Monsanto’s New “FrankenSeed” Factory In Argentina


Monsanto President & CEO Hugh Grant

Monsanto President & CEO Hugh Grant

Agricultural Terrorist Monsanto already dominates America’s food chain with its genetically modified seeds that, when combined with toxic pesticides, create the devastating ‘monocultures’ — where nothing grows but a single plant increasingly cover our planet. Now they plan to build one of the world’s largest GM seed factories at Malvinas in Argentina.

People of Malvinas have been lying in front of bulldozers to block the construction of the plant protesting to the world that places president Kirchner at the front of a massive wave of unpopularity and she can’t afford to be seen choosing Monsanto’s profits over her own people.
In Monsanto’s scary new world, where plants are genetically designed to be sterile, the only way farmers can keep planting food is by buying seeds every year from Monsanto! The mega-plant will use toxic chemicals to engineer seeds they control, eliminating farmers seed storage for next years crops and forcing them back to repurchase from Monsanto who now control up to 90% of some types of crops across the USA.
Farmers who buy Monsanto’s patented Roundup Ready seeds are required to sign an agreement promising not to save the seed produced after each harvest for re-planting, or to sell the seed to other farmers. This means that farmers must buy new seed every year. Those increased sales, coupled with ballooning sales of its Roundup weed killer, have been a bonanza for Monsanto.
Some argue that genetic modification holds great promise for increased agricultural efficiency. There may be many such benefits in the future, but often the gains are hyped by corporate PR (such as the line that GM seeds ‘feed the world’ by being far more productive than normal seeds — in fact there’s little evidence of that), and GM technologies often put profit over people and planet.
Governments should adjudicate the public risks and benefits, but Monsanto is skilled in undermining democratic governance. They even passed a law in the US that says that a judge cannot order a recall of Monsanto products, even on grounds of public safety!
With its new “Frankenseed”  mega-plant in Argentina, destruction of natural seed sowing and storage by global farmers will feel the might of Monsanto agricultural enforcers to engineer world domination of food killer crops at any cost.
Found on a Philippines crop farmers land sending the message

Found on a Philippines crop farmers land sending the message

Recommended reading from our archive to enhance your perception of this corporate grim reaper: – “The Dooms Day Seed Vault” 2008 –  “GM Behometh Stores Natural Seed” 2008 – “Monsanto Milk Hormone Exposed” 2008


For thousands of years people have anecdotally had cause for concern that bats carry diseases or sickness. A bite from a bat or a rat might mean death or illness. With the advent of medicine, veterinary science over the last 100 or so years we have teased apart myth information from what is mostly going on. What professionals in the medical and veterinary fields do not want the public to know is that experiments are still going on into the unknown.

Hendra virus has recently come to the attention of people where the transfer of the virus has occurred, they think so far, from bat to horse to people, bat to people possibly bat to dog to people, bat to other species and if it has led to the death of a possum out in the bush no one yet knows that’s been going on for thousands of years.

Vaccination is about the only way to deal with viral infections other than screen, cull and quarantine hoping to restrict spread of the virus like small pox dying out. Development of a vaccine is expensive and across a small animal population such as horses recovery of developmental costs is expensive per horse. The horse owner is expected to foot the bill for a vaccine program (s)he had no consultation about. People love their horses and are assumed to have bottomless pockets to keep them to the standards non horse owners expect. The bat lovers in the environmental movement of our governments made the call the horse owners pay the cost, not relocation of fig trees where bats proliferate and defecate to the point of enhancing contract with people and their domestic animals.

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Monsanto-WikiLeaks & Politics

WikiLeaks Reveals Why Corporate Trust first Has to be Earned & How Politics is Used to Jump that Queue

By now most of you readers will have had the opportunity to read the story released in SOS-NEWS Newsletter in respect to Monsanto’s “Roundup” Herbicide. A story that reveals the environmental, human and animal health risks that are starting to rise to the surface above and through the controlled main stream media reporting on GM [Genetically Modified] cropping along with the substances used in conjunction with such food stock manipulations.

If you haven’t, then I strongly suggest and urge you to do so. Click on the either image to to read that frighteningly revealing look at what Monsanto are desperate to hide. Then continue to read on below.

Because there is more and it goes beyond just Monsanto and their despotic grab for global control of food sources. It is about the globe’s people’s champion of honesty and transparency “WikiLeaks” revealing United States Politics are corrupted by corporate romance and political power of the Globe’s first nation are prepared to hurt other Nations that don’t dance the Monsanto Jive. This is not Politics; It is Corporate “War”.

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Floods-Foxes-Dingoes-Feral Cats & Disease

Whilst Floods Rage, Positives Do Exist

There is a huge opportunity here and we should be investigating and taking whatever that opportunity offers. That is, that whilst the floods devastate rural and metro areas of humanity alike, it also has forced vermin and pests such as rabbits, foxes and wild dogs and pigs etc into much smaller areas of habitat.

This windfall of possibility to move in and eradicate as much as possible of these pest species’ scourge whilst they are essentially blindsided would perhaps alleviate some of these pressures off the farming community as they struggle with rebuilding their shattered lives over the coming years.

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Dingo Whisperer – Gold Coins to Freedom

Anna Bligh’s Political Persecution of Jennifer Parkhurst the Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer on Trial – by Jury of Gold Coins

Across this Nation and yes, across the globe, people by the thousands have voiced their dismay and disgust at the harsh, draconian and unconscionable sentence handed down by His Honour William John Smith of Queensland’s Maryborough Court on the 3rd of November 2010.

To read more and have your say click below;

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Fraser Islands Pure Dingoes
Anna Bligh’s Traveston Dam of the Barrier

100% of Mainland Wild Dogs in Australia are considered infected with Echinococcus, an extreme and not uncommonly deadly disease for humans, spread by an ever growing explosive number of hybrid wild dogs across the entire continent of Australia.

A dangerous spread almost entirely facilitated on a daily basis by wild dog infected faeces drying in the sun on the ground, then wind blown as that infected faeces dust and equally, poor personal hygiene management by humans, this ugly, insidious disease cycle, reaches man.

With eastern Australia and especially Queensland under siege from wild dogs rampaging on and up to the very back-door steps of suburbia throughout the States, poison baits once only used in an attempt to arrest rural destruction, are now coming closer to those gates of metropolitan Australia. Baits are officially being dispensed by the bucketful to rural interface sectors in Queensland in an attempt to thwart the suburban onslaught of wild dog predation on pets and domestic stock; and without mentioning it, human disease affliction; Bundaberg, the town of rum, being one of the latest in siege news.

Premier Anna Bligh and Minister Kate Jones of Queensland Government fame, have the one last bastion of Australian territory other than Tasmania, possibly free from this ugly and life threatening offensive insidious disease, of which the human contraction risk grows equally and exponentially, with the immense increase in the mainland wild dog population explosion.

This bastion is World Heritage Listed Fraser Island where some of the last surviving, genetically pure, Australian Dingoes struggle to survive and yet the Bligh government has failed in providing any barriers of protection, not just, for the F I Dingoes, but for the half million tourists as well and there is no transparent research available. At the time of this story, not even a mention in their brand new website on Fraser Dingoes. A web site obviously set up to clean egg off their face, not to protect the Island and its visitors from a deadly disease of the mainland.

From 1987-1992 in NSW alone, [a decade ago] a study showed 321 treatments for this disease were noted. Why, did they need the study. This disease, has been removed from the NSW mandatory health reporting program. yet it is uglier than Swine Flu, more pervasive than H5N1, more catastrophic than the Hendra Virus and unlike BSE (mad cow disease), covers mainland Australia like a blanket.

This disease(Hydatid Granulosus), is a real and most serious potential pandemic for the Australian mainland public and tourists who visit our shores alike, yet every politician hides from even a mention of this health risk, let alone a long term death sentence for your children, and like Minister Kate Jones, their best science, clearly tells them, the big “H” (Hydatid), is a nationally most serious, public health issue.

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Labour Holds Snowy River to Ransom

Gillard’s Shell Game
Over the Snowy
Your Money

Remember the people’s battle against governments for the ownership retention of the Snowy Hydro only a wee short few years ago?

We the people, halted the theft-sale of one of the most valuable, most iconic, most environmentally successful pieces of National infrastructure, from being sold to the highest bidder in the pariah land of corporate nation wreckers.

Well guess what, to save the neck of a Labour Member in the coming Federal election, MP Mike Kelly of the Eden -Monaro electorate, this, sell the farm and screw the populous with a, “luckily”, failed Carbon TAX SCAM Government of Rudd/Gillard fame, has promised to swap millions of tax dollars ear marked for sick kiddies, carer’s facilities and remote education, for votes; by promising to pay the People’s Snowy Hydro Scheme for water to feed a river system, the very scheme has all but destroyed.

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Not favoring either of the “TWO HORSE RACE” in this election, we are faced with history leaving no option for Australians not wishing third world status. Labor preaches massive Carbon Taxes, farming and food removal from unworkable vegetation laws, metioning but a few leaving one choice – support Liberals. Credability to both we constantly blast who serve party first, second, and third, voter attention needed only polling day.

Listening to these broadcasts from 2GB by Alan and Ray, read or listen to our election coverage. You need only Click Here to be taken to our website news service. As voters, it is a “MUST”

We at SOS-NEWS listen to Alan’s program via the internet, with 100% clarity. This allows world coverage from 5am until 9am Monday to Friday (Sydney time) you should undertake during this lead up to the most important election this nation has ever faced.

Mark this address to hear Alan, also his fellow daylight presenters, Ray Hadley, Chris Smith and Jason Morrison.


Simon Crean Trade Minister Backs Suspect Beef Imports

Mad Cow Disease or BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) in Australia from importation would wipe out the whole beef industry shutting down our exports in seconds.

2GB radio personality Alan Jones interviewed Minister for Trade Simon Crean who is pushing the government barrow to open the flood gates of beef imports. During this interview Mr Crean confirms he has no idea of the issues, he stumbles over questions of national importance by Alan, plus as previous boss of the ACTU, Mr Crean does not even recognise the ramifications of unemployment this beef importation will cause in conjunction with farmers and abattoirs going broke. He states that we have an over supply of beef so we export, but does not give reason for his government sanctioning this perilous importing of beef products that Australia already produces.

SOS-NEWS editor Mal Davies interviewed scientists and beef producing farm Noeline Franklin who for 16 years worked in the CSIRO developing vaccines for cattle. She listened to Alan Jones speaking with Mr Crean and presents her comments and facts that all Australians need to hear.

To understand the issue at hand first listen to Alan Jones to hear his pertinent questions that Mr Crean either answered with total rubbish or had no idea what was being asked.

[swfobj src=”../radio/interviews/mp3ss115d.swf” height=”40″ width=”90″]

Now listen to Noeline Franklin cover the issue first as a scientist then as a farmer and expose this agenda driven public servant Simon Crean, elected to govern Australia but delivers an agenda that threatens this nation and the health of the people.

[swfobj src=”../radio/interviews/mp3ss116d.swf” height=”40″ width=”90″]

Labour NSW Spirals

Goddess Keneally Rides
the Labour Chariot to
the Cliff Edge

The hands on the reins have changed but the horses out of control pulling the chariot, have not. Click on the picture to read the daily Telegraph’s articles

It is a sad day indeed when such a passionate, concerned and yes, even I can feel that perhaps she is genuine, politician aligns itself with the political cabal called NSW Labour.
Kristina Keneally is a very presentable, well spoken lady and for the cabal behind her to put her out into the public arena in the desperate chance that she alone can wipe the smell from the most on the nose government in Australian political history, is in fact testament that Mrs Keneally is at the very least, naive.

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