This week saw the grand opening of this establishment, conducted with all the usual suspects, patting each other on the back.

The true story of this fiasco, and the blatant lies about this ECO building used to secure taxpayer funding we have exposed, with photos and details from a construction worker on the site, who reveals this very true story…

The headlines tout the saviour of the planet with this new state of the art building that houses our National Park and Wild Life Service and Marine Parks Authority on the NSW south coast at Narooma.

Awarded a State Government grant under the Public Facilities Program which provides $30 million for water and energy saving projects in facilities which are open to, and frequently accessed by the public, the NPWS received $259,000 to support design elements in the construction to reduce greenhouse emissions.

The media hype from the NPWS spin doctors are quoted in the 9th October 2008 the Eurobodalla Shire Independent Newspaper;

“The new NPWS community building at Narooma will showcase the latest water and energy efficiency technology in new building design.”-

“The building will have NO NEED for air-conditioning for most of the building, will maximise natural lighting and harvest rainwater to flush toilets and irrigate grounds.”

The spin continues further in the article by NPWS Far South Coast Regional Manager TIM SHEPHERD stating,

…we knew this was a great opportunity to try to construct something that could be seen as a model of environmental sustainability.”

“With the design that we’re implementing we will see a 75 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emission compared to an equivalent sized conventional office.”

“We are now looking at purchasing all our remaining power needs using 100 per cent green energy bill, which would effectively make operating our office for 30 odd people carbon neutral. This will be something to be proud of and I’m hopeful others in the community will be able to learn from this and DO LIKEWISE when constructing buildings of any description on the Far South Coast.”

It was further reported,

“Other components of the Narooma office include the use of energy efficient fixtures and fittings, installation of three water tanks with storage capacity of 16 thousand litres and vegetation to shade the north side of the building. The project will save 31 tonnes of greenhouse gas emission and 103,000 litres of water a year.”

But on closer examination of this so called “State of the Art” building during construction over several months revealed a much different construction that NPWS Tim Sheppard and the other spin doctors would have taxpayers footing the bill believe.

A covert reporter from SOS-NEWS on the NSW South Coast took her camera, note book to work at the building site over many weeks of construction, and tendered her findings which we now decided to release to you the readers.

“Would you really want the State Government in conjunction with NPWS build you an Eco-friendly house?”

The reduction of greenhouse gasses through ELECTRICITY and WATER (what WATER) and all the other tasty morsels we have uncovered and considered a breakthrough that the WHOLE world should be looking at with green myth-management fiction all over the place being taxpayer funded to agenda projects at any cost.

So now let’s have a look at a few details that they have not disclosed at the Narooma tabernacle to the environment.

This supposedly tin shed was to cost the taxpayers of NSW around $3.7 MILLION +, the final cost who knows but is suggested around $5 million of your dollars, that is locked in the DSE star chamber under the lock and key of $500,000 pa CEO Lisa Corbyn (pictured)

Let’s have a CLOSE look at the building, the picture from the front shows our tax payer dollars at work.

We will start at the bottom and work our way up, underneath there are 150 Tonnes of rock set in specially designed cages to create a cold air flow to the building (unfortunately there has to be massive fans to create the air flow) OPPS run by ELECTRICITY.

Then we have a look at the floor (nothing different there), but the walls have ,16 or 18 reverse cycle air conditioners, and on the office desks around 46 computers ALL RUNNING 24/7 and just how do you explain all those overhead “ELECTRIC FANS”, but wait there is more (no steak knives) all those louver windows, how do they operate?… you guessed it … ELECTRICITY.

Don’t be disheartened we have found something friendly, a solar hot water system on the roof… that must be the saving they were talking about, but WHY no solar power panels on that massive roof area for DC lighting, also not installed, or running the 2 way radio. The solar hot water is also linked to the main ELECTRICITY GRID.

Lets have a look outside, looks great and so it should architect designed garden $$$$$$. Ah there are the water savers they were talking about 2 (TWO) 4000 litre water tanks hooked up to the mains water, to look after the $$$$ garden and ALL the lawns. See blue water meter below on pipes

And what are these MASSIVE units around the side for, of cause they run the air conditioners (ELECTRICITY). The wood looks great and so it should with possibly 60/100 litres of LANOTECK on them to make the WATER run off bead and run off (TO WHERE) ????.

The question now is WHERE are the MASSIVE savings to our planet on behalf of this unique building ???????