The letter below I send to both the Bendigo Advertiser and the Ballarat Courier one week ago. Neither paper has printed my letter.

In my opinion the Australian Electoral commission is a biased, major party card carrying, corrupt department. This opinion is born out of knowledge of what the AEC has, or has not done, to minor parties and especially independents that have ran for election in the past.

This link to Clive Palmer’s recent address to the National Press Club. Finally we have somebody with the finances and where for all to take these people on. My knowledge of the shenanigans by the AEC goes as far back as Senator Len Harris proving in the High Court that the ballot tally’s in Queensland for his re election to the Senate  had been ‘wrongly counted’.

I will also make clear that this is not a political message. I am not promoting or endorsing any political message or person/party, I am simply trying to expose the obvious corruption and dirty tactics used by the Australian Electoral Commission. This would appear to have been going on for a long time and I am sure there are many more horror stories relating to the AEC that you and I are not aware of.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the AEC, in their desperation to stop the likes of Clive Palmer from winning a seat in Parliament may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This man has the money and the smarts to get justice for all those in the past that have suffered at the hands of the AEC that did not have the money or notoriety to take them to task.

What is now happening is the exposure of the corrupt practice of the AEC and their manipulations to ensure the left/right paradigm remains the dominant political structure. We now need to ask, who is pulling their strings and to what extent have they manipulated and altered past election results.

The time has come that we all need to start becoming active for our future generations sake and don’t sit idly by and let this corruption continue. Take action, even if it is to inform others. Write to you local poly and to the AEC and lets bombard our media to force them to report on this.

Andrew Moyle
Community Law Resource Group (Australia)


The Australian Electoral Commission has released its reports showing who received funding and from where for the last federal election. I must say that it beggars belief. The ‘Australian Agency for International Development’ is a major donor to the Labor Party, Liberal Party, and the Greens. Who is this Agency? It is better known as AusAID.

This government agency was established to promote democracy and party politics around the world.  The Federal Government allocated over $300 million of our taxes last year to AusAid in which nearly $200 million was spent on employee benefits. Prior to the last federal election AusAid donated $2.2 Million dollars to the Labor Party, $1.1 Million to the Liberal Party, and $220,000 to the Greens. If you are a minor party or an independent you got zilch. Here we have the Government allocating funds in the budget only to have it returned to their party’s to fund their election campaigns. 

Our taxes are being used to ensure the major party’s get re-elected. This is incredibly immoral, unethical, and I believe, illegal, yet not a word from the Electoral Commission about this corrupt practice. The agency is supposed to promote free and fair elections in other parts of the world but sees fit to interfere with free and fair elections in Australia

Where is our media on this issue? – Not a peep from any of them. 

I demand that my taxes are returned to consolidated revenue. I demand an explanation from my local member. And I demand an investigation into AusAid. Those in AusAID and those in their respective political party’s that accepted this funding should be charged with conspiracy to defraud the Australian people. 

I would also like to see a statement from the Australian Electoral Commission explaining how they can ignore this corrupt practice.

Note: This was published, 8 days after it was submitted, but it was removed from their internet presence and hidden from comments, but this link will allow access to comment, PLEASE DO


  • Send this newsletter to as many people as you can.
  • Inform your local member you are aware to their scam to lock out any competition with your taxpayer money.

Mr Ed Killesteyn PSM

Remember the Australian Electoral Commission is under government public service which explains lack of disclosure to anyone outside the guarded hallways of power and a need not to rock the gravy train that houses some 800 FULL TIME employees around Australia.

A career public servant Mr Ed Killesteyn PSM (Public Service Medal) recently reappointed to a further

5 year term as Electoral Commissioner on a package of some $800.00pa, seems not aware of this corruption all over his department. He needs to explain to you why your tax-dollars are being stolen by the Liberal Party, Labor Party and Greens, why AEC auditors did not find this, and what he is going to do about it.

Mail Him: PO Box 6172, Kingston ACT, 2604

Contact him: – Ph: (02) 6271 4411 … Fax: (02) 6215 9999