Will MP act on Terrorist activity in Western Suburbs

Letter To: Jason Clare, MP – September 26, 2013

Let us see what this Elected Minister will do about Terrorist Threats in Australia

Let us see what this Elected Minister will do about Irrefutable Terrorist Threats in Australia

Dear Jason,

As my local member I would like you communicate to our new Government my concern that the terror attack on the shopping mall in Nairobi could be repeated here.

It is really just a matter of assembling the relevant facts and “joining the dots”.

Fact 1:

A group allied with Al-shabab was thwarted in a plan to invade and terrorise Holsworthy Army base in a suicide attack for which they had already assembled the weapons. If this attack had succeeded it would have been the first Al-shabab terror operation outside of Somalia.

Fact 2:

Local Muslim men have gone to Syria to fight with the islamist rebels against the Assad regime.

Fact 3:

When interviewed by Aljazeera a representative of Al-shabab said one of the reasons for attacking the Nairobi Westgate mall was that it contained jewish and American businesses. To see this interview simply google Aljazeera Q&A: Al-Shabab defends Nairobi attack.

Fact 4:

At the last picketing of the Max Brenner Israeli-owned chocolate shop in Westfield Parramatta, beside the approximately 40 usual white anglo pro-palestinian anti-zionist lefties there were about 40 local young male Muslims aggressively expressing their hostility to the proprietors of the shop and shouting slogans like “Death to Israel”.

Fact 5:

A sermon by the American–born Al-qaeda allied preacher Awlaki, assassinated by the CIA not long ago in Yemen, was broadcast to an apparently receptive audience at the Lakemba mosque a few years ago.

Fact 6:

As the frequent drive-by shootings and raids on homes of criminals have shown machine guns and hand guns are freely available here to anyone who wants them and knows where to get them.

Fact 7:

Most of the security guards in shopping malls in the western suburbs of Sydney are Lebanese Muslims.

Fact 8:

The extremist Islamic group Hizb Ut Tahrir that eschews democracy and wants to establish a world-wide Islamic caliphate, a group so extreme it is banned in most Muslim countries, regularly holds well-attended forums here.

Fact 9:

Influential Muslim preacher Sheik Hilaly who still preaches weekly at the Lakemba mosque was in the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Al-qaeda evolved, in his native Egypt.

Fact 10:

There is no shortage of extremist Islamic literature available from Islamic bookshops calculated to inspire hatred against Jews and Israel. I found one in a bookshop in Auburn that was printed locally and was designed to acquaint recent arrivals from Turkey with the nature of the Australian social and political system and it said “In Australia, as in the rest of the Western world, the public service, the media and industry are all controlled by Jews”.

I have no faith that the new Federal Government has any understanding of these issues after the speech Tony Abbott made after he deposed Malcolm Turnbull in which he drew a parallel between Sheik Hilaly and Cardinal Mannix as being simply two religious figures with controversial views.

I would like you to make representations to the new Attorney General about the dangers he should be aware of.




3 comments on “Will MP act on Terrorist activity in Western Suburbs

  1. Take a stroll past Harry’s Cafe de Wheels along the water at Woolloomooloo and say hello to the security guards at the gates of Garden Island. The last time I talked to them, the guardhouse resounded with “habib” this and habib” that in Arabic. “Habib” means darling in Arabic and as men are considered so superior to women, the men commonly address each other as darling. Most Sydney Defence Department guardhouses are predominantly Muslim staffed. Go figure.

  2. To see members of our Parliament, e.g The Greens, unashamedly marching with other Muslims and their sympathisers, spewing venom against the only democracy in the Middle East and Jews, may indicate that centuries of Jew hatred may have resulted in this, hatred without a cause, becoming a genetic factor.
    This bizarre phenomenon, so powerful that those afflicted would even sympathise with and support those who seek to dominate their countries and behead them.

  3. Jason Clare is another appeaser who will not act on peoples concerns about Islam and the possibility of a terrorist attack. To fools like Clare, most Muslims are “moderate” and Islam will settle down and become more secular which we know is total nonsense.

    I agree, Christine. Why are there so many ‘Habibs’ patrolling strategic sites? It is all part of diversity.

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