December Abbott To Sign Away Australia to UN Agenda 21

Time Australian Politicians told the public the truth, about how the United Nations are controlling Australia. Its not the Sovereign People of Australia, Its the United Nations, courtesy of the those politicians we pay to act in our interests!!!

It makes no difference which side of politics are in power, your vote means nothing, they are all working to the Global Agenda. which is NOT in your interests!

The media, all of them are totally useless, those with a public voice are silent, cowards that they are!

The UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21 has been in Australia since 1992, its now in every aspect of our lives. At the signing of SDA21 at the Earth Summit in Rio, the UN Man Maurice Strong said this:

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialised nations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?”

That is your future, collapse of your Nation. This December in Paris your politicians are ready to sign away your life, your freedom and that of your children. Because they are committed to the Global Agenda!

Who are the fools here???


2 comments on “December Abbott To Sign Away Australia to UN Agenda 21

  1. just one question why the hell can we never see our Comments or anyone elses for that matter why ? what is going on what is being hidden from us and why , all I know is the Masons must be killed along with all Supremacist Jews so called and all Aussies Traitors Hung High or shot in the head by Me if I ever am lucky enough to have that chance .

    This seems like an honest blog but comments are everything a website without them is not really that much of a website , but if this is the best you can do then I thank you some sheep wont do a thing anyway expose the lying Jews .

    • Firstly we do except comments, your I have not seen before today, and the reason you cannot see any is that we had a server crash and lost all comments and stories back to March 2015.

      Being a service to Australia since 2001, SOS-NEWS has the runs on the board MATE with over 69,000 computers on the mailing list who support us.

      Your obvious tunnel vision bigotry is apparent however we will still publish your comments for the sake of protecting our fast diminishing freedom of speech.

      Most rational thinkers put minde over matter, in your case, your mind does not matter at all.

      Harry Palmer

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