Devious Spies enter all Australian Home Computers

The Devil is always in the Detail

No one condones child pornography, or paedophilia, but the content in the following SMH story, given the unscrupulous shenanigans of politicians from customs excise evasion, to official position abuse, to actual hard core paedophilia, just to mention a few transgressions in the latter years of such falsely principled people, leaves the average citizen with serious concern and trepidation.

With multi-million dollar wheeling and dealing, development scandals, sex for who knows what and the list is growing daily, just how sure can you be that you and your future is safe, even though you lead a true and honest citizen’s life.

Governments today make the Al Capones’ of the past almost Saints and that includes Australian governments and authorities. For starters they now control the numbers game, “Lotto.” Debus’s new powers allows him to control your computer’s content.

Whistle Blower Romper Stomper

Bob Debus, the Minister now in charge of looking up your, or your mistresses dress, sneaking into your bedroom via the numerous intelligence organisations he now heads, has an alleged record of politically dubious dealings with certain radical environmental parties involved in the causing to come into force of the ill-conceived NSW marine parks and God only knows what else, but he’s keeping notes.

So if Mr & Mrs John Doe have somehow pissed off the authorities with their right and proper civic minded actions and as a result have caused, or are about to cause, the government, authorities, or one of their powerful corporate buddies, or just a single member of one of the above, incredible embarrassment, or worse; it is fair to conclude, the powerful will use every means at their disposal to discredit and hence stomp on the innocent in an attempt to halt, or deflect, the impending damage they rightfully should suffer and answer to.

For example, the Campbelltown Hospital fiasco in NSW, is a really good epitome of political bullying of those that are brave enough to speak out, but what if the actual damage was going to be worse, far worse; how could they get at you?

Secret Power, Covert Strength

Black ops, conspiracy to pervert the public’s right to the truth, misuse of mandated power, is it possible that individuals and entities could actually use such tools of the people against them in this day, age and Country? Bloody Oath it is!

First you have to be aware that ASIO and other intelligence organisations just a few short months ago were given the most incredible powers. Powers so great, that not one citizen is free of the risks these powers pose if the unscrupulous, decide that the ends justify THEIR means.

These Intelligence organisations were given the legislatively sanctioned power to covertly break into any computer, add to its content, change its content, remove its content, or any combination of the above and exit without so much as a rice-paper footprint being left that would prove any such an action had occurred.

Add this legislation to all the other new legislation under the guise of upgrading security, police and anti-terrorism powers and the truth is, every single one of us is at the mercy of who-ever sits on top of the muck heap.

Now as the title says the devil is in the detail, so consider the detail that is released in the following SMH story and when you get to the piece I have highlighted, consider what I have just said and what the implications are, that such details make possible.

The Sydney Morning Herald:

Yuko Narushima
May 29, 2008

Online photographs used by media websites to report on the investigation into Bill Henson have been referred to the Classification Board, the Minister for Home Affairs, Bob Debus, said.

ACT Police are also assessing at least 79 Henson photographs held in Canberra galleries as the investigation into the artist widens.

“Several online images of Bill Henson photographs from media websites reporting on the exhibition at the Rosyln Oxley9 gallery in Sydney have been referred to the Classification Board,” he said.

They were referred to the board by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which investigates complaints about online content.

“They do not involve content published online by the Oxley gallery as the gallery voluntarily removed images from its website last week,” Mr Debus said.

The Classification Board does not classify art exhibitions but classifies some publications including pictures published online.

A spokeswoman for Mr Debus would not name the websites involved.

The director of the National Gallery of Australia, Ron Radford, was reportedly questioned last night over the gallery’s collection of 79 photographs, all of which were in storage.

Police said inquiries related to child pornography.

No photos were seized in yesterday’s raids on the NGA and other Canberra galleries.

“If we determine there are offences disclosed, then we will go through the process of seizing whatever needs to be seized in order to prove the offence,” a police spokesman said.

Photos held in storage were subject to as much scrutiny as hanging works because child pornography charges included possession, he said.

“If you’re in possession of child pornography, whether you have it on your computer and whether you view it or not, that’s an offence.”

Inquiries continue after raids on galleries in Sydney and Newcastle.

End of story

It Can’t Happen: My Fanny

Their first spurious argument, will be to say that the checks and balances are in place to ensure abuse of power can’t happen. This is false, our intelligence organisations and their abilities are only as good as the moral strength of the staff that are employed within.

The cover up of Australian Government Knowledge of bomb threats well prior to the Bali bombings and the subsequent vilification of the whistle blowing intelligence officer now, this day, before the ACT Supreme Court for speaking out honestly about the fact our Australian government knowingly and wittingly hid knowledge of such threats from two official poste Bali inquiries, shows us all just what can be expected for those in our Australian Intelligence organisations that respond to their own patriotic morality callings.

Abuse of Power

The implications of the (real & potential) abuse of the power as mentioned above in the manner identified as possible in the SMH story, is as final to a life, or lives, as putting a bullet to the brain/s of those whom suffer the injustice/s of such a very possible Mugabe style abuse, of a most unnecessary, un-constitutional, power/law.


The Lindy Chamberlain injustices.
Pauline Hanson jailing for political purposes.
The cover up over journalists murdered in Indonesia.
Maybe even Harold Holt’s death.
The Federal miss-handling of Australian evidence in the Shapelle Corby affair.
The official shenanigans surrounding an Australian soldier’s unexplained death in Iraq.
The recent Dr Habib new laws intelligence fiasco.
The Australian Iraq wheat-board conspiracy.
Doctor colleagues publicly supporting Dr Death.
Politicians publicly supporting, a convicted paedophile work mate.

The list of abhorrent Australian, somehow politically sanctioned skulduggery is endless, but the fact is, so much of it is well hidden in sealed files and protected by secrecy acts designed to hide the truth, a truth where those that should be answerable to their masters, the citizens, get the opportunity to die before that truth is made public, thereby, instead of justice being delivered, best selling movies are made and books written.

Is One Man’s Intention, a Nation’s Disgrace?

History has proven time and time again and is still proving today, here in Australia and throughout the entire political and corporate world, that no such laws, as depicted existing in this SMH story, should EVER, be allowed to have legislative legitimacy and authoritarian currency, in a society such as Burma’s, let alone a leading first world democracy as is, or is it was, Australia.

When one single man aspires to lead this Nation Australia;

Who has intentions of changing its political face from a democracy to a war torn republic;
A man who has made millions from the environmental degradation of pacific islands timberlands;
A man who has been mentioned in Northern Territory shenanigans;
A man that wants to rewrite our constitution to enable a cover up of past political corruptions, while ensuring the legal legitimisation of future ones.
A man that’s been both a lawyer and banker;

Then laws that unwittingly sanction the politically and criminally motivated legal covert depositing of falsified bytes into any citizen’s computer, with such actions hidden from courts and inquiries by secrecy and terrorism legislation, or record-less plain unsanctioned black ops, while the public effects of a contrived, pretentious official discovery of those falsified bytes, is all destroying, imprisoning and discrediting of the unprotected, victim, are such very laws, that have no place, no right, in so being.

One of Hitlers henchmen uttered words to the effect of;

“Give me the children for a generation and I’ll give you the world.”

The Australian Intelligence organisations are staffed at the soldier level by these very children, yet led by elders with different agendas and it’s the elders that pass into force these dictatorial, despotic powers.

Brumbyy (with2Y’s)