First to publish news and pictures media refuse to consider

This report by Noeline Franklin should be read before you “VOTE”

Never has there been such a disillusioned audience for a Federal election. Among the personal vilification and slap stick dialogue where are the policies, leadership, national vision, selflessness for their constituents and the good of the nation? Tweedle dumb and tweedle dee, focused on their pensions salary and benefits for life they have not mentioned how youth will be employed, the elderly grey party will be catered for in their retirement, the invalid cared for, the school children, assisted with logistics of educating in a fast moving world, university students heading oversees to avoid the abominable HECS destroying ideas of professions such as doctors, dentists, nurses, large animal vets……. . A few boat loads of refugees have taken the emotive attention of the media and the people.  

Do either of these parties know there is a rural Australia out here that is not carved up for dehabited subsidised wilderness tourist destination blatantly, unashamedly buying swinging votes for a public sector well out of control harvesting public and national assets for their own agendas. Farmland is fair game for city water, city carbon off sets, water diversions, biodiversity corridors, coal mines, gas fracking, iron ore, bullet trains, highways down river flats and across farm infrastructure, confiscation for another tree planting program on crop land, government grant where school children are used as volunteer labour recruited like Hitler Youth. The grant holder gets $1 a tree to confiscate cropland declared “over cleared” by people largely unqualified to judge.  

Travel routes and farmland smothered in trees crammed in at fire danger and moisture stress proportions while forests confiscated and abandoned for national park, wilderness, city water catchment burn down billions of trees taking rural communities and towns with them. Who wants to become a volunteer fire fighter??? Your own fire insurance premiums and fire levies buying your equipment to join the folly of facing the Labour Green holocaust, conserved lovingly for decades. Oozing toxins into the city water to blend with fluoride, chloride skinning babies, the elderly for taking a bath or shower, every frog and fish species fresh water or ocean going skinned by soaps, insecticides, tannins leaching out of the cesspit of locked up forests denied the basics of care. Decades worth of toxic leaf litter rotting into the water ways tanning the insides and outsides of the people and wildlife. 

Peter Garrett, Tony Burke, Mark Butler are some of the line up Arts Law debating city based educated experts on the environment, paper tigers on grazing systems, fisheries, forest care, Murray water reform down wind and excluding the protected areas of the incinerated alps inflows of the Murray. Incinerated canopy burn excised from Murray reform because it was “protected?” In fact chronically neglected. Garrett closed down areas of CSIRO immediately after the Victorian inferno killing 173 people burning down 2000 homes incineration of millions of hectares some repeatedly 2002-9. The people of Australia denied an informed Bushfire Royal Commission on why this happened. Don’t kid yourself Australia you have an objective fearless peer reviewed scientific community observing the interests of the people. Pop Star Polly ‘sang’ to bushfire victims. Most survivors still live in caravans and leantoos. Boffins and bureaucrats environmental activists waltz off with their generous pensions. The Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act weapon of the Rio Earth Summit includes a Species Obituary List grows the endangered species captive breeding program on policy failure and deception of Hitler Youth.  

What has all this got to do with food security. High country drought aid grazing for flocks and herds has been turned into blazing of biodiversity and more junkets for universities at the ski resorts. Dynasties of boffins analysing ecological artefacts of wilderness their own concoction on the public purse. Snow is made these days on resort waste water because orographic snow and rain finds vast canopy burnt forests unattractive. The people of Australia have been denied understanding of these things because Bob Hawke closed down CSIRO Cloud Physics in 1983 because Bob wanted a mineral boom pulling Australia off the sheep’s back. Dust and fumes poured into the rain clouds over south east Australia cutting off the rain and snow. Enhancing lightening lit fires in the mountains of mulch accumulated by experts.


Mountains of mulch were “saved” for decades under state and Federal Labour waiting for the drought summer. The greens emerging from their Ministerial advisory positions as environmental activists and lobby groups generating careers out of policy failure and Liberal Nationals watching on. Burning our forests, biodiversity, water supplies and food security, expertly and professionally doing nothing in the dehabited wilderness. Setting the terms of reference in any bushfire enquiry to exclude vital information declared “political witch hunt.” The admission comes in changing the fire danger meter to include a catastrophic fuel load segment. Panic installation of $13B investment in desalination unites freewheeling at the publics expense in the event of another holocaust in city water catchments. Water stolen off irrigators diverted to the cities where the expert advice has come from to burn the forests, rain and run off.  

Irrigation communities reformed out of existence as orchardists, market gardeners, dairy farmers, livestock finishers, rice farmers, cotton farmers……… Without notice or consultation the harassed discriminated against expendable rural minorities. The people are fed from super markets and cafés. Farmers, foresters, fishermen are out there ruining a good wilderness yuppie tourist destination, city carbon off set, university career studying the consequences of environmental policy failure. Failure currently burning Yosemite national park and San Francisco’s water and electricity supply. U$60+M in fire fighting and likely the forests intensely incinerated will not regenerate. Seed soil burnt off, exposed to erosion ever after. No one has been allowed to reason with these people because they are educated/indoctrinated and those with other ideas have “vested interests.” Exactly avoiding stupidity and catastrophe! Rural Australia has vested interests in their home their nation too right. Public sector bureaucrats and university ski club boffins don’t have vested interests or conflicts of interests in their conjured highly paid positions, cheap water and public paid holidays at the resorts ????  

The Labour Green coalition performance on environmental issues is costing Australia many Billions of dollars for questionable outcomes for the environment but a gravy train for the people calling themselves environmentalists. A grand hoax and monumental fraud. Australian public company Telstra was sold up and $400M sunk into NSW Catchment Management Authorities, More sunk into National Heritage Trust, Caring for Country, Environmental Trust, with budgets of billions for 1000s of reasons to plant trees laundering public money for votes. Telstra was on the cusp of delivering communications to Australia wide communities. Rural families had been paying through the teeth for STD calls for most calls they made. They were promised online banking, health, agricultural extension, education for isolated children and tertiary students, fast dial ups, broad band……….. All syphoned off into the pockets of the green vote planting trees to die in the drought and plastic UV stabilised and paper tree guards to foul water ways. Rants in the media generating bushfire and income.

 Drought affected sheep and cattle obstructed from roadside fire duty because of a yuppie tree planting program on the stock route for which farmers pay for and obstructed from using by bureaucratic regulation. Farmers leaving their fodder lines trashing paddocks to fight fires in the over grown rotting national parks and abandoned roadsides groomed as biodiversity corridors and employment for the universities and discovery rangers. In NSW Labour Ian MacDonald was intent on selling out farms for coal rather than dealing with food, forest and water security for the people. Bob Carr acquires another 300 national parks including native tree plantations ready for harvest. Ongoing public liability for what outcome? National park budget NSW alone blown out from $45M pa to $305M pa by 2009 for an expanding weed, wild dog infested fire hazard. Carr turning up as Federal senator foreign affairs, globe trotting slunky for Gillards hung parliament.  

Craig Knowles reforms the Murray to water Canberra burning its water supply in 2003 not recovered, Adelaide barraging the Lower lakes evaporative pans concentrating Canberra’s waste water treatment short cuts. River red gum set up for an incineration to match the snow gum old Ghost forests of the Upper Murray inflows. Jon Stanhope Chief Monster Canberra over seeing the burning down of 500 suburban homes and the water supply, has since winged off to Christmas Island to welcome the boat refugees. Unsuccessfully distancing himself from skywhale the hot air balloon launched over Federal Parliament for the Canberra centenary.  

What has reached the ground for the environment out of the billions of dollars not audited? Bureaucrats handing out money to their lobby group mates. Most of it has been blatant buying of votes, creative careers to mask unemployment figures as Australian industry, manufacturing, innovation, value adding agricultural and forestry products, is either closed down for reasons of environmental regulation, occupational health and safety regulation or other uncompetitive government impost. Animal rights activists and mavericks can concoct a TV program and sabotage a trade before the voracity of the concoction is established. Why bother Australia paying over $130B a year on government when a TV program runs the country. Why bother with another $100+B of public money paying universities to persist with environmentalist doctrine that is failing all over the world? Failing the environment and failing the people! Why is PEW and WWF over here in Australia confiscating farms, Aboriginal reserves Commonwealth fisheries and Australians are being excluded from the process. Why aren’t farmers getting any credit or acknowledgement for their conservation management while feeding clothing housing the people when environmental stewardship is stolen by the politically upward. Stolen kudos. Stolen achievement not acknowledged.  

Bob Hawke and the Australian Labour party can dismantle the sheep and wool industry and feed them to the dingoes with Neville Wran and Bob Carrs Bob Debuses, Bracks, Beaties et. al. assistance getting Australia off the sheep’s back digging up the farm for coal, iron ore and minerals mostly foreign owned investments, smelted with subsidised coal fired electricity. Kyoto carbon shooting off the scale 108% allowed and signed off 130+% exceeded as farmers suicide because they were locked down in vegetation management over 25 years ago and cannot meet bank contracts. No consultation, no compensation for blatant theft because some selfless bureaucrat with Ros Kelly signed off on Kyoto and Kevin Rudd ratified it.


Some of the maps around, where the gang green in government want to take great quantities of Australia for their exclusive research and tourist junkets. International treaties signed off no Australian’s have been consulted or informed about. Dingoes taking the farms restoring wilderness because farmers are denied effective traps and poisons or resources to defend the wildlife, domestic animals or their families from killer packs of wilderness weapons naturalised for the endangered species business. Boffins coveting bioregions. Government will buy them a rural retreat to burn. 


Bob Debus ex minister for Blue Mountains Sydney water greatest fire hazard in the world seat for the greens bonfire, Debus over seeing the butchering of Guy Fawkes heritage horses, Thredbo landslip, the burning of Canberra and its water supply moved over to the Upper Murrumbidgee Brumby run fire safe and now the horses are being shot trapped for slaughter suspected deals on NSW fire escaping into the ACT. Irrigators water sold out in the Murray reform process to the boffins and bureaucrats of Canberra burning their Cotter basin after decades of indolence and policy failure. Federal Minister for Homeland Security Debus has gone on to a $7+M junket joining the dots, corridors between national parks for Australians water supply monopoly, biodiversity, forests from Adelaide to Cook Town dingo infested bushfire speedway called the Eastern Ranges Initiative. Why would you trust these people with Australian water, food, forests, biodiversity after their Snowy experiment went so well?




City centric Greens from within the halls of government and government departments and universities took well managed rural Australia under the precautionary principle and converted the “potential damage and threat” to reality of disaster, all the while paid highly on the public purse. No one held to account because they set the terms of reference for the Bushfire coronials and Royal Commissions.


Meet the $40M fire danger meter admitting catastrophic levels of fuel as conserved, saved, accumulated after decades of indolence, sanction by government arsonists of rural Australia. More fuel more fire.


Each new year celebration simulates the next fire in the Blue Mountains electorate Sydney water supply. Why should fire fighters risk their lives rescuing those refusing to prepare for bushfire risk?




These are some of the people that have overseen the destruction of Australia’s water food forest biodiversity security. Australia’s sovereign ownership signed off to PEW, WWF. World heritage listing taking choice pieces of land and water from the families that have dedicated generations of astute care to an Australia many fought and died for. Human rights democratic processes being denied them and their animals blown away denied a drink of water or feed traded in for city carbon off sets. Why? Free living large animals are butchered on government grants to deliver city water and carbon. What about peak oil and needing horses donkey and camel renewable energy again. Energy that built Australia.


Australia has a great dilemma about whose in government and government departments.


Why farmers were feeding the people on their farm overdraft during the worst drought in history Bob Debus was opening a dunny in the alps, too busy to talk to them. Ian Macdonald was doing deals on coal farms the worst corruption since the NSW Rum Corps. Where was Bob Carr, Craig Knowles, Tony Burke all in the NSW Government at the time. When is ICAC going to interview them about their membership of the Labour Party. Neville Wran and Bob Carr acting patrons to the Colong Foundation for Wilderness political lobby group prodingo, pro wilderness denied management of weeds, dingo, fire risk and pests going down the gullet of dingo naturalised for the purpose. Dingo indiscriminate about pests or wildlife or domestic animals and certainly not confining their activities to public managed land. Growing the endangered species business through the Species Obituary List Kept under the Federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Drip feed for the Greens policy failures.


Once Toorali was a viable mixed farm and home to many native species. Feral pig control was work in progress. Since penny Wong and Peter Garrett bought it and where grazing was declared not in keeping with conservation values after a 150+ year trial feral pigs have taken over the region. Another conservation success story you the Australian people pay and labour for.



The achievements of our community elders squandered, the future of out children sold out, burnt out, the people of rural Australia locked out as knowing anything about how the people are fed, watered, clothed, housed. How come there are beautiful biodiverse places in Australia still in existence from 200 years of bad and ill informed decisions, legislation, threats, brutality, misrepresentation and rules. Kill all the wild animals on your land, ring bark every tree, make Australia look like little Europe. You will be rewarded by ignoring these edicts by having Labour Greens take your forest, farm, fishery for salvation. A claytons salvation. Copyright a photo of your woolshed because the petrochemical industry want natural fibres out before the secret of the plastic whorl pool in our oceans is discussed. Blame fishermen for over fishing because the fish and birds are eating plastic.

Feed the sheep to the dingo because if people wore wool there would be less coal burnt for air conditioning and heating cloths washing water. Less need for fire trucks, less forests burnt down. The Australian Labour Party has its routes in burning down woolsheds in the 1880s. They have presided over sabotage and destruction ever since.


Farmers over cleared? Hitler Youth works voluntarily for yuppies tree planting grants.


 Noeline Franklin




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