Half Mast Flag for Dead Terrorist King is Bullshit

abbott 1We are expected to kowtow on the death of the absolute monarch/dictator of one of the most repressive regimes on the planet. A nation that ethically and morally has yet to come out of the stone age. A nation that finances most of the world’s Islamic terrorism. You’ve got to be joking, this is political correctness gone absolutely mad. Diplomacy be buggered. Did we fly the flag on the death of Hitler or Polt Pot?

What sort of galahs are we paying in the Prime Minister & Cabinet Office? Have they forgotten Sydney and Paris so quickly?

John Goold.




3 comments on “Half Mast Flag for Dead Terrorist King is Bullshit

  1. Yippe another dead king we should be having a party ,when will Abbott be jailed for Treason ? or should we bring back executions ? either way the jails should be emptied of all the innocents ones and put the politicians in their place . Rejoice the King is Dead the king is dead .

    • I wonder will France bring back the guillotine, should Australia introduce it to Martin Plaza in Sydney where the hostages were killed by a terrorist, maybe the knitting nannies from shut the gate will take front row seats as the pollies mount the scaffold … hmmmm

    • When will Howard. Kev.julia. and Keating be jailed.? Pitty whitlam already gone. Could be worth digging that one up

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