May 25th 2010 we published this story with concern to government pollution of our oceans. Maybe this explains the shoals of dead and deformed fish appearing around NSW coastline, for the politicians took no notice in 2010 and we may expect the same result today.

Burned hand in 2004 by a mustard gas shell

SOS-NEWS released a small segment on toxic waste dumping in our near off-shore waters in an earlier issue. This story received quite some attention from the South Coast fraternity of New South Wales. Initially it was apparent that many down that way wished that this issue would just slide under the carpet and not rear it”s ugly dangerous head on their patch.

Then, obviously some in that neck of the woods did a little research of their own and as far as we can tell, a bit of pressure was put on to the Coastal Rights association to look into this time bomb and in so doing they contacted SOS-NEWS. Discussions re this matter ensued and the CRA decided that they would consider the issue.

After a period CRA came back to SOS-NEWS and although they were coming to a conclusion from their own research into this poisoning of Australia”s future, they wished to take the matter on themselves. The deal agreed to by SOS-NEWS and CRA was to allow the CRA time to contact Politicians of their choice and attempt to get (a) recognition of the problem (b) political movement towards addressing the immediate concerns, and (c) Political management of the public”s right to knowledge of the seriousness of the problem.

SOS-NEWS reluctantly agreed to this on the proviso that there would only be a short time frame given to allow the Political leaders to come to the table with CRA. CRA advised that they would write to a number of senior politicians and keep SOS-NEWS abreast of the responses, thereby giving both them and us a clear indication that this was not going to be a political snow job, as almost all else in the state of NSW has been since the post Carr, now Iemma government has delivered to the citizens since they have been and are still in power.

We have now heard from CRA and they have advised of the response they have received, but first, the letter CRA sent to 24 Politicians across this Nation.


Honourable Member,

The Coastal Rights Association is most concerned about the past, present and future ramifications of the historical (hopefully ceased) methodologies conducted by successive governments, of permitting by license others and themselves to dump the most horrendous toxic wastes in our oceans and what the government is going to do to address the situation.

This matter has been highlighted and pinpointed by the Internet news service “SOS-NEWS” which many in our area have brought to our attention. Having gone into the site and read for ourselves that which was published, it is sufficient to say that should this be the truth and our limited research indicates it is, then we have a problem of the most serious nature.

Coastal Rights Association has been in touch with SOS and they advise that there is much left to report and have held back on doing so hoping that the issue as reported was enough to get some action and remedial processes in motion. They have also advised that they are astounded that there has been no response and are about to, as in their words, “lift the entire lid of the issue.”

We asked if we could first address this through the political channels before they went any further and they at this point have said yes, but have given us a very short time frame indeed to get an acceptable response in relation to this matter. Quite simply, they have advised us that unless Coastal Rights can assure them that there is action on this issue, then the story in its entirety will be broken.

They also assure us that their investigations indicate that there may well be international condemnations for Australia from breaking such a story and would be only too willing for the government to deal with this expeditiously and environmentally, but under no circumstances will they allow this matter to disappear into political obscurity.

Mustard Gas bombs being loaded into a ships hold Second, CRA”s letter to us informing of the political servants response to their concerns

Given the gravity of the potential threat to our fisheries, tourism and general health from this indiscriminate waste dumping of chemicals so close to our shore lines, could you please advise expeditiously of the governments position in respect to all aspects of this matter. For as we as an Association now realize, there is a potentially catastrophic environmental and humanitarian disaster sitting a few kilometres off our shores.
We require your personal acknowledgment in regards to this matter within seven days of receipt of this letter.
CC: To all media outlets on Thursday 12th October.
Jack Tait (President) Coastal Rights Association.

Second, CRA”s letter to us informing of the political servants response to their concerns

 The following groups, Coastal Rights Association , Narooma Ports Community Might, Friends of Durras, & others, would like to bring to the attention of SOS-NEWS that we contacted by mail 24 State, Federal & Territory leaders requesting a response regarding the dumping of several different types of toxic material dumped in our oceans. To our total dismay, we only received 3 replies. They were DR John Jenkins, NSW mla, Bob Brown (the greens) & SA Premier Mr Rann. We asked a simple question, are they there, are they leaking & are they going to be cleaned up. in the technological age we live in now, and before any irreparable disaster occurs. We think the Australian & the World population will require an urgent response and ask that SOS give this matter their immediate attention , as we believe that more has been hidden here, than the depth of our oceans.

Jack Tait
President CRA.

Example of Mustard Gas canisters being pushed into the Ocean from a barge

This matter of toxic waste dumping off our shores is not one that SOS-NEWS took upon itself as some flippant sensational issue to build our ratings, but rather after much researching, we did with  trepidation. The issue has not only ramifications for the coastal fishermen of this nation and especially NSW, Victorian, Tasmanian and possibly NZ, but may well end up having catastrophic effects on the tourism industry of many parts of this Country.

There is every good reason to believe that if this matter is not addressed now, rather than later, that swimming in and eating out of our oceans may well present a health hazard of unprecedented proportions and totally destroy the viability of both the fishing and tourism of those affected areas. In truth, the health aspects are already here and have been for a long time.

Suspected Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) killed this Dolphin

There is also almost no doubt, that the reasons that our Eastern Coastal Marine National Parks are being expeditiously set up in a naive attempt to hide the catastrophe that is about to beset our waters. The government is hoping that if they can lock up our coasts and deny the right to fish, even recreationally, they will be able to ignore the problem. Further and most despicable of all, by claiming that they are making Marine Parks in the name of environmentalism and conservation, they are in fact intentionally doing the exact opposite. All the while, their gangrenous hanger-ons are duped into thinking they are getting their way. Once again green radicalism has its minions duped and used as emotional cannon fodder to suit the agendas of those far smarter than them.

Lastly and perhaps even more important to the those affected by these actions, are the fisher folk themselves. Whilst they are being offered a pittance for their fishing licenses by the government when Marine Parks are gazetted, the government is carefully, consciously and insidiously, denying fair compensation. A compensation that is time folds less by forming a Marine National Park, than it would be after an action in the Civil Courts for the necessary recompense for past dumping actions by both Corporate and Government entities. The governments fear a concerted class action for compensation, yet they are happy to spend billions (waste billions) crapping on atoning for our forefathers mistakes some 200 years ago.

All governments, especially Victoria, NSW and the Federal Government are complicit here. We do not claim any current government is responsible for the dumping, although I am sure there are individual politicians that were around at the time this was being conducted. We do blame all governments for their failure to attack this pending disaster with all the resources at their disposal. We condemn the current governments for their arrogant intransigence toward us the Australian public and ours and our Nation”s well being.

Well readers, forget nuclear waste, they actually know and can deal with that. Forget the drought, it will rain again as sure as a politician lies. Forget saving Iraq by spending billions and human lives from a despot like Saddam. Forget North Korea”s little dynamite charade to extort relief for its malnourished. Forget giving billions of Australian tax dollars over-seas aid, for we have a need that will take all the resources this nation can muster and it has to be done yesterday.

If you think we jest, stay with SOS-NEWS, or if you can”t wait, do your own research, but what ever you do, do not put your head up your drain pipe as our over paid, agenda driven, lackeys of the corporate world and our politicians have done nothing. The oceans have no borders, the Greens have no credibility and our Politicians have no loyalty.

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