Where In The Universe is This Australia?

 mal-gaggedIf anyone knows where this “AUSTRALIA” described below is situated in the universe, I would  like to move there.

The Australia on earth once followed the description below. It now suffers a corrupt parliament that ignores the peoples constitution and introduced one of their own (Australia Act 1986) all without a required referendum vote of yes from the people that now have their  rights violated.  Queens Elizabeth II removed as monarch head of state making a political appointed compliant Governor General the royal substitutes under the Australia act 1986 7.(2).

This duopoly government have removed freedom of assembly, control the judiciary no longer compliant to the Westminster system, legislated against freedom of speech and freedom of expression, host 24 hour surveillance control of the population while condoning a corrupt electoral system ensuring  only one of two political parties hold government to maintain total control.

Harry Palmer 


Internet link to this Unknown Australia introduction – [HERE]

Australia was one of the first countries to establish democracy in the modern world. In the mid-nineteenth century, Australian colonies set about writing constitutions which produced democratically elected parliaments.

Parliament House forecourt, Canberra

Parliament House forecourt, Canberra (Lincoln Fowler, Tourism Australia)

From the 1850s to the 1890s, when few other countries in the world were democratic, the Australian colonies progressively established universal male suffrage, and were also among the first to give women the vote.

Australian democracy has at its heart the following core defining values:

  • freedom of election and being elected
  • freedom of assembly and political participation
  • freedom of speech, expression and religious belief
  • rule of law
  • other basic human rights.


Australia is a constitutional monarchy—’constitutional’ because the powers and procedures of the Australian Government are defined by a written constitution and ‘monarchy’ because Australia’s head of state is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Australian Government follows the British (Westminster) tradition. The Governor-General, representing the Crown, exercises the supreme executive power of the Commonwealth. In practice, the Governor-General acts on the advice of the head of the Government, the Prime Minister, and other ministers.

The Prime Minister leads a cabinet of ministers, each of whom has responsibility for a portfolio of government duties. Commonwealth ministers, including the Prime Minister, are appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the leader of a political party or coalition which represents a majority of the House of Representatives in the federal parliament. Similar systems operate in the states and territories. There are also more than 560 local councils across the country.

The 1901 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia sets out the powers of the Commonwealth and states. Each state has its own written constitution. The High Court of Australia and the Federal Court of Australia have the authority to interpret constitutional provisions. Under the Constitution, the legislative power of the Commonwealth is vested in the federal parliament. The parliament makes laws, authorises the Government to spend public money, scrutinises government activities, and is a forum for debate on national issues.

All Australians citizens over the age of 18 must vote in both federal and state elections.

Parliament and Government

  • 14 million+ Australians vote for federal representatives
  • 226 federal representatives
  • 76 senators in the Senate
  • 150 members in the House of Representatives
  • 50%+ support needed to form government

60 Politicians To Jump Ship For The Money

PoliticianSixty elected members of the federal parliament have now reported they have made the decision not to run in the upcoming next election!

It’s a very high number compared to previous elections. Some of them tell us that it’s for family reasons, others for their desire to serve their fellow citizens in other fields and many other great stories to make us cry for them.

Besides all the tear jerking that politicians have been giving about retiring here is something else to consider.

Coming at the end of 2015 a change in the pension for MP’s ensures that the age of full retirement for an MP having served at least 6 years, will no longer be 55 years but 65 years. Thus any MP not yet 65 and who wants to benefit from the present pension scheme need only not run in the next election and thus will draw for 10 years longer a government pension of over $100,000/year.

Now under THEIR rules we the people born after 1955 have to work until we are nearly 68 and a sliding scale prevails thereafter.

These elected persons are well accounted for rorting the system something they excel at while turning their hand to penalising pensioners, invalids, veterans, etc, by reducing payments as a show of accountability.

Insider information politicians have should be treated as inside trading with financial institutions bringing them also to account.

For an elected MP approaching 55 and who is not running, that means about $1 MILLION that he/she would not receive should he/she run and win again. One should also add the severance premium (between $80,000 and $125,000) upon his/her departure.

We understand better now all these sudden “family emergencies”, appreciate the newfound desire to advance his/her career in a government job or a committee of some sort and have two or three salaries (and possibly two or three pensions).

Are you still very happy with your choice of member you voted into office that is deserting you for money?

You Can Bank On Bob


profile-pic-bob-katterPresident of Katter’s Australian Party and candidate for Gympie Shane Paulger today unveiled KAP’s major policy announcement  – The Queensland Industry Development Bank (Q.I.D.B).

Speaking with Federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter in Gympie, Mr Paulger stated the Q.I.D.B is a long overdue and vital initiative for rural and regional communities.

The Katter’s Australian Party intends to transition the existing Queensland Rural Adjustment  Authority (QRAA) into the Q.I.D.B to provide suitably tailored funds and capital arrangements for the sustainability and development of at risk Queenslanders.

Through the Q.I.D.B regional businesses, land owners and local industries will have access to much needed finance, loaning at concessional government set rates.

“I think years of neglect and failed ideology has lead us to the situation today, where many small businesses and farms can’t get access to acceptable and reliable finance,”  Mr Paulger said.

Currently up to $650,000 is available through the QRAA via sustainability loans, however this amount of money is very short of the mark required by today’s agricultural industry, with much of the debt running into the millions.

“Every day we see farmers thrown off their land in droves, clearly rural debt and stagnation has to be addressed,” Mr Paulger said.

The KAP Party President suggested the loans should be based on a 20- 25 year term to allow the establishment of the industry.

“There is undeniable evidence that little of the funding is being taken up by the farming community because of the short term loans, this clearly demonstrates the current structure is not working,” Mr Paulger said.

“Young farmers and the businesses who depend on that industry need a hand up not a hand out to get a start, and transition into ownership of farms,” “We believe the Q.I.D.B will go onto benefit both struggling individuals, businesses and communities with a strong commitment to the rural industry,” he said.

Federal KAP Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter threw his support behind Shane Paulger and said he was ‘dead right’ when he said that every reconstruction bank in Australia had negligible defaulters and was even making money.

“The bitter irony is that we’re not asking for any money, we never have. We’ve asked for a reconstruction of our debt. We want a State Bank to take over the bad debt, to write off a percentage of the debt and loan it back to farmers at around the mark of two per cent interest.

“In that case over 90% of those at risk, being the farmers and the numerous rural businesses that depend on them, will come through and move onto normal commercial rates over the next 3-4 years,” Mr Katter said.

Chinese Government Harvest Political Prisoners Organs To Sell For Transplants

“A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that CHOOSES and DESERVES the police state dictatorship it is going to get” – Ian William Goddard


A new film exposing Chinese Communist forced organ-harvesting of political prisoners.


Video Link: http://www.viewster.com/movie/1286-18885-000/davids-and-goliath/

This is the film that most Australian politicians and the Australian media, starry-eyed with Chinese free-trade deals, don’t want you to see.  The film studies the process over many years by which David Matas, internationally famous Canadian Human Rights lawyer and David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State for South East Asia, exposed the organ harvesting in China from executed falun gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience.  About 15 years ago China began to rival the USA as the country where most organ transplants were being carried out , yet they had virtually no organ donor system.

From where were they getting the organs if there were no donor system?  Eventually they admitted they were coming from executed prisoners.  But officially only about 3000 prisoners were being executed every year, (though even this, of course, made China the biggest executioner of people in the world).

To supply the approximately 10,000 transplants every year, due to compatibilty, suitability criteria , etc, you would need 100,000 executed prisoners.  Obviously the number of executions was being covered up.  It was then established that imprisoned falun gong practitioners, and it is noticeable that the banning of the falun gong movement coincided with the sudden increase in transplant activity, were the main source for the organs.

This film has actual interviews with nurses and doctors who took part in organ removal from imprisoned falun gong practitioners.

Phone conversations when mandarin-speaking Chinese Canadians were employed to phone up hospitals in China to inquire if they could get transplants, and if they had falun gong prisoners to use for the source as they knew “they were good”, are documented and shown.  Obviously, in practice many prison inmates have drug, alcohol and hepatitis contamination so cannot be used for organ harvesting, which is why falun gong prisoners, who were always healthy and drug free, were preferred.  With the price of organs every dead falun gong practitioner or other forced donor could be theoretically worth about $1,000,000 for their organs.  The organ harvesting had become a money making racket for the Chinese Communist Party.

In this film nurses and doctors relate how the saw organs cut out of prisoners, even while they were still alive, and then when all the useful organs were taken, if still alive they were killed by throwing them into incinerators to destroy the evidence.

Former prisoners relate how falun gong practitioners were singled out for blood tests and health checks, obviously not for their welfare, as they were continually being tortured to make them renounce their practice and make forced confessions, but to keep track of their suitability for organ harvesting.

It is estimated 40,000 to 60,000 falun gong practitioners , Uyghurs, Christians and other dissidents or “prisoners of conscience” have been killed for their organs in China and while Chinese communist flags deck the approaches to Parliament House in Canberra, this obscene criminal enterprise is still going on.

Wherever David Matas and David Kilgour go to inform people about these atrocities the Chinese Government pressures local MPs and institutions not to meet with them.
Watch this 66 minute film, DAVIDS AND GOLIATH, that has just been released available online until November 27.



NOTE: SOS-NEWS has recorded this video and will have a link in place after November 27th 2014

Tony Fitzgerald tears into Queensland government for abuse of power

Renowned corruption fighter says Liberal National party has embarked on ‘destructive’ first term, undermining the judiciary and interfering in the electoral system.

Tony Fitzgerald Royal Commissioner into Corrupt Queesland Government

The last person Newman needs is an expert exposing his very suspect government

Tony Fitzgerald, seen here in 2010, says the first term of Queensland’s LNP government has proved the need for ‘adequate checks and balances’. Photograph: Steve Gray/AAP

Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party is abusing its power through its huge, unchecked majority, the state’s best known corruption fighter says.

Tony Fitzgerald, who headed the Fitzgerald inquiry into police corruption in the 1980s, has launched a scathing attack on the LNP government after several controversies.

Fitzgerald said he was reluctant to comment on the ongoing “Queensland saga” but released a short statement saying he did not expect voters to tolerate “destructive populism of an irresponsible government for long” and wanted to regain his anonymity and privacy in retirement.

“The LNP’s first term in office has confirmed the critical importance of adequate checks and balances,” he said in the statement.

“The government has already flaunted its disdain for democracy and good governance by attacks on the judiciary and judicial independence, emasculation of the state’s anti-corruption commission and interference with the electoral system.”

He also accused the government of pursuing self-interest, favouring its supporters and passing “irrational, counterproductive and sometimes invalid” criminal laws.

Fitzgerald has already criticised the state’s controversial anti-bikie legislation.

He said Queensland was extremely vulnerable to the misuse and abuse of power, given a lack of constitutional limits on the state’s single house of parliament.

Without an effective parliamentary opposition, the checks and balances needed for democracy were missing.

“Queensland’s future is a matter for its voters,” he said. “At the next state election they will simply need to decide which party will do the least long-term damage.”

Fitzgerald also blamed News Corp publications such as the Courier-Mail for helping the LNP outside parliament.

“News Corporation publications, which dominate the local print media, consistently publish biased reports which favour the government,” he said.

Electoral Commission Secrets Exposed To The Public

Spy ForceAn interesting turn of events evolved since our Newsfront Blog site and Aussiewatch newsletters tickled the word corruption with accountability last week concerning the Australian Electoral Commission [AEC].

An email from a concerned retired senior public service bureaucrat presented us a key to the AEC Pandora’s box that is riveting material.

We are sure most Australian are unaware of a public inquiry into the conduct of the AEC over the 2013 election and are taking submission from the public until the 7th March 2014. As this story unfolds you will find links to submit your ideas they most certainly did not want you to know about.

Let us take a trip though the mire of AEC bureaucratic bullshit set in place to confuse, misdirect, and deceive the public.


SOS-NEWS published in our newsletter and blog site the AEC is a government department operated by Public Servants… “WRONG”.

We were mislead by this profile of the now defunct AEC Commissioner’s now deleted profile at the AEC website that stated, Mr Killesteyn is a career public servant, having worked in the Australian Taxation Office, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs and the Repatriation Commission before joining the Australian Electoral Commission in January 2009.

Our forensic computer investigators located the deleted page now set in perpetual archive for all to read –  https://web.archive.org/web/20140125194423/http://aec.gov.au/About_AEC/commissioner.htm – this must be disturbing for the AEC academic accredited IT expert$ on the big bucks told to get rid of it from their website.

So who is the AEC if not a government department?

Once the elections were conducted by public servants in a department or branch of the Commonwealth public service. One of the first things the Hawke Government did in about 1983 to hive off the supervision and conducting of elections into an independent organisation the Australian Electoral Commission to keep prying eyes from the manipulation of voting being carried out and keep difficult question presented to politicians concerning elections being fired around in the house.

The AEC is what is called a “Statutory Agency” under section 29(2) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. It is NOT part of the public service, and is not bound by public service regulations, code of conduct etc and the Electoral Commissioner is the Head of that Statutory Agency. The AEC may directly employ staff or engage consultants etc in its own absolute discretion and prerogative under sections 30,31,32,33,34 and 35 of this act. Such persons are NOT bound by the normal provisions (e.g. code of ethics, code of conduct etc) that apply to public servants employed under the Public Service Act.  It is independent of Governmental control. What this means in practicality is that the AEC is NOT answerable to the Minister for State in the parliament.

Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/cea1918233/

Further Inquires

We have established AEC staff reflects massive political bias is overloaded toward the Labor party within this unaccountable roller coaster running on flawed checks and balances now appearing through large cracks in this AEC bunker built to maintain the tow party status quo.

Politicians are not going to remove their power base or the decades of engineered control set in place to manipulate the Australian people.

Viewing a submission from AEC to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters [JSCEM] inquiring into the conduct of the 2013 federal election, revealed that the document was signed on the 4th February 2014 by Tom Rogers Acting Commissioner. Interesting that we the public were not informed that Commissioner Ed Killesteyn had been removed until 20th February 2014.

The question here, is Tom a more skilled political puppet at covering tracks than Ed was ?

Interesting read was this section of the AEC submission;

On 5 November 2013, Mr Killesteyn commissioned Mr Mick Keelty AO to inquire into the circumstances of the missing ballots.  Mr Keelty provided the Electoral Commissioner with the report of his inquiry on 2 December 2013.  A copy of the report was sent to the Committee on 13 December 2013 and a copy is also attached to this submission.  While Mr Keelty made a number of findings and recommendations in his report, he concluded that:

“it is impossible to determine whether the missing ballots were: 

a)  physically removed during the many transport and storage processes

b)  lost during transport or transfer

c)  misplaced through repacking into incorrect boxes, or

d) accidentally mixed with recycling material and disposed of as refuse.”

The report was examined by the full Electoral Commission in the days following its receipt with a view to determining next steps.  The Electoral Commission accepted all 32 of the report’s recommendations and then established a taskforce, headed by myself, to lead the implementation of the recommendations.  The report was also referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) which noted that the report did not identify evidence supporting the existence of any criminal acts, and that the AFP would not further pursue this matter.

With or without Keelty as lead blood hound for the AFP, it seems they still have great difficulty tracking a bleeding elephant through the snow.

To read this colorful (main shade being “Whitewash”) submission – http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House_of_Representatives_Committees?url=em/elect13/subs/sub20.pdf

Our Source Continues

I wrote to the then Minister for State Senator Eric Abetz in the Howard Govt in 2004 with very serious allegations of vote frauds and misconducts by the AEC attaching a Statutory Declarations. He was astonished at the letter in reply from the Minister stating that he had referred the complaints to the AEC who would reply to our source directly.

I was amazed the minister had abrogated his responsibility of “quality control” over the information in what the AEC would send to me. Of course the AEC never did reply – they did not want to investigate serious allegations against themselves!!

Discovering the horrible truth that the AEC is NOT part of the public service and NOT responsible to the Minister for State was a shock. A further jolt was discovering the AEC is responsible to it’s self and is answerable only to the “Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters” [JSCEM].

All the Public Service are directly answerable to the Minister who portfolio’s each government department. If you write directly to the Minister, the letter gets logged in his office, and sent to the respective department, which investigates and provides papers to the Minister’s office (as a public servant I did this many times, preparing papers for the Minister); the ministerial staff then assess the papers and prepare a letter in response to be signed BY THE MINISTER.

If the Minister provides an erroneous response, then he can be hauled up in Parliament and questioned in an embarrassing manner.

The open floor of Parliament provides a powerful mechanism of accountability.

AEC is NEVER subject to questioning on the open floor of Parliament!!
only answers to the “Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters” JSCEM


Who Is This Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters ?

Did you know there is an inquiry into the 2013 federal election? – well you should do.

This pathetic media release, issued on 12th December 2013 to inform the people of Australia was a good job of concealing the inquiry. How many saw this in mainstream media ?

Electoral Matters Committee gets to work

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters has today announced its inquiry into the conduct of the 2013 federal election.

The Special Minister of State has asked the Committee to conduct an inquiry with the following terms of reference:

Inquire into and report on all aspects of the conduct of the 2013 federal election and matters relating thereto.

Submissions are now invited and a detailed schedule of public hearings will be announced in the near future.

It is the Committee’s intention to hold hearings in all capital cities as well as a number of rural and regional areas.


 No mention of public submissions close 7th March 2014 WHY?

The last thing they need is to be swamped from a public wanting a fair voting system. Well that’s what they are going to get now you know.


Inside The JSCEM

partyroomThe JSCEM is a biased committee – it includes 28 MPs from ALP and 15 MPs from the Coalition, plus a non-major party MP this time Independent Nick Xenophon. Click [HERE] to view the list. There is no mention of Tony Smith MP Liberal on that list, or on the website yet our inquires established he is the Chairman of the committee. His contact details for those wishing to ask question are detail at the end of these findings.

Contributors from the public could have put in good written submissions which then get selected OUT OF being discussed either by the committee in closed session or by the public in open session.

If we assume that the ALP runs vote frauds and has corrupted the AEC, and if we assume that the ALP selects the MPs to sit on the JSCEM, then you have a situation that HALF of the committee will rubbish any accusations of AEC misconducts and belittle people who try to raise concerns, this is of course what has happened.

The other half of the JSECEM, even if they are competent and honest (a tall ask), are so very BUSY with the vast range of Parliamentary business that they cannot hope to read all the written submissions – they read only those submissions recommended to them by the Canberra bureaucrats.

Furthermore few MPs have the competence to evaluate the issues even if they do get around to reading the written submissions.

Now the cat out of the AEC bag with SOS-NEWS public awareness to the inquiry, a very large influx of submissions would be just the ticket that would ride on top of the WA election fiasco and lets hear that loud voice of the people wishing to be heard and change being implimented.

Read the 30 odd submissions  so far – http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House_of_Representatives_Committees?url=em/elect13/subs.htm

Submit your ideas on how our elections should be conducted, demand to be heard – read how to prepare your submission link and go for it – http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House_of_Representatives_Committees?url=documnts/howsub.htm

Email your submission to – em@aph.gov.au


Public Hearing

So far only two have been conducted, both in Canberra, one with the auditors concerning the missing votes in WA, and the second addresses matters in relation to the Senate voting system. Interesting we visited the suggested JSCEM link to read the transcript, it did not work!

Our computer team found the key to opening the transcripts that offer further interesting reading from behind closed doors:

6th February 2014  Here they address matters in relation to the missing Senate votes in Western Australia before release of the High Court decision to call another WA senate election costing around $15 MILLION.


7th February 2014 Here they address matters in relation to the Senate voting system



Our Source Further Relates

In about 2005 I attempted to get an ex-ALP man, Sam *********, to testify before the JSCEM, but I was thwarted by the bureaucrats in Canberra.

I appealed to the Deputy Chairman of the JSCEM in several letters to him, but got fob-offs signed by his staff. IF this man (Scott Morrison MP) is an honourable man who would be indignant if he knew what Sam ********** was going to testify, then he has ‘leftie’ staff who would not permit him to even read my letters. I could not reach him to raise my concerns; I wanted to arrange him to meet Sam in person.

Sen John Faulkner and other ALP MPs and all senior AEC officials always rubbish claims of vote frauds and ‘irregularities’ by the AEC. They have claimed for years that there is no evidence.

Well, Sam ******** told me the following (I abbreviate it, by memory):- that for many state and federal elections he and a group of about a dozen other ALP members used to be given instructions (by persons he named in Sussex Street ALP HQ and by a few MPs that he named) to go and multiple vote in a list of false enrollment names; he and his dozen mates would go from polling booth to polling booth voting in different names until they got tired of it and he said that sometimes they did not finish the long list, and would adjourn to the pub for the rest of the day.

Here was practical evidence – not raised by a citizen like me of irregularities that I observed — but evidence of vote frauds by a PERSON WHO DID IT OFTEN.



(1) First and foremost -we urge all readers to forward this information far and wide allowing all Australia to be alerted to this clandestine AEC and government manipulation of the electoral system we have exposed. SOS-NEWS have more to come on this issue very soon including erosion of the democratic process.

(2) Send in a submission before March 7th to em@aph.gov.au

(3) Attend a suitable to you Public Meetings when the Committee announces and demand your voice be heard.

(4) Australian politicians and minders – As several hundred of are subscribers to SOS-NEWS mailing list, be aware our news reaches 65,000+ computers national and international plus countless readers receiving forwarded NEWS from those subscribing computers. It now seems that with this information out there, salvation of your political credibility to voters is now placed firmly into your individual hands.

You may care to consider today could be the first day of your political demise if you continue sitting on those hands.

(5) Contact the person at the top – demand the closing date for submissions be extended by one month now that voters are aware of the inquiry.

Ask WHY submissions are reviewed only by members of parliament who have a conflict of interest and no members of the voting public hold a seat on this committee – that’s of concern to  ALL AUSTRALIANS ?

tony-smith-mpThe Hon Mr Tony Smith MP

Chair, Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters


Electorate Office
Suite One, 1 East Ridge Drive
(P.O Box 40)
Chirnside Park
VIC 3116
Phone: 03 9727 0799  – Fax: 03 9727 0833

AEC and AusAID Story Motivated Many

Politicians are terrified of the truthOur last post and newsletter story by Andrew Moyle exposing the Australian Electoral Commission distribution of dollars to Liberal, Labor and Greens from AusAID [review HERE] raised some interesting results.An email from Andrew informing us that the Bendigo newspaper had published his story but only after 8 days and some push I would suggest. They had it on their internet front page, but it was removed soon after posting.We can only assume public comments may have been to hot for them. However the comment are still available from this link – http://www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au/story/2090881/ausaid-funds-misused/ – we suggest you send a comment, we did and be assured they will not print this one.At least our near 65,000 subscribing computers to this newsletter and out “NEWSFRONT” blog can read it along with the watching pollies on our mailing lists.

Comments we posted:

The letter Feb. 17, 2014 from Andrew Moyle with concern to “AusAID funds misused” donating $2.2 Million dollars to the Labor Party, $1.1 Million to the Liberal Party, and $220,000 to the Greens from Federal Government funding allocation over $300 million of our taxes last year to AusAid reflects not only the corruption involved but the desperation to control and maintain power at any cost the Liberal and Labor will engage.

After many decades of forced political hibernation kept warm and fuzzy by lies, deceit and well designed government legislation, people now are feeling the pinch at the family level and are stating to flex their muscles. Controlled media now has internet opposition with massive readership where political party spin doctors are neutralized and the facts emerge unscathed is having devastating results on the two party system of government in Australia.

Exposed corruption in government over the last few years has escalated while accountability and transparency remain suppressed by political pressure.

Fear of political accountability to the people is appearing in the Queensland government with Premier Newman introducing legislation to remove any litigation being brought against public servants granting protection to public officers from civil action.

It will be interesting how much longer media and political survival can remain as it has been now the hibernation period is over.



Recently I was employed by the AEC as an employee during election counting procedures.

While I had previously been welcome to work for them, the fact that I favored one party over the other this time, and I had website proclaiming this, seems to be against their policy of employing me.

Being a solid believer in fair play, I mentioned this to them myself, and was promptly dismissed by email, before I could take up my position.

The Australian rules on employment prevent them from doing this however they claim they can quite fairly stop me from being employed due to my political stance.

I argued, “Then anyone who works for you, who has to vote should not work for you should they?

Only people who were dishonest wouldn’t admit their stance, right?

No answer to this only a letter from up the ladder, saying no more correspondence would be entered into.

Meanwhile, locally a thousand odd votes were lost and miraculously found again after a search.

And our previously elected member, Sophie Mirabella was unseated.

Name withheld

Note: We have received 528 emails so far of public concern with this AEC story and still they come ...
Our extensive database of subscribing computer to our news service built over 12 years must be a worry to the large number of pollies and their minders on the list.

Australian High Court voided the results of last year’s disputed Senate ballot.

Justice Hayne rejected the argument mounted by Labor, the Palmer United Party and the Liberals that he could combine the results of the re-count with the records of the original election night tally of the missing ballot papers to decide who won the seats.

The Australian Electoral Commission lost 1370 ballot also ballot papers found in the informal pile were in fact FORMAL votes.

A Senate only election in just one State has never been held with the new poll expected to cost taxpayers at least $13 million.

Clive Palmer MP is continuing his push for electoral reform, claiming there is evidence of voter fraud quoting:

“You don’t need identification to vote.

“Secondly, they initial the ballot paper before they issue them, someone from the AEC, and we’ve got a suspicion a lot of ballot papers are not valid.

“Thirdly when you’re given a ballot paper, you’re given a pencil. Why have a pencil? Why not have it in ink? You have a pencil if you want to rub something out.

“They’re not suggestions, they’re facts.”

Mr Palmer says the process by its very nature is open to abuse, even though there is no evidence on the public record of voter fraud.

Mark Aldridge SA Independent Candidate – refers to the state 2010 election resulted in me taking action in the court of disputed returns for 24 breaches of the Electoral Act, 77,000 missing names on the electoral roll, over 16,500 missing ballot papers, 6,500 dodgy applications, hospitals and nursing homes missing out on their vote, dodgy practices, advertising and promises, and a variety of very important issues, the result “the results of a general election CANNOT be disputed regardless of the conduct” info on this site, including affidavits from the electoral commission to confirm this statement. Read more [HERE] there is loads of information.


Our inquiries are but the tip of this iceberg suggesting a true independent public inquiry, well removed from government and public servant both present and past intervention, be conducted YESTERDAY into the AEC.

A career public servant Mr Ed Killesteyn PSM (Public Service Medal) recently reappointed to a further 5 year term as Electoral Commissioner must be removed TODAY. This parliament puppet is the rear guard blocking any challenges to the Status Quo of our two party dictatorship and you are paying his massive salary to do this.

Be sure to pass this newsletter around to friends an associates for those hiding within the hallways of power are terrified of truth being spread amongst the people.

“It won’t be long before the people storm this chamber and hang you . . . and they’ll be right!

Godfrey Bloom is an Englishman and Member of the European Parliament (MEP).  Here’s brief video of Mr. Bloom addressing the European Parliament and speaking truth to power. You can be assured Australia has NO politician of this caliber and with guts to speak the truth. You are further  assured the silent Australian majority will continue to remain silent.


First to publish news and pictures media refuse to consider

This report by Noeline Franklin should be read before you “VOTE”

Never has there been such a disillusioned audience for a Federal election. Among the personal vilification and slap stick dialogue where are the policies, leadership, national vision, selflessness for their constituents and the good of the nation? Tweedle dumb and tweedle dee, focused on their pensions salary and benefits for life they have not mentioned how youth will be employed, the elderly grey party will be catered for in their retirement, the invalid cared for, the school children, assisted with logistics of educating in a fast moving world, university students heading oversees to avoid the abominable HECS destroying ideas of professions such as doctors, dentists, nurses, large animal vets……. . A few boat loads of refugees have taken the emotive attention of the media and the people.  

Do either of these parties know there is a rural Australia out here that is not carved up for dehabited subsidised wilderness tourist destination blatantly, unashamedly buying swinging votes for a public sector well out of control harvesting public and national assets for their own agendas. Farmland is fair game for city water, city carbon off sets, water diversions, biodiversity corridors, coal mines, gas fracking, iron ore, bullet trains, highways down river flats and across farm infrastructure, confiscation for another tree planting program on crop land, government grant where school children are used as volunteer labour recruited like Hitler Youth. The grant holder gets $1 a tree to confiscate cropland declared “over cleared” by people largely unqualified to judge.  

Travel routes and farmland smothered in trees crammed in at fire danger and moisture stress proportions while forests confiscated and abandoned for national park, wilderness, city water catchment burn down billions of trees taking rural communities and towns with them. Who wants to become a volunteer fire fighter??? Your own fire insurance premiums and fire levies buying your equipment to join the folly of facing the Labour Green holocaust, conserved lovingly for decades. Oozing toxins into the city water to blend with fluoride, chloride skinning babies, the elderly for taking a bath or shower, every frog and fish species fresh water or ocean going skinned by soaps, insecticides, tannins leaching out of the cesspit of locked up forests denied the basics of care. Decades worth of toxic leaf litter rotting into the water ways tanning the insides and outsides of the people and wildlife. 

Peter Garrett, Tony Burke, Mark Butler are some of the line up Arts Law debating city based educated experts on the environment, paper tigers on grazing systems, fisheries, forest care, Murray water reform down wind and excluding the protected areas of the incinerated alps inflows of the Murray. Incinerated canopy burn excised from Murray reform because it was “protected?” In fact chronically neglected. Garrett closed down areas of CSIRO immediately after the Victorian inferno killing 173 people burning down 2000 homes incineration of millions of hectares some repeatedly 2002-9. The people of Australia denied an informed Bushfire Royal Commission on why this happened. Don’t kid yourself Australia you have an objective fearless peer reviewed scientific community observing the interests of the people. Pop Star Polly ‘sang’ to bushfire victims. Most survivors still live in caravans and leantoos. Boffins and bureaucrats environmental activists waltz off with their generous pensions. The Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act weapon of the Rio Earth Summit includes a Species Obituary List grows the endangered species captive breeding program on policy failure and deception of Hitler Youth.  

What has all this got to do with food security. High country drought aid grazing for flocks and herds has been turned into blazing of biodiversity and more junkets for universities at the ski resorts. Dynasties of boffins analysing ecological artefacts of wilderness their own concoction on the public purse. Snow is made these days on resort waste water because orographic snow and rain finds vast canopy burnt forests unattractive. The people of Australia have been denied understanding of these things because Bob Hawke closed down CSIRO Cloud Physics in 1983 because Bob wanted a mineral boom pulling Australia off the sheep’s back. Dust and fumes poured into the rain clouds over south east Australia cutting off the rain and snow. Enhancing lightening lit fires in the mountains of mulch accumulated by experts.


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Abbott Fears Katter Control

Tony Abbott, founder of the slush fund to sink Pauline Hanson and One Nation political party, emphatically denied any association with until his lies were exposed on national television, will not be paying a red cent getting his high flying blue ribbon legal team to fight a $1.5 million lawsuit by One Nation co-founder David Ettridge – “Pro-Bono”.

Mr Abbott confirmed in a declaration to parliament that his Lead counsel will be silk Mr R.G Bain QC assisted by Mr N Ferrett, both are acting Pro-Bono with instruction from Brisbane based McCullogh Robertson lawyers. David Ettridge is fighting without a blue ribbon freebie legal team.

Remember “you are not guilty until the money runs out”

Ms Hanson and party co-founder David Ettridge were both found guilty of fraud by a jury in the Brisbane District Court August 21, 2003 and were each sentenced to three years jail as direct action from now opposition leader Tony Abbott with his silent slush fund partners.

Headlining – Abbott ‘active’ against Hanson– The Australian August 26, 2003 by Dennis Shanahan, we find this statement from Mr Tony Abbott;

“She risked destroying what I thought was the best conservative government since Bob Menzies – that’s to say the Howard Government – so I certainly did take a very, very active anti-One Nation role.”

Two party preferred system besotted Liberal camp preservation of their elite electoral system,  now showing major cracks and in damage control as Bob Katter gains momentum as dared that Pauline  Hanson woman gathered political momentum not seen since federation, threatening to open the well guarded parliament accounts to the voting people of Australia? She needed to be cancelled, and at any cost that included forming an allegiance of Liberal and Labor parties to remove One Nation as a threat to their two party system controlling Australian politics.

Bob Katter victory sign

Bob Katter Smells Victory

Liberals advertising big time across Queensland quotes “ A Vote for Katter is a Vote for Labor” confirms Katter has them more than worried as he enjoys an explosion to his support base of disillusioned two party voters sick of the corruption and dictatorship government. 

KAP Federal President, Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter said, “It’s the sort of dirty politics which contributes to a record one-in-four Australians refusing to be forced to choose between the ALP/LNP duocracy that believes it’s born to rule”.

“Of course we all know the major parties have done their own preference deals with each other – such as the LNP preferencing Labor – because it’s in their best interests for Australia to be ruled by the duocracy. However history has shown that our outdated two-party system of government has proved in the worst interests of Australia and its people,”said Mr Katter.

KAP Qld Leader and Member for Condamine, Ray Hopper said the KAP had negotiated preference agreements with a clear focus: “To put our candidates in the best position to win seats in Parliament so we can be the people’s watchdog of our corporate-controlled major party governments – and get rid of the Greens puppeteers holding our country to ransom”.

But the major parties did not deserve anything from the KAP, said Mr Hopper – and the preference agreements were designed to do exactly that; to give them nothing but rather take seats away from them.

“The major parties are just different dogs with the same fleas – or different bananas in the same skin, as the case may be,” said Mr Hopper. “So we are effectively giving neither anything – because we are in fact poised to take seats from the ALP and LNP and become the third force in Australian politics.”

Mr Katter noted that whilst government is formed on the floor of the House of Representatives, the KAP’s strong showing in the 2010 Qld election effectively handed the LNP about a dozen seats because the KAP cannibalised the ALP vote.

“So it’s crucial that Australians do not hand complete control of both the House and the Senate to any major party to rubber stamp any decision they like – nor keep the Greens calling the tune. As such, the KAP negotiated preferences that put our candidates in pole position to be the people’s voice in Parliament against the ALP-LNP ‘corporation’ that’s destroyed industry and opportunity in Australia and taken voters for granted.”

Our colluding two party system claiming democracy in Australia as we the people are forced to enduring inefficient government, corrupt government, dictatorial government without means of terminating this viol;ation under our present constitution until the elected period has expired. A true democratic voice would call to account, politicians and government destroying our nation under political license.

Established as a liar, a person without trust, will Tony Abbott change the constitution to allow the people voice to decide any governments future to govern outside the elected term?

The same question is directed to Malcolm Turnbull with PM aspirations, sitting in the wings with Lucy poised for the carbon trading starters orders if he leads the Liberal Party, unless he gets a better offer from Labor as he moves to establish the republic flag yet again.