Tony Fitzgerald tears into Queensland government for abuse of power

Renowned corruption fighter says Liberal National party has embarked on ‘destructive’ first term, undermining the judiciary and interfering in the electoral system.

Tony Fitzgerald Royal Commissioner into Corrupt Queesland Government

The last person Newman needs is an expert exposing his very suspect government

Tony Fitzgerald, seen here in 2010, says the first term of Queensland’s LNP government has proved the need for ‘adequate checks and balances’. Photograph: Steve Gray/AAP

Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party is abusing its power through its huge, unchecked majority, the state’s best known corruption fighter says.

Tony Fitzgerald, who headed the Fitzgerald inquiry into police corruption in the 1980s, has launched a scathing attack on the LNP government after several controversies.

Fitzgerald said he was reluctant to comment on the ongoing “Queensland saga” but released a short statement saying he did not expect voters to tolerate “destructive populism of an irresponsible government for long” and wanted to regain his anonymity and privacy in retirement.

“The LNP’s first term in office has confirmed the critical importance of adequate checks and balances,” he said in the statement.

“The government has already flaunted its disdain for democracy and good governance by attacks on the judiciary and judicial independence, emasculation of the state’s anti-corruption commission and interference with the electoral system.”

He also accused the government of pursuing self-interest, favouring its supporters and passing “irrational, counterproductive and sometimes invalid” criminal laws.

Fitzgerald has already criticised the state’s controversial anti-bikie legislation.

He said Queensland was extremely vulnerable to the misuse and abuse of power, given a lack of constitutional limits on the state’s single house of parliament.

Without an effective parliamentary opposition, the checks and balances needed for democracy were missing.

“Queensland’s future is a matter for its voters,” he said. “At the next state election they will simply need to decide which party will do the least long-term damage.”

Fitzgerald also blamed News Corp publications such as the Courier-Mail for helping the LNP outside parliament.

“News Corporation publications, which dominate the local print media, consistently publish biased reports which favour the government,” he said.


One comment on “Tony Fitzgerald tears into Queensland government for abuse of power

  1. Great story ,I have studied the Fitzgerald commission report ,but not until I woke up to the fact that Queensland is owned By the Brigalow Corporation ,that there constitution had been shat on by the many corrupt Politicians there .We also should all know about the Heiner affair as well and how ruddy ordered the shredding of documents relating to the rape of a young Aboriginal girl in care and other children .

    But then I read Sirharry Gibbs statement on How the whole of Australia and it’s Judicial System operated in No Basis in law ,but around the same time I found that Gillard,Howard, Beasley ,Jeffreys ,plus 45 other judges ,judicial Staff were all charged with Treason offences ,relating to WA fraud and Treason ,Changing the oath of allegiance ,and removing the crown ,by this time ,I am a bit slow ,but I thought something could be wrong .
    Meanwhile back at the computer I find that the Australian of the year Rena Michaelson phd , had uncovered a Satanic Paedophile ring that operated out of Gotta be careful already 2 done jail , ………………supposedly .out of the Victorian police ,,no never surely lol ,and some group of sicko masons or some shit called ordii temples Uranus sorry I just forget the spelling ,anyway it is well documented ,And some big tv names are mentioned, but none of this meant much afterall tv is just tv musta been lies ha,lol,lol,.

    luckily for me the churches were raping kids left right and centre so it started to click to me that yes something was wrong ,but der what could it be?then ofcourse Pedorolf and and the whole Hey dad thing was happening ,Doc’s were having children raped ,and dying in Custody{ Luke } and then to top it all off I find that Australia’s constitution has been shat on totally ,a Highly Treasonous and criminal move by our Seniour Politicians and their Gutless lackies ,and that we are a regd corporation to USA and that they are suffering worse than us and we are following them ,

    Someone Mentioned rockerfella Morgan ,Rothschilds ,illuminati, freemasons ,Shriners ,Knights Templars to me oh and apex lions rotary, , Israel Bae Systems Carlyle 911, Goatriders ,no planes ,Holohoax,titanic sunkon purpose,bankers wars ,and about 666 other things So yeah I think the law sucks ,that we are all slaves by birth cert fraud ,the media and 75% of Government should be in Jail , and that just like the greatest leader of the 20th century did with the jews /Freemasons contain them all, take their possesions ,, and work out how to rewire their brains and Humanize them ,otherwise it’s all over red rover for freedom and Democracy and it’s hello to full on communism , the gay paid for movement to flourish ,and sex with children ,babies and animals will be legalised ,moral people will suffer greatly ,most all Christians will be killed ,for they have all been deceived ,anyway just thought i’d share a couple of lines with you all at SOS great site guys Gotta love the truth Hey. ruled no more , to all you wankers out there who are worried about my puctuation'[;,.. ;ll or grammar, or speling ,I suggest you wake up and do some study , any police read this wake up and do your jobs or we will do it for you and then lock you up ,I promise ,to uphold common law ,I stand under common law ,I do not consent to statutes,or police or Government , I do not rape kill steal, or break the Law ,and it is my job to shine a light on those that do with whatever the consequences of that are I don’t know and I do not care .Lest we Forgot 4858

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