The Colong Foundation Radical Greenies Demand Less Rain

To Remove Gang Green You Cut Out The Infection

No apologies, you just can’t please the bastards and there is no other way of saying it, for to do so is to give these idiots credibility and today they have lost ALL.

The importance of hidden agenda driven Radical Greens,(never associated with, removed from common sense environmentalists), has epitomised their stupidity to be part of any environmental solution by the ABC yesterday.

The invidious Colong Foundation Group’s leader, “Keith Muir” (pictured left), touted as “Kevin”, distancing their normal biased reporting from this exponent of “Gang Green Garbage”.

“Foghorn Leghorn” has now been upstaged by – “Megaphone Muir”

Suffering from terminal ignorance while holding a major degree in mouth, Muir has called to cease cloud seeding on the grounds it will cause too much rain to fall on the Snowy Mountain ranges, interfering with wildlife and the ski season.

Perhaps this is the most incredibly ridiculous exclamation of many such espousals this radical environmental misfit of an organisation has made.

To decry rain making as a bad thing is not just astounding but for a private organisation that for some bloody ungodly reason constantly catch the ear of incompetent politicians locked in self preservation mode, is pure bastardry.

If a pygmy possum should fail to survive (being their latest quoll of the high country emotional bunkum) so an entire nation’s east coast social and economical survival are dramatically enhanced – if a ski resort should fail due to more rain than snow falling, having to utilise eco-tourism as their attractant; are small losses (which in reality are most likely long term gains) for the greater environmental good.

The Muir’s of this world operating on controlled government funding sanctioned by the noise level of their public ranting, is sufficient for the people to call for their instant dismissal from all environmental process forthwith.

Time is nigh this Colong Foundation be given a cleansing enema, starting with “Megaphone Muir” for these Colong Clowns have attained environmental inconsequential status providing comic media relief.

NSW Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald, also requires cleansing as he “hunts with the hound and runs with the foxes” expressing his forte of cooking up stories, dismissing facts on cue emulating from an entourage of radical bureaucrats while extending his Pinocchio nose.


ABC OnlineMay 14, 2008

Green group wants Snowy cloud seeding trial stopped

A green group is calling on the New South Wales Government to end rather than expand a cloud seeding trial in the Snowy Mountains, saying it will kill wildlife and threaten ski resorts.

The State Government says it is increasing the trial’s target area and will extend it until 2014 in a bid to combat the effects of drought.

But the Colong Foundation’s director, Kevin Muir, says it will threaten ski resorts like Mount Selwyn because it will bring more rain, not snow.

“They should be dismantling the experiment. There haven’t been any good results,” he said.

“That’s what has been said by the Natural Resources Commission.

“They’ve said in 2007 and on their website that there’s no evidence to support the claim of increased snow.”

A spokeswoman for Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald says the seeding trial is having an effect when the worst drought on record is impacting on the Snowy Mountains region and irrigators downstream.

She says Snowy Hydro has to suspend operations if precipitation is observed as rain rather than snow.