One Extreemely Pissed Off Aussie Infidel


It’s not asylum seeking when they travel through several safe countries to get to AUSTRALIA. It’s money seeking.

If they were genuine refugees fleeing persecution and not a threat to our children I would be the first one to put my hand up to assist them. But most of are coming from extremely violent countries where violence is all they know.

Most of them belong to a barbaric anti western, anti women, anti disbelievers, ideology from the Stone Age.

These people have already proven themselves to be detrimental to every country they infest. Social upheaval, soaring crime rates is always a result.

How can we import the exact same people and expect a different outcome?

This will only end in tears.

Tori Johnson


Putin faces Obama at the Nexus of Ukrainian political Fusion


Russian Black Sea Fleet on a Parade in 1849, by Ivan Aivazovsky, 1886

 A modern missile warship of the US Navy   (The USS Truxton)  sails in through the Bosporus Straits; Fighter jet strength under the guise of NATO is boosted in Poland; war games are in play.

While the Russian Military protects its massive Black Sea Naval base, of which it has a right by treaty to be there until at least 2042 – note the right wing extremists who used as an excuse to riot, their dislike of Russian billions over Euro billions; were believed to be going to renege on this treaty, hence bringing about a cessation of this critical Russian/Ukrainian naval pact in 2017 – and doing so with not a shot fired in anger; good ole Uncle Sam pours fuel on the fire with provocative overt military moves whilst being bellicose and self-righteous beyond false indignation.

One only has to look at the history of the Ukraine and its long association with the Russia of old and new to see this latest curtain raiser in time is just more of the same in-house historical cat fighting.  The Tartar ethnics are touted as somehow being the hard done by and today just perhaps they may be; but look at their past and see they are no angels of history for the area – to the contrary.

Yes it may come to a battle as it did in Georgia if the Right Wing people who stole power by public unrest and terrorism don’t pull their heads in.  They have the US fed belief the rest of the world will come to their aid. Yet, before they pull more triggers sending flying lead, they should look long and hard at the body bag count of their own nation’s antiquity from the 1400s onwards.

What is more worrying than President Putin exerting power on an area (the Crimean Peninsula) where his nation – ‘Russia’ – has not only a huge established & legal naval base (Sevastopol); along with the population being of some 60% Russian or pro-Russian calling for protection via the Crimean Republic’s own local government; is the horrifying fact the latest US leader – Barack Obama – has the apparent gall, temerity and lack of fear; of sending the globe into an out of control spiral towards the unknown of a potential WWIII maelstrom. A maelstrom of flying lead, steel, concrete and earth hurled towards the stars by vehicles of death and destruction, only thought of as Sci Fi during the ugly Second World War; a war in that conflict’s day which killed millions upon millions of innocent souls.

President Obama – with the global media falling in behind with essentially a pro US stance backed by its minions; NATO and the UN – he has seen fit to place his war weary, bankrupt nation, in the path of an arch old cold war enemy which has the power to kick arse militarily.

Russia is not Iraq; is not Afghanistan; and is not Syria; yet will undoubtedly turn out to be another Vietnam.  Still, the former two of these small nations in world terms – in conventional battle terms – has dealt a heavy price to Uncle Sam’s troops and neither of these battle grounds has seen the so called enemy beaten into submission.  Subduing an enemy who returns to his lair to await the day the invading army is no longer present, is not a war won.

Syria is a boiling hotbed of death and destruction; yet no more than a small desert lands on the Levant when compared with Russia’s might and capabilities:  and still here, the citizens die terrible deaths by the dozens daily with no sight of the global cavalry.

Germany is quiet; too quiet; but for good reason.  Ukraine and Angela Merkel’s historic predecessors have been entwined before.  Today; the one thing Germany does not need is Europe drawn into a war with a nation so powerful it would matter little who won – the destruction would be immense – and possibly global. Worse; Germany’s economy revolves intimately with a European Union whose member states are just wealthy enough to buy the fatherland’s products but not too powerful to test its political hegemony within that union.  A war will kill the entire European economy; if not physically destroy much of the union’s infrastructure.

China; sits away to the east rubbing its hands and bound feet in glee.  Thinking to itself; just how does a war weary US army expect to face off a fit, experienced; keen and fresh force of some 850,000 ready soviet troops.  These figures mean little of course, other than to show the United States with twice the active force as Russia, would still be happy to see a war only if it’s able to  get others to fight it.

There can be little dispute the European economy would collapse – taking a third of China’s export power with it; delivering an expected consequence of facilitating the salivating industrial corporate string pulling might of the United States who throw the coal on its flagging industrial might and fire up the steam; churning out war equipment for distant battles.

North Korea may consider there be no longer the need for firing practise rockets futilely on out into the sea; but rather redirect them south; knowing the US is just stretched way too thin to be considered a credible threat and hence come to the South’s aid in any meaningful and timely manner.  The North South Korea re-uniting would be over in a few days.

Back to China: Taiwan would fall with the Philippines under serious threat. Japan and China would be facing off – if not already engaged – in all out conflict. It would not just be about a few rocky islets between them; China has a beating to return to Japan over past war grievances and given the chance, they will deliver it back if they can.

The powers in the Middle East would feel empowered to do as they please and Israel would almost assuredly expand its influence to gain a greater buffer zone to protect its own territories.

Most of the small third world nations who serve as peace keepers in neighbouring and near nations such as in the continent  of Africa would be obliged to go home to their respective countries, as both reason and more importantly, overt and covert funding, would dry up.

It is easy to go on touting the real and foreseeable issues which may occur from Obama and his war machine pushing buttons and writing cheques they can’t cash; but the end result will almost certainly end in nuclear war if the maelstrom occurs.

With the cold war; the terminology was MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) hence this belief held the realisation of an atomic horror, at bay.  Today in many ways, that tenuous moral and feared safeguard has all but gone.  If Europe, under NATO, which is prodded relentlessly by the United States, puts boots, ships and planes, on the ground, sea and in the air to face off President Putin; the confidence in the comfort of ‘MAD’ once enjoyed, will be found to no longer exist. Obama may well be responsible for global holocaust.  Those conspiracies which call/ed him the antichrist could well be proved right.

President Putin has done what the UN and the US should have done with Iraq.  Surrounded the troubled territory/country with might and fire power and then, passed to Saddam an ultimatum.  It didn’t in any way make an attempt to do so in its eagerness to go to war, make money, and change the world in its own image.  The only thing the US hasn’t failed on in the plethora of wars it has fought of late; is going to war! Wars which have killed so, so many Iraqis and far too many US and allied soldiers.

President Putin appears to have deployed a force; hobbled a navy and given the Crimean autonomous republic the opportunity to speak for themselves with a pending referendum.

The opposition; the UN and Obama all claim this move is unconstitutional under Ukrainian law.  Well I suggest to you all that the burnt out streets of Kiev and the lifeless bodies of the Ukrainian dead; protestors and Police alike – which caused a duly elected President to flee seeking safe-haven with a nation well allied in history and real time with his nation – was also an unconstitutional move.

It will not be President Putin who is to blame for what is possible and may well come; it will be the conniving US regime and its hold and power over the NATO forces.

History may well be about to be made; but what comes out of the dust of the most colossal upheaval this globe could experience since the great meteorite strikes of the dinosaur period, will be nothing like that which was sought by those who caused the dust and of whom, we all trusted to know better.

While the west touts constraints and sanctions as soft response to Russian moves on the Crimean Peninsula; Obama and co almost covertly where the average globe’s citizen is concerned, push military might about in provocation.  President Putin is a black belt in Judo and he understands all too well how to use an adversary’s weight and strength against itself.

It is not for us at SOS-NEWS to tell you who is right and who is wrong; but it is most cognizant for us to give you an opportunity to assess the news as delivered by main-stream sources – who seem to have once again aligned with a side in an ensuing struggle rather than deliver cold truth unbiased – to attempt to allow all to at least achieve a balance of knowledge in response to the Pro Obama onslaught.

Brumbyy (With 2Y’s)