Ukraine’s & Nato’s Possible Nemesis – MH17

Someone shot down MH17; the question is who and why?

MH17 & Passenger List by NationThis is now the global dilemma being voiced around the world and sadly for the truth, media organisations such as the New York Times and the Washington Post as leaders of the media propaganda war; have been unwavering in the absence of solid evidence, in declaring it was the Ukrainian Separatists.

The Ukrainian Separatists being a side to a nasty contrived civil war these organisations and much of the political world led by the USA have branded Russian Rebels or pro-Russian Separatists; a branding so as to always include the word ‘Russia’ amidst each rhetorical blame espousal; for without this naming, the art of linking President Putin and his nation with the conflict is lost.

bearatthroatForget the FACT the United States by their own admission have funded a $5 Billion attack on the culture and political direction of the Ukrainian sovereign nation for over two decades.  The eleventh hour change saw the Victor Yanukovych led Ukrainian democratically elected government, veer away from a pending IMF draconian control, towards a more enticing Russian bailout of its flagging economy including reduced energy costs.  This sovereign determined act by Ukraine which infuriated the globe’s money mongers and neo-con power brokers of the globe, also saw the aspirations of those pushing the buttons of NATO’s desire to have a 2000 kilometre expansion to its border – enabling the peering over the fence of Russian sovereign territory– dissipate.

So what if we leave flimsy theories of MH17’s demise for just a moment and consider as a more serious belief, Continue reading


Ukrainian Separatists & Russia Tried & Convicted by a Kangaroo Court

Controlling Public Opinion

Controlling Public Opinion

With the Ukrainian Separatist Rebels claiming they did not have a BUK system and their leader claiming he did not  give any orders to shoot down MH17, let alone have the ability to do so; the media does not give up on apportioning blame towards Russia and the Ukrainian Separatists.

Who knows at present; maybe they did, maybe they did not, so let’s put aside the past and just consider the present outside the fog of misinformation.

As the International team make numerous attempts to gain safe access to the crash site and assess the wreckage as best as able and thereby also attempt to recover whatever missing bodies they can find; there comes a need to consider the obstacle and what the obstacle indicates.

The Ukrainian western concocted government – with Yatsenuk now resigning – seems somewhat in disarray; a situation one would have considered most unlikely given the amount of western overt support they seemed to have garnered since the crash.

Yet it is the Ukrainian forces pushing the civil war to a point where the International teams are no longer safe to get entry to the downed aircraft’s site.  If Ukraine were serious about seeing all the bellicose rhetoric they have spewed in the direction of the Ukrainian Separatist’s – rhetoric they espouse as facts re the downing of MH17 – then their current actions perhaps speak volumes about their real intentions whilst hidden behind the fog.

All it would require to satisfy International desires is for the Ukrainian Government forces to have halted their military where they were for the duration – ceased their continuing bullet firing military push – and let the inquiry teams in to do their work matter solved.  The Ukrainian Separatists are not against letting the teams in and onsite; they are against allowing spies and enemy advances to gain a military advantage through the processes; an advantage which may well give their enemy an additional foot hold against them; almost just as has happened.

It is quite clear to any lateral thinking person; the Ukrainian forces are equally if not more so the ones ensuring the evidence as is left, deteriorates to such a point little forensic evidence of real good is able to be located.  Why?

thinking pic re revolutionBecause it is just as reasonable to suspect a unit of the Ukrainian Government forces were the ones who fired off the missile/s. Even USA’s own Intelligence appears to lend some credence to this consideration; albeit, the subsequent spin to defuse this evidence was as swift as it was laughable.  A spin which grows by the day with all sorts of intelligence claims, yet with little if any evidence of substance and credibility being made available.

As the evidence may well point at the Ukrainian forces as much as the Ukrainian Separatists being the shooters of MH17; there comes perhaps a need to ensure little, if any real evidence remains and time here is the ally to this goal.

The public opinion against the Ukrainian Separatists is such that if the Ukrainian Military can forestall the investigation and hence degrade the evidence beyond useless, that media contrived public opinion may well be the driving force giving what skimpy and perhaps contrived evidence being left, any credibility in people’s minds; and that opinion at this point has been carefully massaged to be all against the rebels, Putin and Russia.

Mainstream media cannot help themselves making statements which apportion dedicated blame; yet the evidence – real indisputable evidence – to support those statements does not exist; not yet.

It is noticeable the envoys and government spokespeople of all nations except the USA are very careful in their choice of words when publicly speaking of the downing.  Yet the media are not so circumspect and go so far as to constantly barrage the wider western world’s public with language which should really frighten us all.  The media have become a Kangaroo Court; bestowing upon themselves the office of judge, jury and executioner of the Ukrainian Separatists, President Putin and Russia combined.

Why ever would the world beyond the western powers ever believe in the democracy the west so vehemently tries to foist upon those not so governed; when all they see is deceit and bullying through power and might, whilst allowing the most powerful tool of all; the misuse of a biased western mainstream media to indoctrinate the wider globe’s western public.

Worldwar3In the modern world of the Internet; western law tries to recognise: should information published affect the outcome of a trial, or defame an individual or an entity – regardless of borders – then that publishing may be held legally responsible and accountable.  Who is going to take to task and hold a wild and out of control media responsible and accountable for such transgressions; transgressions which could indirectly lead to wider local, or global conflict?

Has the sad downing of MH17 just become a tool for western politics and a US led NATO push against an old foe – Russia with a wider view of encircling China?


Brumbyy With 2Ys


Tony Fitzgerald tears into Queensland government for abuse of power

Renowned corruption fighter says Liberal National party has embarked on ‘destructive’ first term, undermining the judiciary and interfering in the electoral system.

Tony Fitzgerald Royal Commissioner into Corrupt Queesland Government

The last person Newman needs is an expert exposing his very suspect government

Tony Fitzgerald, seen here in 2010, says the first term of Queensland’s LNP government has proved the need for ‘adequate checks and balances’. Photograph: Steve Gray/AAP

Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party is abusing its power through its huge, unchecked majority, the state’s best known corruption fighter says.

Tony Fitzgerald, who headed the Fitzgerald inquiry into police corruption in the 1980s, has launched a scathing attack on the LNP government after several controversies.

Fitzgerald said he was reluctant to comment on the ongoing “Queensland saga” but released a short statement saying he did not expect voters to tolerate “destructive populism of an irresponsible government for long” and wanted to regain his anonymity and privacy in retirement.

“The LNP’s first term in office has confirmed the critical importance of adequate checks and balances,” he said in the statement.

“The government has already flaunted its disdain for democracy and good governance by attacks on the judiciary and judicial independence, emasculation of the state’s anti-corruption commission and interference with the electoral system.”

He also accused the government of pursuing self-interest, favouring its supporters and passing “irrational, counterproductive and sometimes invalid” criminal laws.

Fitzgerald has already criticised the state’s controversial anti-bikie legislation.

He said Queensland was extremely vulnerable to the misuse and abuse of power, given a lack of constitutional limits on the state’s single house of parliament.

Without an effective parliamentary opposition, the checks and balances needed for democracy were missing.

“Queensland’s future is a matter for its voters,” he said. “At the next state election they will simply need to decide which party will do the least long-term damage.”

Fitzgerald also blamed News Corp publications such as the Courier-Mail for helping the LNP outside parliament.

“News Corporation publications, which dominate the local print media, consistently publish biased reports which favour the government,” he said.

The Malaysian flight MH 370 changed course and flew to where?


Perhaps to the one place no one is looking; straight to the US Secret airbase at Diego Garcia; or over it; or was it shot down as an unidentified threat and no one is talking?
Seem pie in the sky to you.
Well so is flying to Antarctica to splash down in the ocean and yet no one was able to see this plane meandering along on its lonesome.

• Where are the submarines which would have been able to pick up the sonic ping of the black box from miles away with their high tech underwater listening gear?
• Where was an aircraft carrier with all its jets and helicopters etc. in place of 12 hours flying from Perth to achieve two hours searching?
• Where were the in air refuelling planes so the searching aircraft could stay aloft?
• How come only a Thai satellite could spot flotsam of some 300 pieces?
• How come a 24 metre item could be spotted by satellite yet not able to be co-ordinated to within 30 metres and then plotted?

We can put a go-kart on mars but can’t find such flotsam; yeah right.



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Diego Garcia  is the only place on this globe which would be;

• Able to accept such a large aircraft to land –hidden from outside eyes.
• Be a destination where once going dark, no one would be aware of such a destination.
• See MH 370 as a threat –e.g. 911 – to its security especially if radios, transponders, navigation lights etc. were all shut down.
• The one place which would not only have the ability, but would in fact shoot from the skies such an aircraft if they deemed it a threat of significance.
• A destination which would feel at risk from a plane having gone dark after a leaving a Muslim nation for China; thereby possibly negating most of the western world’s security oversights.

pic2There was a reason MH 370 both went dark and altered course and is also believed to have changed altitudes dramatically; it’s just not known.

Perhaps whoever was on the plane causing this to happen may well have been forcing the crew to take evasive flight manoeuvres so as to evade Diego Garcia monitoring as they hijacked the aircraft. The intention perhaps, was to pop up out of the Indian Ocean and land in some unknown spot and do as hijackers do. We already know there were two Iranians on board with false passports.

Just perhaps; the secret air and naval base monitored MH 370’s change of direction; was aware it had gone dark because there was no response from its transponder or radio. Noted its flight path was directly headed to Diego Garcia itself. Noted the extreme change in altitude; with no response from the aircraft as it neared; even if they scrambled jets to intercept and it still stayed silent and held course; and hence; they blew it from the sky in a pro-active measure of protection.

They could have reached Somalia, Yemen or Oman; but to stay hidden, needed to fly south around Indian airspace. Just perhaps they were unaware of Diego Garcia and what it represented.
Instead of owning up to this measure because it held many Chinese aboard and now with no way of proving it was ever really hijacked with all being dead; they went into damage control.

Laugh all you want but there is more plausibility in this hypothesis than turning and running the passenger pic3jet out of fuel so as to commit suicide. Even a man with a need has compassion when he has 238 other human lives in his care.

The wager is; once the black-box batteries are deemed to have no longer any ability whatsoever to send a signal; debris will arise authenticating the loss of MH 370, but drift, wind and currents will have over time hidden all chance of location and recovery and such debris will not show an explosion of the military type.
Convenient indeed; but this is only a hypothesis, yet in the vein of Sherlock Holmes: when the possible and plausible are exhausted, the unexpected and Implausible will most likely be found to be the truth.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)


Ukraine Already the Corporate battlefield

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War! War! War!  Does the western world really believe that Russia – as it is pushed back into the caves of Siberia like a ‘Robert The Bruce’ – is not going to charge those advancing upon it like a snapping nuclear armed turtle.

President Obama lauds to the world his pacifist actions of pending and increasing sanctions.  Desperate to show case the great USA as a non-military bent mustang; yet farther could be from the truth. He prods Europe to expand NATO into and around Russia like a pack of dogs assailing a bailed boar.

“NATO is a force for peace but also unmatched militarily. We do not seek confrontation but we will not waver if challenged and our Alliance is more than just a military Alliance… Mr. Fogh Rasmussen states.

It is true President Putin took Crimea in a literally bloodless move which could be a first in modern times – also of which America could perhaps learn a thing or two.  Russia moved because a very right winged element pushed forth by western agencies, overthrew a duly and democratically elected government of a sovereign nation.  The newly installed regime was anti-Russian and as such indicated it was going to oust President Putin’s navy from a naval base it could ill afford to lose.  NATO was coming and coming too damn close for the Russian nation’s security to tolerate.

But why?

Well the answer gets clearer as the days progress. The insidious IMF which is now offering the illegitimate and unconstitutional government of Ukraine financial assistance against the billion dollar rouble plan Putin’s government tabled; is starting to have its proffered palm opened.

Big loans bring draconian austerity programs; the like of programs which has Greece on its knees and the Spanish in the streets.

Yet there is more than just insufferable IMF financial imposts.  It’s money and lots of it.  Once again we see the banking and finance industry of the globe raping a nation via the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Keep in mind the IMF essentially uses the tax dollars of the free world to lend to the financially strapped nations of the captured world; to bail out the bad debts made to these struggling nations by the financiers of this free world.

While this pea under the cup-game rape of dollars from everyone is moving about the table, the big oil companies are massing equipment and expertise with the real intention of exploiting the Ukraine and much of Europe with the most insidious oil recovery processes man has every developed: fracking:

Forget the environmental slaughter of the continent. Under the guise of dire necessity and possibly behind the smoke of explosive war itself; Europe and its surrounds will be plundered from beneath its very own soil’s surface. Of course the oil companies; the fracking drillers; the shale miners and the shareholders will all be doing their best to assist the people of whom they are raping.

Yet Ukraine would not need the IMF jack boots on its society head if the debts owed were just relieved by their creditors. Let the investors take the loss. Oh dear, ‘too big to fail again.’

Ukraine had billions ready on offer to meet their debts, but the neo right wingers of which were and are a minority, dislike roubles. In so being, also dislike subsidised gas prices unparalleled.

So first the west brings in the IMF. One hundred and eighty eight Nation’s taxes bail out the Ukrainian’s creditors.  Still, almost undoubtedly the troubles will swallow the Ukrainian economy and so IMF debt relief will eventually be the only course of action left in the tool kit.

Putin’s intelligence knew the west was conspiring to overthrow the Ukrainian government and moved first in a brilliant chess move which took the west by surprise and the USA can only lamely try and blame Edward Snowden for their failure to foresee.  Yeah right! One up for President Putin.  The NSA is not the only nation listening in as head US people foul mouth their European friends.  The very friends they are inciting towards a bullet firing war on behalf of their own industrial needs and desires.

Oh how conspicuous is China by the very lack of either involvement here, or more noticeably, how little they are even spoken about in this fiasco of nation battering.

It is clear: If the West does not step back; give Putin breathing space and a chance for level dialogue; two sides will meet and Ukraine will wither under the ensuing onslaught. NATO has Russia against a wall.  To push as they are is not just provocative; it is unequivocally militarily aggressive and main stream media feeds the hounds of this rage for war as rabid as any player.

Beware what you wish for you just might get it and we will all pay the price.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys) 


Pro NSA Obama Superficially Appeases his Citizens

As the Snowden Files expose the global intelligence agencies of the western world as those who have little regard for personal privacy of either, the masses, the corporate world or the diplomatic world whatsoever; the NSA of the United States stands tall as being the bogey man of all bogey men.  Perhaps President Obama should ask the western world’s population’s opinion more so than just those of the US of A. Certainly Mr Zuckerberg’s opinion seems to have the Presidents’ fake conscience’s attention.

obamaBelow is that same President playing politics whilst serving crumbs of action out to his own people.  A methodology he hopes will cover the mass crimes his many agencies – with their tools of spy-trade – have committed against all in his world; along with the rest of the globes as well.

Just 90 days to get the message out to the US public and then expect them to respond.  It begs the questions:

  • Just how many of President Obama’s citizens would actually be aware of the opportunity to respond to his offer of input?
  • How many actually would really have the opportunity to studiously reply?
  • How many would feel SAFE in doing so, given the revelations in respect to their own government’s lack of transparency?

Regardless, President Obama’s mind was made up a long time ago:


The President’s review of big data and privacy

In January, President Obama spoke about changes in the technology we use for national security purposes, and what they mean for our privacy broadly.

He launched a 90-day review of big data and privacy: how they affect the way we live, and the way we work — and how data is being used by universities, the private sector, and the government.

As part of that review, we’ve already heard from leading privacy advocates and industry leaders, among others.

But this is a conversation that affects all Americans, and we want to make sure you have a chance to be a part of it. We want your input.

Take a moment to tell us what you think about big data, privacy, and what it means to you.

Stay Connected

We’re updating the White House privacy policy on April 18. Learn more. The White House • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW • Washington, DC 20500 • 202-456-1111

Exposing the ‘great custodians of country’ myth

Wildfires on North Stradbroke Island due to lack of hazard reduction burning

North Stradbroke Island lies just off the coastline from Brisbane and is a popular tourist destination for adventurers from the mainland. With its long sandy beaches and easy surf fishing it attracts thousands of anglers each year who make the short journey from the mainland by barge.

‘Straddie’, covering 54,500 hectares is the second largest sand island in the world. Its only industries are sandmining and tourism, which support its 2000 permanent inhabitants.

On any weekend and during holiday season the beach becomes an extension to the Pacific Highway where hundreds of four wheel drives converge, turning the beaches into major thoroughfares.

Last week, due to lightning strikes, fires broke out across the tinder dry island, eventually causing some settlements to be evacuated. A lack of hazard control burning in the cooler months of the previous 10 years created the most dangerous fuel load ever seen on the island.

The Rural Fire Service had a major incident on its hands with volunteers battling kilometres long fire fronts fanned by gusty winds. Fortunately there was no loss of human life but the island’s flora and fauna copped a savage beating.

Fires with such a large fuel load burn extremely hot for a more prolonged period, in many cases far too hot for standing eucalypts and other flora to survive. Most of the island’s scorched eucalypts will sucker from the trunk and limbs rendering their function in the natural habitat as useless.

In the aftermath of the searing flames, the environmental damage is strikingly evident. Hot fires also reduce the amount of already low levels of organic nutrients thus making it more difficult for regeneration.

Brisbane ecologist Dr Greg Baxter said the island’s ecology would take at least 20 years to recover, unless of course there is another wildfire in the meantime.

A lack of seasonal rainfall is also inhibiting plant regrowth

The island is home to a large koala bear population, 59 species of birds including a large colony of glossy black cockatoos, native rats and numerous reptiles.

North Stradbroke Island ablaze with wildfires causing extreme damage to flora and fauna which according to an ecologist, will take more than 20 years to recover.

The island has been claimed by the Quandamooka and Noonuccal aboriginal groups who assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service with management of its natural resources.

Perhaps the best known of the Noonuccal clan was the late activist Kath Walker, who fought for many years to gain native title to the island for her family.

Kath was one of the last of the island’s traditional people, passing away in 1993, and it seems some of the handed-down tribal lore Kath possessed was not passed on to the present generation of island inhabitants claiming aboriginality.

This writer stood on the hustings with Kath in the early 80’s.

If Kath did pass on what she knew the message did not get through to the great ‘custodians of country’ residing on the island and mainland.

These people who claimed native title, in a similar fashion to most other ‘aboriginal’ groups, either do not know how to manage ‘country’ properly, do not care or have been prevented by the idiotic Labor Party policies of the 90’s from burning excess fuel loads each year or whenever it was deemed necessary.

Former Queensland Forestry Department practices of conducting annual or two-yearly cool fires, guarantee the damage from uncontrolled fires will be minimal and does not have a great impact on flora and fauna.

But what happened to the traditional hazard reduction burning of the open forest and grassland in the traditional August burning off period?

Did the NPWS prevent the local indigenous people from burning off in previous years? Perhaps it seems from similar lessons learnt in other indigenous controlled land or national parks, most of the old knowledge has not been passed on because the gap between the ways of the last of the traditional people of the 1920’s and the present generation is too wide.

This knowledge is lost forever. It is accepted in some anthropological circles that the lost messages from true traditional people have been supplanted by university trained anthropologists with an agenda not necessarily in the best interests of indigenous people.

Some commentators liken the beaten up stories of modern anthropologists to ‘reinventing the wheel.’

Unfortunately politicians of all hues believe it as gospel that modern day aborigines are the only capable ‘custodians of country,’ the latest fashionable coinage of the annual $25 billion aboriginal industry.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


This lone koala survived the wildfire which left its food source of various tree leaves and other plants a scorched, parched and devastated landscape.

9/11- CIA WhistleBlower Susan Lindauer EXPOSES Everything

Published in 2011 and has  1,484,324 people view this video, Susan Lindauer a senior CIA operative was jailed under the USA Patriot Act in a hope to shut her up. She was privy to information months out from 9/11 that aircraft were going to hit the twin towers as were her superiors.  This guts lady took on the might of the US Government and relates it on this video you must view.

The myth of green Australia

Australian Green scientific fiction engineer – taxpayer funded of course

Having collected the Nobel peace prize in 2007, Al Gore’s fortunes as a climate crusader slid into the doldrums.  But 8th November 2011 arrived as a ray of sunshine. On that day Australia’s parliament passed into law the world’s first economy-wide carbon tax. Rushing to his blog, Gore posted a short but rapturous statement, cross-posted in The Huffington Post. His fervent language echoed in progressive circles across the globe. Australians have been held-up as pioneering environmentalists ever since, putting Americans to shame.

“This is a historic moment”, thundered Gore. “With this vote”, he blogged, “the world … turned a pivotal corner in the collective effort to solve the climate crisis”. He proclaimed it “the result of tireless work of an unprecedented coalition that came together to support the legislation”; he praised the “leadership of Prime Minister [Julia] Gillard and the courage of legislators”; and he declared “the voice of the people of Australia has rung loud and clear”.

But maybe Gore’s enthusiasm was a bit misplaced. In September, less than two years later, Australians seem likely, according to the polls, to hand the Gillard Labor government a stinging landslide defeat.

 “A pivotal corner in the collective effort”

As it turns out, and not for the first time, Gore’s analysis was wrong. For one thing, calling the carbon tax “pivotal” is pure hyperbole. Although a relatively large land mass, Australia is populated by just 23 million people who collectively emit a minuscule 1.5 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gases. Nor is the country influential in a broader political union or association beyond its borders. Since climate change alarmists suggest that global emissions must fall by 25 to 40 per cent in 2020 compared to 1990 levels, Australia’s efforts must be seen as more symbolic than effective. Currently, the tax and its post-2015 form as an emissions trading scheme (ETS) are adjusted for a trivial 5 per cent cut from 2000 levels in 2020; 5 percent of 1.5 percent of the world’s emissions barely registers against a few days increase in countries like China.

Continue reading

Bushfire Research Discredits Greens Fiction

bushfire graph

After the 1920s, fires fed by record high fuel loads packed enough heat to penetrate cool air layers and push average maximum temperatures up by about 2 degrees. Before the deadly fire trend began in the 1920s, Observatory Hill never got into the 40s.

Research shows that super hot bushfires bring heatwaves and the appearance of Global Warming. This weather and bushfire data disprove Green claims that Global Warming is to blame for increasingly catastrophic bushfires. Scientists claiming that weather charts show global warming are ignoring vital raw data about the sequences of events. A careful look at the charts and bushfire databases in fact show that while they burn, the last 92 years of super fires can even overide the effects of natural cycles of cooling in the Southern Hemisphere. I discovered this after I lost confidence in claims to scientific expertise of Green policy that made it almost impossible to reduce fuel loads, causing so much suffering.

Green agenda had put “Mother Nature” at the helm as a de facto bushfire manager. Taking so many lives and leaving vast tracts of drought stricken dead forest, Ms Nature was proving a bit of a psycho. In my fieldwork for a PhD  in bushfire management I had already found that it can be quite mild when bushfires start, but if they can become deadly, firefronts will put out 1600 deg C across a kilometre or more so firefighters sweat like waterfalls to save homes and lives. Feeling a great sense of urgency to get the truth out to bring life and environment saving change, I delved the archives at Sydney Harbor’s Observatory Hill, one of our oldest weather stations. Conclusively, over the last 92 years, super fires burnt for a day or more before the mercury hit the 40s. Before super fires began in the 1920s, Observatory Hill never got over 38. 

Beginning at 1859, Observatory Hill’s first entry, it took me a day and a half to read through years’ of daily maximum temperatures. I listed dates it hit 40 or more and compared them with bushfire databases. Dangerous bushfires further inland were always burning a day or more before the temperature rose into the 40s.  Volumes of CSIRO research make it possible to predict that fires fed by record high fuel loads would pack enough heat to penetrate cool air layers. New levels of fuel loads burnt with new intensity because new policy changes were making it difficult to cool burn and graze. This policy was ratified by legislation in 1919 and the rash of intense fires began, fed by new accumulations of fuel. 

The graph above does not show the highest annual maximum temperatures reached, only annual averages. I could not get my computer to crunch the Excel spreadsheet of data from the Bureau of Meteorology of annual maximum temperatures from 1859 to present at Observatory Hill – too much for a MacbookPro to handle. But the Bureau of Meteorology has a powerful computer that can do annual maximum averages. The bureau will graph annual maximum temperatures for a fee and of course as a whistleblower, that is out my income range. You can see from above the annual maximum average temperature jump in the 1920s.

Another point to make which strikes a chord with the warming, Greenie, CO2 debate is that research by Phil Cheney, David Packham and Roger Underwood shows that low impact burnoffs are carbon neutral whereas post -1920s intense fires release enormous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere – 30% or more of Australia’s carbon emissions, depending on the amount of hot fires in a year. Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory and WA are paid to burnoff and the leaseholders (mining companies) claim carbon credits because cool burning buffers drought/heatwave/flood/storm cycles. 

Christine Finlay PhD Bushfire Management, BA Hons Disaster Management