Exposed Halal Millionaire Seeks Defamation

Mohammad-El-MouelhyHalal accreditation to Australian supermarket products is nothing short of extortion exposed in 2012 on this video from Today Tonight program where Mohamed El-Mouelhy boasts being a millionaire from selling Halal to producers duped to falling into line or being taken from the shelves of the major compliant supermarkets. Many companies paying Halal massive fees do not displaying the Halal emblem for fear of massive non-Moslem reaction to their product.

View this video, read the article below,  and PLEASE view the other two videos to understand this extortion and fraud still being implemented as Mohamed El-Mouelhy’s bank account expands while government and their enforcers remain hidden behind closed doors.



We have received enquiries by supporters concerning rumours about pending legal action by Mohamed El-Mouelhy against Q Society of Australia over, among others, alleged claims of defamation and being ‘deeply hurt’ by statements in videos published on Youtube.

We would like to clarify:

1. Mr El-Mouehly operates a business selling Islamic halal certificates in Australia and achieved some notoriety after he was interviewed in the video above by a current affairs TV program in 2012. In this interview he boasted to have become a millionaire by selling halal certificates.

2. As of today, Sunday 18 January 2015, Q Society has not received formal communications from any court pertaining to alleged legal action by Mohamed El-Mouelhy at our registered office in Melbourne. We have been advised that in Australia it is normal practice to serve court orders at the registered office of the legal entity one wishes to pursue over legal disputes in a court of law. We understand from separate communications that Mohamed El-Mouelhy’s claims are in relation to two videos published on YouTube.

3. The board of Q Society shares the view of our legal team that Mohamed El-Mouelhy has no legal claims to make based on these videos. Should indeed matters be raised before court, they will be vigorously defended.

4. If you want to support us in this matter, here is what we propose you do:

Watch the two videos in question, if you haven’t done so already:

Kirralie Smith is the founder and director of HalalChoices. Kirralie holds a BA in Theology and lives with her family in coastal New South Wales. What started as an attempt to put together a shopping list for her family led to two years of research into halal certification schemes in Australia; as well as our most comprehensive resource concerning these tax-like schemes now imposed on the majority of our food products.


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Kind Regards

Raoul Machal
Q Society of Australia Inc

PS – Please note that Q Society never called for boycotts against Australian halal-certified businesses. We have always advocated for giving consumers a fair chance to make a concious decission and for other ways to ensure religious observant Australians can eat according to their beliefs; while at the same
time putting an end to the halal protection rackets and their wholesale imposition on all consumers.