Australian Exposes Terrorist Staff Car Signage

A picture paints a thousand words

A loyal subscriber and contributor to SOS-NEWS reports around the corner from his home in Sefton NSW, a vehicle driven by a young person of Lebanese extraction regularly parks it outside a Muslim owned business displaying signage painted across the top of the windscreen:

”MASHALLAH” – which means “As Allah willed it”

Painted along the sides of that same vehicle is:

”FTO STAFF CAR” direct inference to the ”Fatah Terrorist Organisation”

This now must clear us all to display radical signage that may include the “Australian Christian Liberation Army” who carry the deadly water pistols loaded with “Pigs Blood”, maybe the Australian chapter of the Ku-Klux Klan (KKK) would consider decals on their staff cars.

A great country this Australia, enjoy it while there is still time before it is taken over or given away.

Authority refuse to act on clear and concise evidence that threatens your doorstep daily.


One comment on “Australian Exposes Terrorist Staff Car Signage

  1. The connection is again made to the freemasons and the fez hat ,the red hat worn by muslims comes about because of a town called fez in morocco in the 11th or 12 century the story goes that they murdered 50,000 Christians , and the whole main street was a wash with blood flowing like water after a storm ,they then went about dipping their white hats in that blood and yes I believe they want to do this all over the world to Christians ,whether or not you believe in god means nothing ,convert to islam or die ,I look forward to not converting under any circumstances regardless of what they think they can do ,islam will never rule the world , interesting though that the main goal of freemasons in Australia is indeed to destroy Christianity ! so check out the web and stories about rotary and freemasons ,look for the rotary wheel with the square and compass in the middle ,which rotary still cannot explain , but for me there is no need for explanation ,gods knows when the rest of the useless dumbed down sheep will wake up especially the Anzac relatives like myself who sit idle ,and do nothing except wave a flag once a year talk about pathetic ,did they all die for us so we could be sheep and have our country stolen by the masons in Wa for instance half of the mps are masons ,there and along with QLD that is the reason we are now owned by the usa see Brian Shaw’s website Elijah’s challenge .and wake up you dumb sheep if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem ,our council here in Tamworth nsw is also run by rotary and freemasons ,and what a pathetic bunch they are , though remember not all masons or Rotarians are evil satan worshippers just the ones up the top of the pyramid . you could also see DR Reina Michaelson’s story on Satanic cults within the freemason police force ,and brutal sacrifices of children and animals ,Graham Kennedy was a paedophile ,as was Walt Disney , and Rolf Harris a freemason ? i’ll let you decide on that one ,but rest assured if we don’t all wake up we are doomed for sure what a waste of 100,000 plus lives sacrificed for us don’t you think ? Bob McDonald Tamworth Cooee Digger Anzac relative freedom advocate and Truther I want justice and I want it now !

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