war; the supply of weaponry to Ukraine is not all that clear. It is also not clear at all whether the Ukraine Separatists actually had access to a latest SA-11 missile battery; but it is a fact that the Ukrainian Army does have such in its arsenal.  Furthermore, it is reported the Ukrainian Army has deployed this weaponry into the Eastern Ukrainian battle ground.

  1. The Separatists may have appeared to some to be nonchalant about the bodies of the downed MH17 passengers; but when they had secured body bags the remains of the dead were efficiently  picked up.

The bodies of the lost souls from MH17 were strewn across the crash site and almost immediately the Separatists were instrumental in marking out the position of any bodies and parts found; just as would happen anywhere else there may occur such a tragedy.  With the obvious lack of body bags available to such a make shift army; it wasn’t until these bags materialised the movement of the deceased commenced from where they lay.  It was clear though; as soon as those bags arrived, this is exactly what occurred.  It was also clear those bags once filled with a deceased’s remains, they were being transported and carried as respectfully as possible under the circumstances.  The placing of the bodies alongside the road was purely an interim action and at no time was there any disrespect shown in the video footage spread about the world of this happening.

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West Pushing Ukraine to War


Kerry1War is not about war in itself here; it is about the arms Industry, the energy resources and most importantly for the USA and its desires; it is about bashing Russia to the ground once and for all under the guise of NATO.(This you tube video is of the 5th March) To do this, the people of the Ukraine are essentially to be sacrificed.

The hawks of war from the West – point-manned by John Kerry & Victoria Nuland – are slowly getting their way. Five billion dollars of US aid to Ukraine which is touted to lead the country towards democracy but ostensibly was more about NATO getting closer to Moscow and wider-retreating Russia; is now having an effect.

They are leading a fledgling nation to civil war as we speak. Still those plans may not be working as well as desired by the western protagonists, or fast enough; hence the overt western troop deployments.

This in itself is bad enough, but the reality behind the scenes, is the slow yet steady build-up of those US and Canadian forces within the area, in Poland and Estonia etc is now bolstered by a Jet fighter group from Canada being based in Romania. Combined with the Harpoon Missile carrying USS Truxtun in the Black Sea; this fighter group seriously and provocatively threatens the Russian Black sea fleet at Sevastopol.

The whole mess is starting to exponentially explode and the causation for this in the first place will be hidden behind the smoke of war and the mushroom clouds of nuclear retaliation. History’s veracity of this fiasco will only be fact in the eyes and minds of the winners; yet it is doubtful if there will be any winners at the end of this conflagration.

  • President Putin is fighting for the long term survival of his nation Russia.
  • President Obama via the powers who hold more might than the office he holds, are fighting to preserve the military industrial machine which will wither to dust as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cease to be for the US.
  • The privateer armies – these are the contractors and mercenaries – they are almost assuredly already with boots on the ground in Ukraine and although they fight for money individually as unconscionable soldiers; as a led legion of death dealers, they fight for the global oil and energy companies along with the military industrial machine as paid spoilers of peace: In fact they will fight for anyone or cause that is capable of paying their fee.


[Threats to the human experience manifest themselves in innumerable ways. When an event occurs that causes harm, chaos and disruption, the costs to recover can be incalculable. Critical Infrastructure operators and commercial facilities are increasingly targeted by adversaries in often violent and unrecoverable ways. ACADEMI provides facility assessments, tailored training and armed protection to high-risk commercial clients worldwide.]

The people of Ukraine are just fighting for the survival of their country; their way of life; their very existence.

China may sit on the fence, but which side they step off on may very well determine the fate of the globe.



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Crimean Democratic Rights Sunday: By The People for the People


The Obama Putin Showdown at Ukraine’s Expense

Slowly Angela Merkel becomes more hard lined towards her great neighbour Russia, or is that foe as ex German Chancellor Schroeder speaks up for Putin.  Germany is being sucked into a US provoked NATO vortex; “You’re either with us, or against us.”

The west is portrayed as one and uniform in its response to the calamity which has torn asunder politically and terroristically, “my word”   the nation called Ukraine; that very same West, portrays the President of Russia as the problem; the cause of all Ukraine’s current woes.

Perhaps the truth is not so simple yet far more logical than the propaganda flowing from those who see the westernisation of Ukraine through right wing terrorism effecting a violent coup d’etat which routed a duly and democratically elected leader, as the only truth; their truth.

We now all know Russia has a historical naval base by legal treaty established in Sevastopol, Crimea; which is paramount to that nation’s ability to project itself about the Black Sea area of influence and into and out of, the Mediterranean.  This Russia sees as crucial for its own well-being; something they may well be prepared to go to war for and possibly against all odds.

We also know that through centuries of turbulent history, many people of Ukraine are indeed ethnic Russian, or see themselves as such; speaking Russian willingly as their first language.

Many Eastern Ukrainians are such Russian speaking people with the majority of current Ukrainian citizens living in the autonomous region of the Crimean Peninsula, vehemently standing publicly as more ‘Russian’, than Ukrainian.

With the breakdown of civil order through the violent attacks on the nation’s capital Kiev; it is not unreasonable to see how Russia believed they were being squeezed by a political move orchestrated by the United States and NATO’s expansionism desires. An expansionism where not only was Russia to lose one of its last secure and significant remaining naval bases outside of the Baltic sea; but NATO would be in a position to militarily enhance the threat to another 2,200 kilometres of direct border with Russia; where it has never had the capacity to do so in previous history.

Putin – no matter what you think of him as a man – appears to have done what any sane and patriotic Russian leader would for his people. He declared by actions to Ukraine and the world; enough is enough.

He allowed his troops to control predominately Russian, Crimea’s defences – keeping in mind Russia is allowed legally to have 25,000 boots on soil in the Peninsula; by treaty. He has also given the citizens of this autonomous region of Ukraine, the democratic right to be heard and listened to via a referendum; the right to decide for themselves where their allegiance lies and who they should allow to take hold of theirs and their land’s destiny.

This happens this Sunday the 16th of March 2014.

  • President Putin has sworn to the world he will honour the outcome of the ensuing referendum.
  • President Obama has vowed reprisals for allowing such democratic processes to occur.

The west; The United States and NATO; The European UNION and the Ukrainian rebel Coup de’tat perpetrators, all know the winds blow in Russia’s favour.

Russia senses that war is a flint strike away.  The unpredictable attitude of the Ukrainian right wingers of whom some have depicted as neo Nazi like forces, would indeed feel empowered to strike at Putin’s defences in Crimea when the vote on Sunday may well end in the call for a Crimean Peninsula secession to Russia.  It is this very fact and reasoning President Putin has placed a large military force inside his Russian borders aligning with Ukraine’s.

This military might negates the ability of falsely and foolishly empowered, unconstitutionally placed, government leaders under the command of Yatsenyuk to move the Ukrainian forces towards Crimea.  If he does; he risks leaving northern Ukraine exposed, vulnerable and depleted of defences.

In a game where only the Ukraine and Russian Crimea were the players; it is check mate for Yatsenyuk.  The very tactics the US and the UN should have deployed against Iraq.  Not even Saddam would have gone to battle against such an assured demise; not if there was an alternative.

obarma-1 Sadly, the scary piece in play; is the fear Unconstitutional Ukrainian leader Yatsenyuk will be emboldened whilst being tricked, into leading his nation to war with Russia on the understanding US backed NATO will come to his aid.

Why so scary:

A)     The Ukrainian defences will be pulverised unnecessarily before any real and threatening response will have effect.

B)      Europe via NATO will have to consider military response in Ukrainian defence as subtly eluded to by Kerry and Obama and most likely promised behind closed doors to Yatsenyuk.

C)      United States has a past history of promising protection to those tricked into following US policy; but reneging when it comes time for the US to live up to that promise

D)     Economies will collapse: European nations’; Russia’s; China’s and many indirectly will be financially affected from this fiscal fallout.

E)       Then god forbid; the real possibility of nuclear war.  Keep in mind, modern artillery now have the capability of firing mini nuclear-bomb shells.

In simple terms; go in search of one war, one insurgency where the US didn’t shoot bullets to get its way.  At least as this Ukrainian fiasco unfolds, President Putin has yes; mobilised military might; but no, no shots in anger have as yet been fired; more a credit to both facing off armies perhaps than politicians.

When the Maidan riots were in full swing and the square’s building’s now seen as a burnt out structures were held by the terrorist led rioters of the street; Yanukovych’s authorities breached the 8th floor of an occupied building through the wall of an adjoining structure and were able to clear the upper floors down to the 6th level, where there, these authorities were stopped by the flames of the lower floors having been turned into a fiery conflagration by those in the streets. To give credence to the depths of violence each side was or was not committing; when the forces purged the upper floors of this building, they only used CS gas and stun grenades.  No deadly force.

This is not the act of a desperate and callous leader or his army who care little for its people, but more so of an effort to restore order – as would be expected – by and in, any democratic arena. Yet as Yanukovych and his government were apparently falsely being deemed the Ukrainian murderous anti-Christs, it appears to have slipped from main stream reporting there is sound anecdotal evidence those killed – both police and protestors – in the streets by sniper fire were in fact the acts of the terrorist’s themselves.

It is the Yatsenyuk side who keep saying Ukraine gave up its – purloined via the USSR split – nuclear weapons on the promise NATO would be its protector.  Here is a shuddering insight into the thought processes and string pulling of the currently installed undemocratic regime.  Would they threaten the use of such weapons if they still controlled them.  The words say, and inferences say, yes!

obarma-puttin-2The US bolsters jet fighter strength in surrounding countries whilst maintaining an increased naval presence in the Black Sea.  If the world; if NATO; call Putin a rat and corner him, do not be surprised that that rat bites back.  It is just a rat protecting its own territory.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)