AEC and AusAID Story Motivated Many

Politicians are terrified of the truthOur last post and newsletter story by Andrew Moyle exposing the Australian Electoral Commission distribution of dollars to Liberal, Labor and Greens from AusAID [review HERE] raised some interesting results.An email from Andrew informing us that the Bendigo newspaper had published his story but only after 8 days and some push I would suggest. They had it on their internet front page, but it was removed soon after posting.We can only assume public comments may have been to hot for them. However the comment are still available from this link – – we suggest you send a comment, we did and be assured they will not print this one.At least our near 65,000 subscribing computers to this newsletter and out “NEWSFRONT” blog can read it along with the watching pollies on our mailing lists.

Comments we posted:

The letter Feb. 17, 2014 from Andrew Moyle with concern to “AusAID funds misused” donating $2.2 Million dollars to the Labor Party, $1.1 Million to the Liberal Party, and $220,000 to the Greens from Federal Government funding allocation over $300 million of our taxes last year to AusAid reflects not only the corruption involved but the desperation to control and maintain power at any cost the Liberal and Labor will engage.

After many decades of forced political hibernation kept warm and fuzzy by lies, deceit and well designed government legislation, people now are feeling the pinch at the family level and are stating to flex their muscles. Controlled media now has internet opposition with massive readership where political party spin doctors are neutralized and the facts emerge unscathed is having devastating results on the two party system of government in Australia.

Exposed corruption in government over the last few years has escalated while accountability and transparency remain suppressed by political pressure.

Fear of political accountability to the people is appearing in the Queensland government with Premier Newman introducing legislation to remove any litigation being brought against public servants granting protection to public officers from civil action.

It will be interesting how much longer media and political survival can remain as it has been now the hibernation period is over.



Recently I was employed by the AEC as an employee during election counting procedures.

While I had previously been welcome to work for them, the fact that I favored one party over the other this time, and I had website proclaiming this, seems to be against their policy of employing me.

Being a solid believer in fair play, I mentioned this to them myself, and was promptly dismissed by email, before I could take up my position.

The Australian rules on employment prevent them from doing this however they claim they can quite fairly stop me from being employed due to my political stance.

I argued, “Then anyone who works for you, who has to vote should not work for you should they?

Only people who were dishonest wouldn’t admit their stance, right?

No answer to this only a letter from up the ladder, saying no more correspondence would be entered into.

Meanwhile, locally a thousand odd votes were lost and miraculously found again after a search.

And our previously elected member, Sophie Mirabella was unseated.

Name withheld

Note: We have received 528 emails so far of public concern with this AEC story and still they come ...
Our extensive database of subscribing computer to our news service built over 12 years must be a worry to the large number of pollies and their minders on the list.

Australian High Court voided the results of last year’s disputed Senate ballot.

Justice Hayne rejected the argument mounted by Labor, the Palmer United Party and the Liberals that he could combine the results of the re-count with the records of the original election night tally of the missing ballot papers to decide who won the seats.

The Australian Electoral Commission lost 1370 ballot also ballot papers found in the informal pile were in fact FORMAL votes.

A Senate only election in just one State has never been held with the new poll expected to cost taxpayers at least $13 million.

Clive Palmer MP is continuing his push for electoral reform, claiming there is evidence of voter fraud quoting:

“You don’t need identification to vote.

“Secondly, they initial the ballot paper before they issue them, someone from the AEC, and we’ve got a suspicion a lot of ballot papers are not valid.

“Thirdly when you’re given a ballot paper, you’re given a pencil. Why have a pencil? Why not have it in ink? You have a pencil if you want to rub something out.

“They’re not suggestions, they’re facts.”

Mr Palmer says the process by its very nature is open to abuse, even though there is no evidence on the public record of voter fraud.

Mark Aldridge SA Independent Candidate – refers to the state 2010 election resulted in me taking action in the court of disputed returns for 24 breaches of the Electoral Act, 77,000 missing names on the electoral roll, over 16,500 missing ballot papers, 6,500 dodgy applications, hospitals and nursing homes missing out on their vote, dodgy practices, advertising and promises, and a variety of very important issues, the result “the results of a general election CANNOT be disputed regardless of the conduct” info on this site, including affidavits from the electoral commission to confirm this statement. Read more [HERE] there is loads of information.


Our inquiries are but the tip of this iceberg suggesting a true independent public inquiry, well removed from government and public servant both present and past intervention, be conducted YESTERDAY into the AEC.

A career public servant Mr Ed Killesteyn PSM (Public Service Medal) recently reappointed to a further 5 year term as Electoral Commissioner must be removed TODAY. This parliament puppet is the rear guard blocking any challenges to the Status Quo of our two party dictatorship and you are paying his massive salary to do this.

Be sure to pass this newsletter around to friends an associates for those hiding within the hallways of power are terrified of truth being spread amongst the people.

10 comments on “AEC and AusAID Story Motivated Many

  1. Sick to death of our politicians(Labor/ Liberal)corrupt ways!! Our constitution and government are there to look after us the people and our country NOT corporate interests and their pockets !!!

  2. We have rights /obligation to vote, federal and state. Our information is (sold on) /handed over to councils for any council elections which is counted by AEC in each state. In preparation for when councils weasel into government Take back your sovereign vote. people should ask to have their vote/name & address removed from this unlawful roll I have done .

  3. Allways suspected and now confirmed.These rather elusive pollies have had a ball at our expense. I for one will try and spread this news far and wide.These cheats must be brought to the bench of justice as they would not hesitate to prescribe for us lessor individuals.Lies ,deception and outright fraud,if left exposed will eventually see our door knocked in.If we gather our forces together there will be nothing to stop us.BUT WE MUST BE TOGETHER!

    • Our system of government is to keep the two party monopoly alive and well and keep the people at a distance of government and as you say we must move as one and change this before we loose this great nation to this endemic corruption

  4. The age of Aquarius is well and truly here ,the sheep are waking ,the wolves have been exposed and the jewsuits and freemasons will soon be fully exposed as the people behind the fraud ,can’t wait for that ! freedom is in sight in my book ,if not for Haarp scalar mind control we probably would have already seen a major upheaval and fight back from the people

  5. There Has to be more we can do sure we are all busy , but to busy to save your own rights or Life even ? I think everyone is waiting for someone else to do something ,courts seem a poor option when affidavits seem much more effective but we still deal with criminals , I think a lot of people are scared and confused , in what to do ,myself included to a degree ,but I have done Anzac day protests ,market protest ads in papers flyers ,and still my town is soooo dumbed down ,no one hardly even knows 50 odd people were charged for treason related offences ,including Howard Beasley ,Gillard ,Jeffrey ,so dumbed down by fluoride I think ,and just to comfortable in my my my life ,don’t even care about their kids futures ,it’s disgraceful really ,I need to stir up the other Anzac relatives ,,all armed with a pen , we can easily defeat them with a simple signature by the people for the people , in case your wondering 5 years ago I found out it changed my life in so many ways ,I have learned more in 5 yrs than I could have in 5 lifetimes seriously for a guy that left school when I was nearly 14 I can really say the truth has set me free ,now I don’t care whether they kill me or my kids or whatever they do because 1 I am doing the right thing and 2 because regardless I know we will come together and defeat evil , or at the very least goodness will prevail !.
    Come on Aussies wake up ! my uncle walked 428 k in 1915 with the Gilgandra cooees he and 253 others to help the Aussies after the initial slaughter of troops , and the jews want me to be a good boy follow statutes ,be governed by a private company ,pay taxes and generally sit by and watch while they rape our kids ,steal our lands and resources , and remove our inalienable god given right to be free ! so I do Not Consent ,I will not break the law by giving criminal institutions such as ATO or Any council money’s it is an offence under our constitution which is crying out to be reinstated . Please tell your friends to wake up ! and protest with lawful rebellion !

    • Bob, Well done and you are right on the button. As stated on SOS-NEWS since we started in 2001… “Aussies will not rise to save their country until their kids are starving, the house has gone and there is no money left … then maybe 50% might rebel”.

      Harry Palmer

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